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Chapter 1613 - Awaken From Dream!

“Why did you… bring her here…” The young man in white drank another mouthful of wine and closed his eyes.

“She is here. If you can cut it off, then cut it!” Wang Lin picked up the wine jug and slowly took a drink.

The white-haired young man silently pondered until he drank the entire jug of wine.

“Are you blaming me…”

“You are me, I am you. Blaming you is the same as blaming myself.” Wang Lin calmly smiled.

The young man in white softly said, “I’m still asleep. I used the dao of deception to create this world. I have no control, this is all deduction from using the complex dao intent from the three Dao Fruits…”

Wang Lin didn’t speak.

The two of them, or one person, sat on this boat and drank wine while the world was frozen.

Time didn’t pass. The willow leaves still remained motionless in the air, but the two of them had drunk too much wine.

After a long time, the young man in white softly said, “How is this life…”

“Why do you ask me? How I feel is how you feel.” Wang Lin placed down the wine jug.

“Are you ready…” The young man in white let out a sigh and looked at Li Muwan. His eyes became blurry.

“You can go.” Wang Lin looked back at Li Muwan with eyes filled with reluctance. No matter how much he didn’t want to leave, he knew he was going to be gone… This dream was about to end...

There were many things waiting to be done. There were many many people waiting for him.

“Wait for me, Wan Er. I’ll wake you up…”

The eyes of the young man in white were also filled with reluctance. He silently stood up and walked over to Li Muwan. He knelt down and kissed her forehead before hiding away his reluctance while sadness filled his body. He suddenly turn around and reached toward the sky. A jug of wine appeared in his hand.

He gently placed it down. The white-haired young man let out a sigh and stepped forward. His figure turned into a white bird and gradually disappeared.

Although he had left, everything in this world remained frozen without any change. Only the jug of wine remained, as if it was waiting for someone to pick it up and drink it to end everything.

Wang Lin silently pondered. Time didn’t pass, but he pondered for a long time. Wang Lin arrived next to Li Muwan and sat beside her. He placed his hands over the zither, closed his eyes, and began to slowly play it.

The zither released no sound, but music filled Wang Lin’s heart. Bursts of sorrow appeared in his heart. A song in a dream has to end, an unforgettable cry of yearning.

“That year, that year, we met in the country of Hou Fen outside the Sea of Devils. A hunt, a black voice called out, and I looked down.

“Years went by, cycles went by, we were two specks of dust in two corners of this dream. After how many years did we finally meet only to pass by each other in a daze?

“When we finally met, it was the moment before the dream ended. Even if I’m reluctant, even if I’m reluctant…”

Wang Lin opened his old eyes at the end of the song. His right hand trembled as he picked up the wine jug and looked at Li Muwan. This gaze was like the end of time.

This gaze was waking up from a dream.

Wang Lin held the wine jug and held it up to his mouth. He looked at the heavens and earth, at the world he had lived in for more than 70 years, and then drank the entire jug of wine!

This wine was like water, it wasn’t spicy.

But it was like fire. When it entered his stomach, it burned.

“What is karma… When I open my palm, it is karmic cause, and when I close my palm, it is karmic effect…”

The world rumbled. The boat Wang Lin was on disappeared. Along with it went the river, the stone bridge, the countless boats on the river, and the endless willow leaves in the sky.

An invisible ripple spread in all directions with Wang Lin as the center. All the buildings in the city of Su disappeared in a flash. Not only Su, but the entire country of Zhao, the mountains, rivers, sects, villages, and everything disappeared in a flash.

The country of Zhao, outside of Zhao, the Soul Refining Sect, Xue Yue, other countries; everything in the world collapsed.

There was also the endless sea, the raging sea, the other side of the sea, the other continent, Li Muwan’s hometown; they all disappeared. There was also the country of Hou Fen, the country of Xuan Wu, the Sea of Devils, and Wang Lin and Li Muwan’s home; they all collapsed into ashes.

Everything in this world scattered… Leaving behind all the mortals and cultivators doing various things. They didn’t disappear, they calmly remained across the world.

Just like Li Muwan and Big Fortune beside Wang Lin.

“What is life and death… My left hand is life and my right hand is death…” Two stream of tears flowed down from Wang Lin’s eyes. After he spoke, thunder rumbled and lightning filled the sky above planet Suzaku.

The moment he spoke, Li Muwan, who was the closest to him, seemed to be hit by a gust of wind and turned to ashes. Not just her, but the countless mortals remaining in the city of Su after it disappeared all turned to ashes.

