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Chapter 252 - Magic Treasure

The shop that Wang Lin rented wasn’t on the main street, but to the side. If one didn’t look for it, it was very difficult to find, but Wang Lin didn’t mind. After a night of cultivating, the red substance around him condensed even more.

When morning arrived, Wang Lin opened the door of the shop. Like a mortal, he cleaned the shop up. Then, his body moved and disappeared from the shop.

When he returned, his bag of holding contained quite a few large trees that he had pulled up along with their roots.

He cleaned the bark off the trees and turned them into wood blocks. Wang Lin began to recall his childhood, when his father taught him how to carve.

These memories gradually filled his mind. Wang Lin pondered for a long time. He then grabbed a large, square block of wood. With a gentle wave of his hand, the square block of wood was cut into ten pieces.

Gradually, as Wang Lin carved, he seemed to gain something he had lost 400 years ago. With every stroke, he seemed to return to his childhood, back to when he lived in that small village.

At that moment, the spiritual energy in Wang Lin’s body began to move. It became deeply ingrained within the statue he was carving.

Time flew by and night arrived again when Wang Lin regained his senses. He looked at the block of wood in his hand. The block of wood had turned into a wood carving. The carving was that of a middle aged man with a kind smile.

The middle aged man wore a coarse robe and his hands were filled with rough lines.

Although this wood carving was very rough, it seemed to be alive. Waves of spiritual energy spread out from the carving. As Wang Lin stared at the carving, he began to feel pain in his heart.

His right hand gently rubbed the carving as he muttered, “Father, your son misses you greatly…”

After pondering for a long time, Wang Lin moved the wood carving to the side. He picked up another piece of wood and wholeheartedly began to carve again, stroke by stroke.

The night began to get cold, but going a day without sleep was nothing for Wang Lin. Back when he was being chased, he would be running for days.

The moment the sun rose, the carving that Wang Lin was working on took shape. This wood carving was shaped like a middle aged woman. Her loving eyes looked into the distance as if she was waiting for her child to return.

He placed the two wood carvings next to each other and let out a long sigh as he took out another piece of wood and began to carve.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin kept on carving and only took breaks when he became extremely tired.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. The number of things in Wang Lin’s shop gradually increased. The shelves along the wall of the shop were filled with wood carvings that looked alive. There were males and females, young people and old people, and all in various poses.

These wood carvings were all residents of the village that was Wang Lin’s hometown. In a way, Wang Lin had revived them.

In this month, Wang Lin didn’t have a single customer, but he didn’t mind as he was immersed in carving. He even stopped cultivating.

One day, Wang Lin held a half-completed wood carving in his hand. This wood carving, for some unknown reason, released a primal aura. If any cultivator from the Sea of Devils saw this carving, they would immediately recognize it as a dragon.

This dragon was the first spirit beast that Wang Lin met when he was with Li Muwan.

While he was carving, the bell rang as the door was pushed open by someone. A very strong looking boy carefully looked inside.

The boy saw Wang Lin and was startled, but he was immediately in awe after seeing all of the carvings in the room. He asked, “Uncle, did you carve all of this? They are so pretty! Can you give me one?”

Wang Lin let out a smile and put down the carving in his hand. He grabbed a wood carving from one of the shelves. This was the carving of a person, a person that Wang Lin was very familiar with named Wang Hao.

The boy before him looked similar to Wang Hao back then.

After the boy received the wood carving, he let out a cheer. He held it in his hands like a treasure and said to Wang Lin, with a crisp voice, “Thank you, uncle! I’m from the iron workshop across the street. Goodbye!” With that, he ran out of the shop and shouted, “Mom! Look! Uncle gave me this!”

Wang Lin stood up and walked to the entrance of the shop. He saw a man and woman come out of the shop across the street. The two looked lovingly at the boy. The man took the wood carving and his eyes suddenly lit up. He walked toward Wang Lin with the wood carving and said, “Little brother, kids don’t know too well. How much for this carving?”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “I gave it to him. It is only a piece of wood.”

The boy’s father hesitated for a bit. He looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “You just arrived here, correct? I haven’t seen you before.”

Wang Lin smiled and nodded.

The boy’s father smiled and said, “Little brother, if you don’t mind, come over for a meal. I have homemade fruit wine that is much better than those from those restaurants.”

Wang Lin felt a very strange feeling in his heart. This was a feeling he hadn’t felt in 400 years. After hesitating for a bit, he nodded.

The boy’s mother was a very kind woman. Although she was very young, she was very patient and mild. From looking at them, Wang Lin could tell that they were a very happy family.

Their child was cute and the couple loved each other.

Inside the iron workshop, there was a square table with a few homemade dishes on it. Even though Wang Lin didn’t need to eat anymore, he still picked up his chopsticks and ate a few bites.

While drinking the homemade fruit wine that the man was so proud of and eating a loving homemade meal, Wang Lin’s mind became even calmer than it was when he was with the caravan. The spiritual energy in his body moved in a way that it never had before.

This wine was indeed very good wine. It had a good aftertaste.

Since this day, a new essential entered Wang Lin’s life: the fruit wine. The boy would come almost every day to watch Wang Lin carve, and every time he came, he would bring a jug of fruit wine.

Gradually, Wang Lin’s shop was filled with wood carvings and a majority of them were beasts. He had carved out almost all of the beasts he had met in the past 400 years. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t finish the carvings of those high quality spirit beasts and desolate beasts.

There were large amounts of spiritual energy gathered within each carving. Mortals couldn’t feel it, but if any cultivator were to pass by, they would be terrified.

That was because the power of the spiritual energy in these carvings wasn’t weaker than any low quality magic treasure. Some of the spiritual energy in these carvings matched mid quality magic treasures.

How could these still be considered wood carvings? These were obviously magic treasures made of deadwood.

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