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Chapter 1690 - Can’t Be Wrong!

The Sovereign appeared at a very precise moment. He appeared just as Wang Lin released the arrow for the second time. The Sovereign already felt like he had to kill Wang Lin!

Considering cultivation levels, he had already entered the Arcane Tribulant stage, so aside from a few limited people, no one was his opponent! If it was identity, even though he was merely a slave, even the powerful people had to give him some face.

In this cave world, he was the leader of the Five Masters of the Ancient Celestial Realm. He had enjoyed countless years of high status and was viewed as a god by countless cultivators. He was used to being above others.

He also had the Sovereign Council. With just one word, he could set off a catastrophe in the Outer Realm! Even some of the concubines wouldn’t dare to stand before him. That was the Sovereign!

Even in the Inner Realm his name was famous. Almost everyone who knew his name would be filled with fear. Everything that had happened revealed just how cunning and elusive he was!

From when he gathered powerful cultivators to kill the Lord of the Sealed Realm, to the arrival of the Tattoo Clan to mess with Qing Lin, and then the destruction of the four Celestial Realms. Finally, he left a lot of seeds in the Inner Realm. Zhan Xingye, the head disciple of the Cloud Sea’s Heaven Breaking Sect, and Daoist Water. All those people had been manipulated by the Sovereign.

He had set off multiple wars between the Inner and Outer Realms. The amount of cultivators that had died by his hand was enough to cover a star system.

Before meeting Wang Lin, he had only been in a sorry state three times in his life. The first was when the Seven-Colored Daoist had tried to force him to become his disciple. However, to be forced by the Seven-Colored Daoist meant he had great talent.

The second time was when Old Ghost Zhan broke into the Outer Realm to steal Joss Flames. The two of them battled and the Sovereign lost. That battle made him deeply remember the name “Old Ghost Zhan!”

As for the third time, it was when the Sovereign went into the Inner Realm to look for the Li Guang Arrow. He was seriously injured by a roar and was forced to retreat.

Aside from these three times, he had done as he wished and had never miscalculated! That was until he met Wang Lin. It was as if Wang Lin was his nemesis, and this almost made him go crazy.

The first time he schemed against Wang Lin was when Wang Lin first entered the Ancient Star System. He wanted to fish out Wang Lin’s soul, but not only was he stopped by Dao Master Blue Dream, he had lost Wang Lin’s aura due to the ancient tomb.

This matter was considered an accident, and the Sovereign didn’t take it to heart.

However, soon, a second encounter took place. At the entrance of the ancient tomb, he watched Wang Lin seal a large portion of the Outer Realm’s power. Just as he tried to free the third step cultivators inside, Wang Lin released a roar that borrowed the power from the lowest layer of the tomb.

This roar felt like a sharp sword colliding with the Sovereign. This made him cough out blood and quickly retreat.

This matter was barely passable as an accident. Although the Sovereign felt depressed, he at least understood the reason.

However, it didn’t end there. There was still the third encounter between him and Wang Lin. He had made his disciple bring the Li Guang Bow to the Inner Realm to lure out Old Ghost Zhan. The two of them battled, but the bow fell into Wang Lin’s hands. However, what made him gloomy was that Wang Lin actually managed to get his hands on the arrow afterwards.

However, even at that moment, the Sovereign didn’t care about Wang Lin. He had still thought that those few incidents were mere accidents. Even if Wang Lin had the bow and arrow, he couldn’t use it, because of his bloodline. As long as the Sovereign wanted to kill Wang Lin, it would be as easy as flipping his palm!

Then came the fourth encounter, where he and many other third step cultivators from the Outer Realm used Fishing the Moon in the Well to bring Wang Lin into a fake world to kill him!

This time, he had calculated everything without any flaws and forced Wang Lin to use everything. Even though Wang Lin eventually released one of the souls Ye Mo had sealed, it couldn’t change his eventual death. The Sovereign was certain that he had thought of everything and that nothing unexpected could happen again!

However, not even in his dreams could the Sovereign have expected the accident that did occur. The appearance of the madman caused a monstrous wave to set off in his heart and caused his life and death calamity to completely collapse!

Not only did he not kill Wang Lin, he became the reason why Wang Lin’s cultivation level had increased rapidly. This matter made the Sovereign extremely gloomy!

However, he still didn’t recognize Wang Lin and still believed Wang Lin was lucky. It wasn’t until the fifth time, when Wang Lin killed him with the arrow, that the Sovereign became sober after surviving with the three lives spell.

Once, twice, three times, and four times were all accidents. But how could the fifth time still be an accident? This Wang Lin was clearly his nemesis!!

