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Chapter 224 - Forming Nascent Soul

Li Muwan stared at the pill as she muttered to herself, “Something is wrong. If it was a rank 7 pill, there would have been a reaction. Why has there been no reaction?”

Wang Lin grabbed in the air with his right hand. The pill flew into his hand and he carefully examined it.

This pill’s color was cyan and bursts of spiritual energy leaked out from the cracks on the pill, increasing the density of spiritual energy in the room.

Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan and asked, “This is a rank 7 pill?”

Li Muwan took a few steps forward and stood next to Wang Lin. She took the pill from his hand and carefully examined it. She sighed and said, “To be more accurate, this is a pseudo-rank 7 pill, so it is really an upper rank 6 pill. We must have missed the correct time to open the seal by too much time, which caused the pill to crack. If we had opened it at the correct time, it would have been above rank 7. The Qi Huang Sect is part of a rank 4 country, so they must have created a rare upper rank 5 pill and then sealed it. From the looks of the seal, it must have been at least several thousand years ago.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the pill and asked, “Do you know what pill this is?”

Li Muwan’s pondered for a while. Her eyes suddenly lit up and she said, “The Qi Huang Sect has three pills it is known for. If Wan Er is correct, this is the Cyan Cloud pill. This pill should allow you to break past the Core Formation stage.”

Wang Lin pondered a little. After taking the pill from Li Muwan, he said, “Wait for me!”

Li Muwan nodded. She looked gently at Wang Lin and said, “You can relax. Even if you fail, Wan Er will destroy the seven Heaven Stealing Pill Furnaces. If I do that, they won’t chase us.”

A cold light flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes. He calmly said, “Things shouldn’t be that troublesome.” With that, he sat down in front of the pill furnace. He pointed his finger at his brow and disappeared.

Li Muwan bit her lower lip. If she was gone from her house for too long, it would arouse suspicion. After pondering for a while, she waved her right hand on the wall and a formation appeared. Li Muwan walked through the formation and disappeared from the chamber.

At that moment, at the ground above the chamber, Ouyang Zi’s refining had reached its end. His eyes were filled with excitement as he muttered to himself. After a long time, he let out a grunt as he jumped up. He waved his hand and the lid flew off the pill furnace.

At that moment, the sky changed color. The previous dark sky suddenly lit up as a golden pill floated out from inside the pill furnace.

Six souls slowly appeared around the pill. These souls were the ones who sacrificed themselves before. They sat down cross legged, floating around the pill.

Ouyang Zi’s expression became serious as he clasped his hands and shouted, “It is all thanks to you six fellow cultivators that my pill was successfully created. I cannot repay you guys enough. This pill will be called the Six Dao Spirit pill in honor of all of you.”

The moment those words were spoken, the six souls let out a pleased expression. They looked at the pill with some unwillingness on their faces as they disappeared.

At the same time, the pill slowly descended and was grabbed by Ouyang Zi. Although his expression was calm, he was very excited in his heart as he thought, “I finally succeeded! Now I will be able to try refining a rank 6 pill!”

As for Wang Lin, he sat in the heaven defying space, cultivating, staring at the pill in his hand. After a while, he revealed a decisive look and threw the pill into his mouth.

The moment the pill entered his mouth, it turned into a line of blue spiritual energy. As the blue line traveled through Wang Lin’s body, the ancient god tactic kept devouring the endless spiritual energy of the blue line.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s core quickly rotated as it grew larger.

Slowly, slivers of purple spiritual power appeared in his core. As more and more of that purple spiritual energy gathered in his core, his cultivation finally reached the peak of late stage Core Formation.

Currently, his cultivation kept increasing as his core kept growing bigger. Soon, drops of golden liquid dripped from his core as if his core was melting.

His body also became transparent at that moment, allowing him to see all the changes happening in his body.

Wang Lin was very calm as he focused all his attention on cultivation while waiting for the moment that his Nascent Soul forms.

For Wang Lin, the meaning of forming his Nascent Soul was very different from other people.

Once he successfully forms his Nascent Soul, the first step of his plan will be complete. After that, he will fuse his main body and his avatar, then use his avatar to break through to the Nascent Soul stage on his main body.

Once his main body can break into the Nascent Soul stage, then his Ji Realm will also have its first breakthrough. At that time, he will be the strongest person in the country of Chu.

Even inside the Sea of Devils, he will have the ability to set up his own sect and compete against Spirit Severing cultivators.

