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Chapter 250 - Condensing Evil

Wang Lin examined the horse. It looked very heroic and its eyes were filled with intelligence. When Wang Lin rubbed the horse, its eyes narrowed as it let out a very comfortable expression.

This startled Lu Xing. This was the first time he had seen a horse show an expression like this.

Wang Lin’s left hand pressed against the horse and he easily jumped onto its back.

Lu Xing quickly followed behind as he chatted with Wang Lin and kept looking back at the carriage.

Wang Lin looked around at all of the mortals surrounding him as he rode. A feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time appeared in his heart. At that moment, the spiritual energy in his body started to move on its own and all of the surrounding spiritual energy seemed to be attracted to him.

If there were any powerful cultivators around, they would be shocked because there was a thick layer of red mist aura surrounding Wang Lin. This aura was very powerful; however, it was not leaking outward, but condensed around Wang Lin.

Not to mention mortals, even most cultivators wouldn’t be able to see this red mist aura. This was the murderous aura that Wang Lin had gained from his 400 years of killing. After being part of him for such a long time, it gradually changed into a hostility aura. Eventually, as he killed even more and underwent a change, it became an evil aura that would cause any cultivator’s skin to crawl.

When this evil aura can be used freely, it can be used like a powerful technique. Also, if a bit of it is used when refining a magic treasure, it would make the treasure much more powerful.

The spring wind blew past Wang Lin and he unconsciously took a deep breath. His eyes radiated an unnoticeable light. He could clearly feel that his spiritual energy was undergoing a change. Although this change was very small, it contained a very mysterious power.

The evil aura around Wang Lin loosened a bit. A sliver of it entered his body and fused with his spiritual energy.

Gradually, as the carriage slowly moved forward, more and more spiritual energy gathered around Wang Lin. Under the dense spiritual energy, all of the horses suddenly became very lively.

Even those mortal martial artists’ eyes lit up. They didn’t know why, but there was something that was causing their bodies to feel warm and comfortable.

After a long time, the spiritual energy in Wang Lin’s body settled down and the spiritual energy around the area dissipated. The martial artists’ heads suddenly became clear as they talked among themselves about what they had just experienced.

As the group kept moving forward, night eventually fell. A circle of carriages was formed on the side of the road.

Some of the servant girls came down from the carriages and started to prepare dinner. Some of them threw a few looks at Wang Lin and talked among themselves.

It was not hard to understand why all of the female servants were looking at Wang Lin. Right now, he had an unspeakable charm. Although his looks were normal, he had a very special aura about him.

Wang Lin sat leaning against a big tree as he looked at the slowly darkening sky. He was experiencing a kind of peace of mind that he had never experienced in the past 400 years.

This was from the ancient god’s inheritance of memory. Back when Tu Si wasn’t able to travel among the stars, he often looked at the sky like this.

This peace of mind caused the spiritual energy in Wang Lin’s body to resurface again, but the current Wang Lin didn’t pay attention to the spiritual energy and, for the first time, he noticed the red mist aura around him.

The red substance slowly dissipated with his mind at peace. He knew that if he kept this up then the red substance will disappear after several years.

Wang Lin had noticed this red substance before, but this was the first time he’d seen it. He knew this was caused by his 400 years of killing. Although he knew that allowing this red substance to dissipate would help him enter the Spirit Severing stage, he still felt that it was a bit of a waste.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. After thinking about it, he started to make the red substance around him boil and slowly condense. However, after shrinking it to 1/10th of its original size, Wang Lin could no longer condense it any farther, no matter how hard the tried.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. Just as he was about to try again, he raised his head and looked toward the female servants. He saw a servant girl wearing red walking toward him with smoked meat and wine.

A wave of fragrance flowed toward Wang Lin as the girl came closer. She put down the meat and wine as she curiously looked at Wang Lin for a while and said, “Thank you.”

This girl was the servant girl that was sitting with the young lady in the carriage earlier. He picked up the wine, scanned it with his divine sense, then took a sip.

A hot and spicy taste suddenly entered his body. In these 400 years, this was one of only a few times that Wang Lin had drank any wine. Back before he entered the path of cultivation, his father would only take out wine when his Fourth Uncle visited.