In the entire country of Zhao, all those figures that Wang Lin was familiar with or unfamiliar with disappeared.

Liu Mei was originally standing at the top of a mountain. After the mountain disappeared, she seemed to be floating there. The wind blew by and her figure became blurry before she disappeared with the wind.

Xu Fei and Zhou Rui were originally flying in the air. At this moment, time stopped and the wind blew by. Their bodies turned into ashes and were taken away by the wind.

Wang Zhou was wearing a black robe as he stood on top of the Heng Yue Mountain. The wind blew by and his body collapsed.

There was also Hong Long, the Teng family ancestor, and the countless cultivators of Zhao. Even outside Zhao, there was Zhou Wutai, who looking at a young man before him. It was his disciple.

Looking at his disciple, Zhou Wutai disappeared along with his disciple when the wind blew by.

There was also Yun Quezi, the Soul Refining Sect’s Dun Tian and Nian Tian, and Zhu Quezi. Whether it was this continent or the one across the sea, everyone disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, this world had no earth or life left, only the sky remained.

The only ones that hadn’t disappeared were Wang Lin, who was crying, and Big Fortune.

In this world, they were the only ones left.

When Li Muwan disappeared, Wang Lin’s tears silently fell into the endless void. The thunder and lightning in the sky formed a giant vortex. Inside the vortex, inside the dark red blood light, sat the white-haired young man. His eyes were closed and tears were flowing out.

He didn’t want to give up… But the dream would eventually come to an end and he would awaken. That moment would come sooner or later. After completing the meeting with himself and drinking that jug of wine, the dream shattered.

“What is true and false… When I, Wang Lin, open my eyes, it is true. When I close my eyes it is false…” As he said this, Wang Lin grabbed Big Fortune’s right hand and his hand overlapped with the golden imprint on Big Fortune’s wrist. He slowly closed his old eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, various scenes appeared before him. These scenes made him unwilling to give up, but in the end they still dissipated one by one. If he wanted to find them, he could only look in his memories.

In the scenes, he saw himself and Li Muwan sitting on the boat along with Big Fortune.

He saw a carriage going through the snow toward his mountain village hometown.

He saw himself and Li Muwan in their home in the valley. Zither music was playing, and it was a happy tune. Their locked gazes seemed to last an eternity. When one looked back, it was impossible to see clearly.

He saw himself sitting on the rock on the mountain comprehending the heavens. The surrounding cultivators within thousands of kilometers worshipped him. Among these cultivators, he saw Liu Mei’s tears.

He saw himself pointing at the sky and roaring near the dead volcano. He could endure anything, he could use anything to deceive himself, but he could not deceive himself to cut his karma with Li Muwan. He pointed at the sky, at the white bird, as he questioned himself.

Could you cut it off, can you cut it off, you can’t cut if off!!!

Among the endless wind and waves in the sea, he saw a merchant ship struggling. He saw everyone on the ship singing an ancient sailor song. He saw the defying will against death!

He saw a woman holding a baby in the rain outside a pavilion. She was so cold that it was enough to turn the rain to ice.

He saw the confusion in Liu Mei’s eyes at the edge of Zhao and the pill she left with a smile.

He saw his father close his eyes in his arms. He saw the autumn leaf flying away with his soul, going further and further away… He saw his mother’s eyes never open again and a smile appear on the corner of her mouth as if she had met his father.

He saw himself glaring at the cultivator that had come to kill him the city of Su. He frightened the cultivator to leave with just one line!

He saw Su Dao and saw him being buried. He saw the year when he and Big Fortune first arrived in the city of Su, when the willow leaves were flying through the air. They rented a boat and waited for the meeting with himself.

In the end, he saw an inn beside the official road. On the table inside the inn lied a drunken young man. The waiter stood beside the young man with a frown and started to push the young man.

“Little Brother, wake up… Ah, this is really a scholar. Just two cups and already so drunk. I have to clean up, hurry up and wake up…”

He saw the drunken young man raise his head and speak one line with a giggle.

“Let me tell you, I had a dream… I dreamt I was an immortal…”

All the images became blurry fragments when he said the word “immortal.”

Wang Lin’s eyes closed completely. The moment he closed his eyes, the sky collapsed. Everything in the dream dissipated.

The dream ended...

In the dark void that Old Ghost Zhan said was the cave wall layer, there was a white-haired young man lying in blood colored light. His eyes opened.

“Fate comes from the void and the void must exist… I understand.”
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