The important thing was that he would have the ability to return to the country of Zhao to get his revenge. Teng Huayuan; this name was something that Wang Lin had hated for more than 400 years. This was a hatred that could no longer be described. If anyone dared to block his path, they would have to pay the price in blood.

Wang Lin didn’t know what cultivation level Teng Huayuan had reached in these 400 years, but as long as he hadn’t reached Spirit Severing, once Wang Lin reaches Nascent Soul, his fate won’t change.

Wang Lin couldn’t believe that in a mere 400 years, an early stage Nascent Soul cultivator would be able to break into the Spirit Severing stage. It has to be said that after Nascent Soul, even each small stage, it’s extremely hard to break through.

The cultivation world was a pyramid. The higher you go, the fewer there are.

Among the seven cultivation levels of Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Spirit Severing, Soul Transformation, and Ascension Seeking, Nascent Soul was the barrier. If one can reach Nascent Soul, that means they have truly stepped into the cultivation world and can reach for the top of the cultivation world.

Other than revenge, there was something else that was urging him to get stronger: the danger he constantly felt from the red haired man in the land of the Ancient God.

He believed that with the red haired man’s genius mind, he would find another way to escape from the land of the Ancient God. Once the red haired man escapes, the first thing he will do is to find Wang Lin.

After fusing with the inheritance of knowledge, he could feel that he was slowly changing every day. This was a change in his mentality as his thoughts became more and more in line with the thoughts of an Ancient God.

Before entering the cultivation world, Wang Lin’s biggest dream was to pass the state exam, make his parents proud, and allow his parents to live a good life, but when fourth uncle gave him the chance to become an immortal, everything changed. Back then, he thought the city near the village was already the biggest city out there. As for the King’s capital, he never even through about it or seen it.

When he first entered the world of cultivation, his goal was to become an immortal. At the same time, he learned that the country of Zhao was only a small country on this planet.

Then, there were some major events that forced Wang Lin to constantly find new ways to make himself stronger. His goal was to return to the country of Zhao and get his revenge. After visiting one country after another, Wang Lin’s horizons broadened a lot. He found out that the ground he stood on was called planet Suzaku and that the country of Zhao was only a rank 3 cultivation country. Above that, there are rank 4, rank 5, and even rank 6 cultivation countries.

He knew that the real ruler of planet Suzaku was the country of Suzaku.

After he received the inheritance of knowledge, his horizons were once again expanded. The vast cosmos was filled with countless planets like planet Suzaku. The Ancient God’s size and power to casually destroy a planet made Wang Lin feel intoxicated.

At that moment, Wang Lin’s mentality changed and his goal became to pursuit higher cultivation. Only by becoming stronger would he be able to survive in this cultivation world.

It could be said at that moment, Wang Lin broke free from his sole goal of revenge and changed into the goal of reaching higher cultivation levels. The mentality of someone unwilling to be stepped upon and someone who wishes to pursuit the limit of his strength.

This mentality was something a strong person must have at all times.

After 10 days, Wang Lin left the heaven defying space. The moment he appeared, he fused with his main body inside the pill furnace. At that moment, slivers of spiritual energy started to be drawn from the seven Heaven Stealing Pill Furnaces in the area above the chamber.

His main body and avatar were at the final stage of fusion. If anything went wrong here, then all this effort would have been wasted. Currently, Wang Lin was very calm. He was completely absorbed in the fusion of his main body and avatar.

Time slowly passed. Aside from the Ji Realm, there was another thing that was blocking Wang Lin: his own talent. As for whether this would succeed or not, no one really knew for sure.

The thousands of years of spiritual energy that was stored inside the seven Heaven Stealing Pill Furnaces was slowly being drained by Wang Lin. His ancient god’s tactic absorbed all of that spiritual energy like a black hole.

The moment the main body fused with the avatar, the ancient god’s tactic also underwent a change. In the first level of the ancient god’s tactic, there was only devour.

The second level was absorption.

Devour and absorption are two completely different levels. Devour means that all types of energy that enters Wang Lin’s body will be devoured and used by Wang Lin. This is a passive state.

Absorption is an active state where one can absorb someone else’s cultivation.

In reality, the reason the Ancient Gods are so strong is because of the ancient god’s tactic they possess. Every ancient god, when they awaken after being born, have the ancient god’s tactic imprinted in their mind.

As an Ancient God, only after reaching the second level of the ancient god’s tactic would they have strong attacking capabilities by using the ancient god’s body to activate the second level of the ancient god’s tactic. All of the spiritual energy within miles would be absorbed and devoured by the first level of the ancient god’s tactic, forming a loop.