Whenever that happened, Wang Lin would secretly drink a bit, then giggle toward his father and fourth uncle with a red face.

With a hint of sadness, Wang Lin took another big gulp.

The girl opened her mouth wanting to say something, but then someone called her. The girl responded. Her pretty eyes looked at Wang Lin before she turned around and left.

Because Wang Lin was a cultivator, he didn’t need to eat, so mortals’ food held no attraction to him. That smoked meat was left where it was, but this wine reminded him of something, so he continued to drink until it was all gone.

In the middle of the night, the martial artists set up fire pits. Bursts of laughter came from the men grouped around them. As Wang Lin listened to their laughter, he couldn’t help but faintly smile.

Some of the martial artists became very brave after drinking a bit and went to flirt with the servant girls for some private time.

Seeing these mortals, Wang Lin unconsciously thought of Li Muwan.

At that moment, Lu Xing arrived next to Wang Lin with two jugs of wine. After passing over a jug to Wang Lin, he sat down next to him and said, “Little brother, your medication was indeed effective. My lady is already better. Here, a toast to you!”

With that, he tilted the jug and filled his cup, but then he saw that Wang Lin didn’t even use a cup and drank a large gulp directly from the jag. He let out a laugh. After drinking the wine in the cup, he copied Wang Lin and drank a large gulp from the jag.

“Didn’t you say that it was the servant girl who was sick? How come it is the young lady now?” Wang Lin faintly smiled as he looked at Lu Xing.

Lu Xing’s old face turned red. He felt very embarrassed as he slapped his leg and said, “Little brother, this is my fault. How about this, once we arrive at the capital city, if you have any problems, you can come to the Southern Heaven store to find me. As long as I am capable, I won’t hesitate to help.”

Wang Lin let out a smile. He no longer talked. He only slowly savored the taste of the wine.

Lu Xing looked at the empty jug on the ground, then looked at the almost empty jug in Wang Lin’s hand. He smiled and said, “Little brother has very good tolerance for wine. It’s lonely here. How about we go over to the fire and compete with my fellow brothers?”

Wang Lin reflexively wanted to reject, but, after pondering for a bit, he nodded.

Wang Lin followed Lu Xing to the fire. There were a lot of martial artists there. They were all laughing as they talked about fun events they had encountered. Lu Xing went up and kicked the person who was talking and jokingly scolded, “Wang Laowu, I have heard you talk about Qing Fen Lao’s little peach many times. I guess she served you well. When we get back, I’m going to check if you’re just bragging.”

The person named Wang moved over to make two spots for Lu Xing and Wang Lin as he said, “Since you take care of business so fast, I’ll cover the bill. I’ll still have time to go after you.”

The moment that was said, everyone around started laughing and Lu Xing jokingly scolded a bit before sitting down with Wang Lin. Wang Lin casually looked at the mortals around him. He was feeling a lot of regret. Although these people’s lives were short and just a breath from him was enough to kill them many times over, their happiness was something he didn’t have.

Tonight, Wang Lin drank a lot of wine. Although he didn’t talk much, the others around him got familiar with him and laughed and drank with him. Later, some brave and bold servant girls joined them as well, including the servant girl who gave him food. However, she only sat next to Wang Lin. Her gleaming gaze often landed on him, but no one knew what she was thinking.

It wasn’t until midnight that everyone fell asleep from being drunk and the servant girls all returned to sleep in the carriages.

Aside from few that were standing guard in the distance, everyone was asleep. The camp was completely silent, aside from a few popping sounds from the fire. This sound not only didn’t disturb anyone’s sleep, but helped them sleep even better.

Wang Lin stood up and walked to a large tree before sitting down. Sitting while leaning against a tree, he felt waves of calmness. Earlier, only for a while, he forgot that he was a cultivator and thought that he was a mortal like everyone else.

He closed his eyes and checked his body. To his surprise, his cultivation level had broken through the early stage of Nascent Soul into the mid stage. Although he was already at the peak of the early stage and could break through at any time, he didn’t think it would be this fast.

However, the red substance around his body had dissipated a little. He had a feeling that if he just lets this red substance dissipate, he will regret it in the future. His divine sense entered the red substance once more to condense it.

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