Wang Lin was like a thorn in the Sovereign’s heart. Every time he thought of him, he would feel suffocated, and this was almost enough for him to go crazy.

“It can’t go wrong this time!!” The Sovereign appeared 100,000 feet from Wang Lin. He stared at Wang Lin as he waved his sleeves and shot toward him.

His Arcane Tribulant cultivation spread out and space itself trembled as an invisible ripple spread out. Wang Lin remained calm, but he was forced back.

The Sovereign was not someone Wang Lin could deal with. As the Sovereign’s cultivation erupted, Wang Lin was like a lone leaf withstanding the wrath of the sea. He continued to retreat.

“This old man has calculated that he only had the power for two shots! There will not be another accident. He has already shot twice, and I can’t detect any celestial bloodline in his body right now. He can’t draw the Li Guang Bow anymore!!” The Sovereign’s eyes were filled with powerful killing intent. His intent to kill Wang Lin was monstrous, and he was not willing to stop until he killed Wang Lin.

It was understandable that the Sovereign was like this, since Wang Lin seemed almost immortal. The Sovereign was almost desperate, and he even almost subconsciously believed it was impossible to kill Wang Lin. Every time Wang Lin was faced with danger, some accident would happen at the last minute to reverse the situation.

These accidents made it seem as if there was an invisible force changing everything. Although all of this seems kind of crazy, the Sovereign almost believed this.

“This time, I refuse to believe an accident could occur!! Damn it, even if he summons Master, I still have to kill Wang Lin!! He definitely doesn’t have the power to draw the bow a third time, I can’t be wrong!” The reason the Sovereign was so certain was because of his connection with the celestial bloodline. He was, after all, the madman’s slave, and he had forced the celestial bloodline out from Wang Lin’s body. He knew exactly how much force was inside and how many times it could be used to draw the bow.

It would be very difficult for anyone other than him to calculate it accurately.

Sovereign’s eyes were bloodshot behind the killing intent. As he stepped forward, the world rumbled, the stars trembled, and endless ripples spread in all directions.

“I can’t be wrong, he will certainly die. If I can’t kill him, this old man will change my name to his family name!” The Sovereign’s will to kill Wang Lin had reached a limit, to the point of him almost going crazy. At this moment, he arrived behind Wang Lin and his palm slammed down on him.

“Die for this old man!!” He didn’t even talk to Wang Lin at all. The moment he attacked, he used his most powerful spell. In fact, despite how certain he was that he hadn’t made a mistake, he was still vaguely worried. He was afraid that if he talked with Wang Lin, some accident might really happen.

In addition, this palm of his was only a way of scouting Wang Lin. After all, the Sovereign had experienced Wang Lin’s “accidents” several times...

A giant palmprint appeared between the Sovereign and the retreating Wang Lin. The moment it appeared, it began to grow, but it didn’t grow too big, only about 1,000 feet large. However, it was extremely solid, as if it was real!

After it appeared, it rumbled toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s face was pale, but his eyes were not alarmed at all. The appearance of the Sovereign was not outside Wang Lin’s expectations. In fact, if the Sovereign hadn’t appeared, Wang Lin would’ve had to think about things more carefully.

As the palmprint closed in, Wang Lin raised his right hand. The ancient god stars between his eyebrows, along with stars in his left and right eyes, all shined. Ancient power gathered from his body and condensed on his right index finger!

With the Immortal Celestial Body as inspiration, this was Wang Lin’s self-created spell, Ancient Immortal Finger!

The moment he pointed forward, a burst of green light erupted from Wang Lin’s body. It was the Azure Shield. After that, a huge light shadow appeared behind Wang Lin. I was the Light and Shadow Shield!

Behind the Light and Shadow Shield, bursts of colorful light echoed and a colorful butterfly landed on Wang Lin’s shoulder, flapping its wings. Colorful powder fell from it and it was extremely beautiful.

“Still not time yet…” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. All of this happened in an instant. The 1,000 foot palmprint closed in and collided with Wang Lin’s right index finger.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

Just as they touched, Wang Lin felt like this body was going to collapse. He coughed out blood and retreated. Wang Lin’s right index finger was immediately disintegrated by the palmprint, but it instantly reformed. In just a few breaths, Wang Lin’s index finger was destroyed and reformed more than 1,000 times!

The difference in cultivation levels was like a giant gully; it was far beyond something Wang Lin could cross. After a few breaths, although his right finger could still keep up, his body couldn’t. Wounds appeared all over his body and intense pain washed over him.

The Light and Shadow Shield became twisted as it flashed and then collapsed!

The Azure Shield shined brightly as cracking sounds echoed, and it was knocked back into Wang Lin’s body.

The five-colored butterfly trembled and dissipated into five-colored light.
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