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Chapter 1584 - Heavenly Master Possession!

When Wang Lin landed on planet Suzaku, a thunderous rumble echoed. Planet Suzaku trembled as Wang Lin slammed into a mountain like a meteor.

The mountain collapsed and rocks scattered as Wang Lin landed on the ground. The earth trembled and a crack formed as Wang Lin smashed in deeper.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as Wang Lin smashed deep into planet Suzaku while his body collapsed and reformed. He went through the caves of the Tattoo Clan.

Although this planet Suzaku had been fished out by the Sovereign’s Fishing in the Well, it was still planet Suzaku. Aside from the fact that there were no living things, everything else still existed!

The Tattoo Clan’s cave was still there!

As Wang Lin smashed through, he went through the earth and appeared in the 18th layer of the Tattoo Clan’s cave!

Everything here was the same as when he left. One of the walls had collapsed, and outside the gap was the Foreign Battleground!

Fishing in the Well was extremely strange as it fished out the Foreign Battleground as well. Although it was only a projection, the endless wandering souls and countless corpses were still there!

Wang Lin’s body landed in the 18th layer with a bang and he coughed out blood once more. His body was covered in a golden light, and the pain was enough to make him pass out. However, he clenched his teeth and endured each collapse.

One of the five masters, Heavenly Master Void God’s, palm contained a powerful aura. It hit Wang Lin’s back, causing his immortal body to show signs of instability.

Wang Lin’s immortal body was not perfect. As his body continued to reform, Wang Lin struggled to get up.

However, just as he got up, a vague, hoarse laughter echoed. Heaven Master Void God appeared outside the hole Wang Lin had made through the ground.

His body was completely formed by fog and his eyes were filled with greed. He raised his right hand and reached at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was about to resist, but his body collapsed once more. When he collapsed, Heaven Master Void God’s eyes narrowed and he withdrew his right hand. His fog-like body rushed into the collapsed flesh of Wang Lin.

“A heaven-given opportunity. It looks like even the heavens themselves want me to take your celestial body!”

Heaven Master Void God laughed and integrated into Wang Lin’s collapsed flesh and blood. Once Wang Lin’s immortal body reformed, he let out a miserable scream he hadn’t released since the battle began.

Wang Lin’s reform had a hint of darkness in the golden light. The darkness moved through his body and rushed into his head. A faint laughter echoed in his mind.

“This body belongs to this old man from now on. It’s useless to resist, enjoy the feeling of being possessed! This feeling is something I fear you will only get to experience once!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot. The pain of being possessed made him feel like he had lost everything. As he struggled with the darkness, he lost control of his legs.

An instant later, he lost control of his right hand and upper body. He could only move his left hand, but even that gradually became numb. As Heaven Master Void God’s divine sense took over his body, his memories began to fragment. This domineering divine sense rushed toward his memory. It wanted to learn his entire life and then erase him!

Wang Lin let out painful roar from his mouth, but it grew weaker. His eyes were filled with struggle, but that struggle gradually weakened. His body flew upward outside of his control.

“With this body, this old man can do as I wish in this world! I just need to finish this final refining and then even the Heaven Defying Bead will be mine!” The old man’s laughter came from Wang Lin’s mouth. His expression looked twisted as he flew out of planet Suzaku.

However, as he flew into the air, Wang Lin’s left hand formed a seal and pointed at the Foreign Battleground in the 18th layer of the Tattoo Clan’s home.

With this, the countless wandering souls inside the Foreign Battleground trembled. Wang Lin was once a soul devourer, so he had strong control over these wandering souls.

The countless wandering souls inside the projection of the Foreign Battleground began to rage. As they swept the area, forming a storm, even more wandering souls gathered.

A few beings that were also soul devourers were also slowly integrated into the storm. This storm swept across the Foreign Battleground and tore apart the countless corpse. This caused the wandering souls inside the corpses to join.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the powerful wandering soul storm rushed out of the gap in the 18th alyer!