But the ancient god’s tactic was something that only belonged to the ancient gods. If Wang Lin had gotten the inheritance of power, he would be able to reach the second level, but with his current mortal body, it was too difficult.

Although Wang Lin’s ancient god’s tactic had some differences compared to the real second level, it was nothing.

Time quickly passed and it was now the day of Li Muwan and Sun Zhenwei’s cultivation pair ceremony.

On this day, the entire Cloud Sky Sect was filled with a festive atmosphere. There were no clouds within miles of the sect. The sky was blue and countless lights were flying toward the sect.

Almost every sect and every cultivation family in the country of Chu were gathered here. All of the people that came were also elders and important members of each sect or family. This type of atmosphere was something only the Cloud Sky Sect could have. If it was any other sect, it wouldn’t be possible.

Because there were too many guests, the Cloud Sky Sect’s defensive formation had been extended to cover the entire mountain range. Countless outer sect disciples had also been sent out on patrol while greeting all of the guests.

It has to be said that Li Muwan’s position in the Cloud Sky Sect was quite unique. After all, she was one of the three rank 5 alchemists in the sect. Sun Zhenwei’s position was also very well known. He was the son of an elder of the outer sect who was at the middle stage of Nascent Soul and the only person in the last century who might break into late the stage and become one of the ancestors of the sect.

In addition to all of this, the outer sect also had high hopes for Sun Zhenwei. Once he reaches Nascent Soul, there will be a series of actions done to set him up as one of the candidates to become the next head of the outer sect. If his father successfully becomes a sect ancestor, then he will become the outer sect’s sect head for sure.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to be paired up with Li Muwan in the cultivation pair ceremony. In one sense, it was the inner sect’s way of chaining down Li Muwan, but also for the outer sect to pave the way for Sun Zhenwei to become the outer sect’s sect head.

All of the visitors knew of this matter. It could be said that this ceremony was for the inner and outer sects to establish a closer relationship.

After all, the Cloud Sky Sect was split into two parts. The inner sect practiced alchemy while the outer sect practiced cultivation. Only because of these two working together has the Cloud Sky Sect reached the heights it has today.

Sun Zhenwei was wearing a long red robe. His tall and straight posture gave him a gentle, yet cool atmosphere. He was currently standing behind the elders of the inner and outer sect, welcoming guests.

Although he was smiling, his eyes were still twitching. In fact, the closer it got to the day of the ceremony, the more nervous he got, as if there was some disaster coming.

He felt that it was ridiculous to have this feeling. Today, almost all of the late stage Nascent Soul ancestors had come out of their closed door training to attend the ceremony. If anyone dares to cause trouble, the only road for them will be death.

Unless their cultivation level was Spirit Severing.

But Sun Zhenwei didn’t believe that a Spirit Severing cultivator would step so low as to mess with the Cloud Sky Sect. And even a Spirit Severing sect had to be wary of the Giant Demon Sect that was behind the Cloud Sky Sect.

As a result, Sun Zhenwei couldn’t find a reason to make him this nervous. He secretly smiled and thought he was over thinking matters.

But although he said this in his mind, he kept thinking of the cold gaze of the person that was talking to Li Muwan.

At that moment, an old man in a grey robe was several steps in front of Sun Zhenwei, looking at him. He took a few steps until he was before Sun Zhenwei and whispered, “Zhenwei, don’t think so much. If that person who knows elder Li shows up, then I will make him pay. No matter how powerful his cultivation is, it will be pointless. I have already discussed the matter with the sect head, so you can relax.”

The old man’s tone was flat, but it contained a dignified atmosphere. This person was Sun Zhenwei’s father and an elder of the outer sect.

Sun Zhenwei respectfully replied. Although he could lie to everyone about Wang Lin’s matter, he could not lie to his father. He had long told his father about his encounter with Wang Lin.

When he heard that the sect head was involved, he felt very confident. When he raised his head to look at the sect head, he saw the old man with white hair turn around and faintly smile at him.

This person was the outer sect’s sect head, Liu Fei. This person’s cultivation was very mysterious. It was said that he had taken a pill to hide his cultivation and was already at the late stage of Nascent Soul. Unless someone has higher cultivation than him by a step, it was very hard to see through his cultivation.

Standing next to this old man was another white haired elder. He was the head of the inner sect, Song Qing. Behind him was a group of people with varying levels of cultivation, but if they were in any other sect, they would become the head alchemist of that sect within a day.

