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Chapter 770 - Yao Family 1

Chapter 770 - Yao Family (1)

In the void, Wang Lin’s speed became faster and faster as he got more and more familiar with his Corporeal Yang cultivation. The origin energy inside his body was dense, and as it cycled inside his body, he felt slight discomfort. Every step he took would contain origin energy, making him feel like he was breaking through space.

This was far too different from before. At this moment, Wang Lin was a bit uncoordinated and his body was trembling slightly.

He even vaguely felt that he had become one with the world. As long as he put his mind to it, he would be able to achieve it.

This feeling became stronger and stronger until an impulse appeared in his heart. In the end, this impulse became even stronger. He looked at the void and felt as if he was really going to merge with the world.

It was as if the void in the world was his body, but this feeling was somewhat absurd. Wang Lin’s calm and intellectual mind told him that it was impossible, but the feeling from his body and origin soul felt so real.

His eyes lit up, and after silently pondering for a moment, Wang Lin let go of his reason. He closed his eyes and used the feeling from his origin soul to take a step!

When he took this step, the void suddenly trembled. It was as if the void was a pool of water, and Wang Lin’s step had caused countless ripples to spread across this pool.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s origin energy began to cycle. It diffused around his body and began to fuse with the world, forming a mysterious connection.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s body disappeared.

There was a spell that was faster than instant movement at the Nascent Soul stage, one that was beyond teleportation at the Ascendant stage, and there was the technique of using countless greater teleportations at once! However, this spell was even faster.

This spell was called Spatial Bending!

This was a spell that ancient cultivators could only use once they formed their origin souls. In the current cultivation world, only those at the Nirvana Scryer stage could use this origin spell!

Not every second step cultivator could comprehend this spell. This had nothing to do with talent but with one’s comprehension of origin energy.

The Blood Ancestor was rapidly fleeing countless kilometers from where Wang Lin disappeared. His cultivation level had been reduced to Corporeal Yang stage, so he couldn’t use many spells. At the moment, his origin soul was also damaged, making him even weaker.

“Wang Lin, once I recover, I swear I’ll kill you!” The Blood Ancestor moved extremely fast and was like a shadow as he flew through the void. After a long time, he finally relaxed and muttered, “That brat Wang Lin should be unable to catch up to me now. I muse find a place and use the secret method to recover my cultivation back to the Nirvana Scryer stage as soon as possible.”

After pondering for a while, the Blood Ancestor made up his mind. However, at this moment, his expression changed greatly and he began to escape again without any hesitation. There was a ripple behind him and Wang Lin’s figure walked out.

When Wang Lin’s right foot landed, he his eyes opened. In the distance, the Blood Ancestor had almost lost his wits and was completely shocked. 

“Spatial Bending! This person hasn’t reached the Nirvana Scryer stage yet, how could he use a spell that only second step cultivators can use?! No way!” The Blood Ancestor quickly escaped and felt bitterness in his heart.

“It is often said that those who can step across the Yin and Yang stage in one go will often be at the peak of second step. Could this be true…” The Blood Ancestor was aghast at this. Even before his cultivation level had dropped, he had only managed to touch the edge of this spell that couldn’t be learned and only comprehended.

As far as he knew, not even Ling Tianhou fully understood this spell. To people like them, this spell was something infinitely close to a spell of the third step!

The first time the Blood Ancestor felt a trace of fear toward Wang Lin, this fear came from what he personally saw. He personally witnessed the changes that happened to Wang Lin. He witnessed Wang Lin go from a peak late stage Ascendant cultivator to Wang Lin’s current stage!

“This little brat must be lucky. Yes, he must be lucky to be able to use Spatial Bending!” The Blood Ancestor felt extremely bitter. He didn’t even turn his head as he quickly fled.

At the moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, they revealed clarity. He was still a bit confused on what had just happened. To him, it felt like he had just lifted his right foot and then landed.

However, during this process, it was as if he had stepped into the passage of time and everything had passed by him. When his foot landed, he was here, and before him was the Blood Ancestor he was chasing.

“My divine sense was not even locked on to him… I only had the intent of killing him and yet I mysterious crossed an immeasurable distance to reach here.”

Wang Lin didn’t chase the Blood Ancestor’s disappearing figure. He silently pondered the feeling he had before. Compared to chasing the Blood Ancestor, Wang Lin knew that comprehending this was more precious.

Time seemed to pass extremely slowly, but it also felt like it began to move really fast. After half an incense stick of time passed, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed enlightenment. He looked down at the void as he lifted his right root and took a step forward.