This was the first time they had left the Foreign Battleground. This was the first time they had charged out without that strange law blocking them. Although the Sovereign had fished them out with Fishing in the Well, not even he could not fish out the strange law that sealed the Foreign Battleground.

As a result, this allowed these wandering souls to move without any restrictions. Their excited roar swept across planet Suzaku.

This caused planet Suzaku to tremble violently as if countless evil souls had been released. Planet Suzaku could not bear it anymore and began to collapse.

Heaven Master Void God manipulated Wang Lin’s body to fly out. Although he had taken control, he couldn’t stop Wang Lin’s body from collapsing and reforming.

However, his cultivation level was far above Wang Lin’s, so he could forcibly suppress the collapse and reform to a smaller scale.

“This killing is over…” Heavenly Master Void God’s ancient voice came from Wang Lin’s mouth. He looked toward the two celestial imperial concubines and the man in white who had walked out of the ice.

However, before he finished speaking, the planet Suzaku behind him trembled and suddenly exploded. A thunderous rumble echoed across the world when planet Suzaku was torn apart. A monstrous black storm rushed out from the collapsed planet Suzaku and shrouded this world.

The expression of Heavenly Master Void God changed and his pupils shrank as he turned around. However, it was too late to retreat. The wandering soul storm rushed out from planet Suzaku and rushed at him at an unimaginable speed.

It was as if there was a voice in his body that was calling out to the wandering souls and the few soul devourers that were charging out of planet Suzaku. It was as if that voice belonged to their king!

The black storm instantly shrouded Heaven Master Void God and rushed into his body. If you looked closely, you would see that there were countless wandering souls inside the storm. They all rushed into Wang Lin’s body. In an instant, the black storm was gone as all the wandering souls had rushed into Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin’s body trembled and collapsed once more. This collapse spread tens of thousands feet. With the help of the countless wandering souls and Wang Lin’s own strength, a monstrous aura erupted. He was able to force Heaven Master Void God out of his flesh and blood while releasing reluctant roar!

Large amounts of mist spread out as the endless wandering souls raged. This went on until the mist formed back into Heaven Master Void God’s body!

His eyes were filled with reluctance as he let out a roar and charged forward once more. At the same time, the celestial imperial concubine almost covered by Dark Moon revealed a cold gaze and stepped forward. The man in white also closed in with powerful killing intent.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s body reformed with the help of the endless wandering souls. Now it wouldn’t collapse for a short period of time. His eyes shined brightly as he stared at the incoming Heaven Master Void God.

“You’re all looking for death!” Wang Lin’s previous experiences had caused him to come infinitely close to death. He could no longer care about the fact that the Sovereign still hadn’t appeared. After his body reformed, his left hand extended out and golden light gathered in it. Then bow appeared in his hand.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s right hand grabbed the bowstring and pulled back. In an instant, the bow was fully drawn!

His body was pulled straight. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and they were filled with monstrous killing intent.

The moment he pulled, an arrow with a round tip appeared. The body of the arrow had complex runes, and the faint screams of Nan Zhao and Tian Zhao could be heard from it.

Bursts of arrow energy surrounded the area and an ancient aura spread out. This caused the expression of Heaven Master Void God to change greatly and his body to tremble!

“Li Guang bow!!! You… You actually found this arrow!!” The Void God’s voice was almost twisted. At this moment, he couldn’t care about anything else and retreated with terror in his eyes.

“Damn it, I know why that Sovereign still hasn’t appeared. Sovereign, I’m not done with you!!!” Heaven Master Void God had almost lost his wits. He was too aware of the power of the bow with this arrow. Just thinking about it made his scalp numb.

“This old man is not getting involved!” While retreating, Heaven Master Void God took out a jade, but there was no reaction!

The two celestial imperial concubines knew the bow and arrow better than him. The woman surrounded by the Dark Moon was filled with panic and quickly retreated.

The other celestial imperial concubine turned pale and no longer displayed the pride she had before. Before Wang Lin’s arrow, she desperately retreated and also crushed the jade, but there was no response.

When this bow was drawn, the heavens and earth changed colors!

When this arrow appeared, the clouds scattered!
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