With one step, the ripple appeared once more, but his body was still there. The feeling of his body becoming one with the world didn’t appear.

Wang Lin frowned. He looked at the direction where the Blood Ancestor ran to and began chasing. Chasing after the Blood Ancestor was only one reason, but at this moment, it was more important for Wang Lin to get that feeling of fusing with the world. When Wang Lin thought about what happened before, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“If I can master that kind of spell, won’t that mean that… I will be invisible and formless?!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light as he moved forward.

As time passed, he moved faster and faster until he was like a ray of light that flashed by.

That feeling of integrating with the world once again appeared in Wang Lin’s heart. He suppressed his excitement and began comprehending it. However, this kind of feeling was extremely ethereal and couldn’t be fully mastered!

When the feeling started disappearing, Wang Lin let out a sigh. The Blood Ancestor appeared in his mind and with one step he disappeared.

The escaping Blood Ancestor felt an uneasiness in his heart. This feeling wasn’t this strong even when he faced the Yao family ancestor.

Just at this moment, his expression changed greatly and he retreated without even thinking. However, at this instant, the shadow of a whip came from the void and mercilessly lashed toward him.

The Blood Ancestor’s hands formed a seal to create a ray of blood light that collided with the whip, then he quickly retreated.

Ripples appeared behind the whip and then Wang Lin walked out from within.

The Blood Ancestor’s heart trembled greatly. The scene before him had shaken his world view. After seeing Wang Lin use Spatial Bending twice in a row, he was no longer able to lie to himself that it was only a fluke.

After Wang Lin appeared, he charged forward and his finger pointed at the sky. An underworld river suddenly appeared, and it was filled with sharp, resentful wails that echoed across the void.

This underworld river was different from before. The current underworld river was filled with origin energy. It was obvious that as Wang Lin grew stronger, even this spells would fundamentally change.

Wang Lin coldly stared at the Blood Ancestor and softly said, “Origin energy underworld river!”

In an instant, the underworld river trembled and began to extend indefinitely as if it was going to replace the world. It encompassed everything, including Wang Lin and the Blood Ancestor.

The boundless origin energy filled the world and the countless resentful souls began to gather before they all charged at the Blood Ancestor from all directions.

The Blood Ancestor’s expression was extremely gloomy. Right now he was only an origin soul and was extreme weak. This underworld river made him even weaker, but the Blood Ancestor was still the Blood Ancestor. Even now, it would be difficult for Wang Lin to kill him.

Despite being surrounded by the underworld river, his face showed a flash of power. Both of his hands formed seals and his body released a blinding, red light. A powerful pressure spread out from his body.

“Blood Transformation!” The Blood Ancestor’s origin soul changed and in an instant turned into giant blood claws that shot straight toward Wang Lin.

With one swipe, five cracks charged toward Wang Lin like roaring dragons. At the moment the cracks closed, in Wang Lin raised his right hand. Origin energy filled his body and he slapped the cracks, causing an explosion. Wang Lin backed out of the underworld river and shouted, “Underworld river, soul condense!”

The countless resentful spirits condensed and origin energy filled them, making them even more fierce. Countless resentful spirits took the form of Yao Xixue before they charged toward the Blood Ancestor.

The Blood Ancestor let out a cry as he turned around and swiped behind as if he wanted to tear this underworld river apart. As for those souls that looked like Yao Xixue, even though he knew that they were fake, he was unwilling to attack.

Thanks the power of the claws, he was able to rip open a gap in the underworld river and charge out, but countless souls in the form of Yao Xixue blocked him.

The Blood Ancestor let out a sad cry. His face was filled with resolve and he swiped the blood claws. Countless Yao Xixues collapsed while letting out very sad and real cries that fell in the Blood Ancestor’s ears. This caused his already injured mind to tremble.

The underworld river began to collapse under the Blood Ancestor’s attack and the gap grew larger. Finally, the Blood Ancestor charged out with an unspeakable amount of hatred.

“Wang Lin, you and I can’t coexist!!!” After rushing out, although the Blood Ancestor was fierce, his heart felt exhausted. Yao Xixue’s sorrowful screams constantly echoed in his mind as if they would never dissipate.

At the moment he charged out, Wang Lin arrived before him with the soul flag in hand. Black clouds came out from the soul flag and immediately surrounded the Blood Ancestor as he rushed out.

The Karma Whip entered the black cloud and whipping sounds continuously echo.

Wang Lin shouted, “Gather!” All of the black clouds contracted like crazy, but the Blood Ancestor was still resisting inside. Even now he was still the proud Blood Ancestor!
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