“Hao Ran Sect’s sect head, Sima Yunnan and elder Xu Li are here to celebrate this occasion.” A voice boomed from the distance, traveling all the way through the Cloud Sky Sect’s mountain range.

At the same time, two rainbows arrived together. The two rainbows landed inside the sect, revealing two figures. One of them was wearing a purple robe and was filled with an ancient atmosphere.

This person was the Hao Ren Sect’s head, Sima Yunnan. After he arrived, he let out a laugh and said, “Brother Song and Brother Liu, congratulations!”

Accompanying him was Xu Li, who was wearing a light green robe. With Xu Li’s status, he couldn’t talk, so he just clasped his hands and smiled.

The outer sect’s sect head, Liu Fei, laughed and took a few steps forward. He clasped his hands and said, “Fellow cultivator Sima, we haven’t seen each other for more than ten years. If it wasn’t for my sect sending out an invitation, I don’t think I would have ever seen you again.”

The inner sect’s sect head, Song Qing, rubbed his chin and said, “Old man Sima, you promised me a 1000 year old Zhu fruit. Did you bring it today?”

Sima Yunnan laughed, “The two of you don’t need to embarrass me so. Forget it, since your memory is so good, I did bring the Zhu fruit. However, I have a grandson who is about to form his core, so you better give me some 180 Grain Pills, or I’m not giving you the Zhu fruit.”

The three of them let out a laugh as they exchanged a few words with each other. Liu Fei waved his hand and Sun Zhenwei quickly guided Sima Yunnan to the main hall.

Sima Yunnan carefully studied Sun Zhenwei and said, “You really are a genius. So young, yet you have already reached the door to the Nascent Soul stage. Very good. Within 100 years, the Cloud Sky Sect will have another Nascent Soul cultivator.”

Sun Zhenwei let out a gentle smile and said, “Senior is too kind. Junior doesn’t deserve this praise.”

Sima Yunnan nodded and walked into the main hall with Xu Li.

There were several tables positioned within the main hall filled with fine wine and fruit. There were already many people inside the main hall, chatting with each other.

After Sima Yunnan arrived, he couldn’t help but talk to many other people along with Xu Li. Sun Zhenwei quietly took a few steps back and left the hall.

After he left, Sima Yunnan and Xu Li sat down near a table. They looked at each other and Sima Yunnan asked, with a voice transmission, “You said that that person is hiding within the Cloud Sky Sect?”

Xu Li’s expression remained normal and replied with a voice transmission as well, “Sect head, that is only my guess, it is not necessarily accurate. That person was filled with a demonic aura and disappeared around the Cloud Sky Sect. Also, three months ago, a mysterious person appeared in the Cloud Sky Sect and was able to escape under the pursuit of three Nascent Soul cultivators of the Cloud Sky Sect. According to the description from the spies, I believe it is the person I met. As for whether or not that person is hidding here, I’m not sure.”

Sima Yunnan pondered a little and thought, “If this person is as Xu Li says, then he must be a great evil from the Sea of Devils. Hehe, the Cloud Sky Sect has attracted the attention of a great evil from the Sea of Devils. How could it not be a good thing for my Hao Ran Sect?”

“Lou Yue Sect’s Tianyi Zhenren and elder Shi Tianlai came to celebrate this occasion.” Another loud voice came, causing Sima Yunnan to look outside.

At that moment, all of the sects and cultivation families were arriving. Aside from the big sects that were welcomed by Sun Zhenwei personally, everyone else started to arrive in the main hall.

Soon, the entire main hall became almost packed as they chatted with each other. Some of the less social people were sitting in corners by themselves or cultivating with their eyes closed.

Arounding the walls of the main hall stood a row of outer sect disciples who were all Core Formation cultivators or higher. They stood there with their backs as straight as pine trees as they looked straight ahead.

Shortly after, Liu Fei and Song Qing walked into the main hall. Behind them were dozens of elders followed by Sun Zhenwei. Among them was Li Muwan with a purple veil over her head.

After they entered, all of the visiting guests of various sects and cultivation families stopped talking and turned to look at them.

In the main hall, Liu Fei looked at Song Qing. He smiled and took a few steps back. Song Qing nodded. His gaze swept across the entire main hall and he said, “Fellow cultivators, this is a day of celebration for my Cloud Sky Sect…”

He wasn’t even able to finish speaking before the ground suddenly started shaking while a monstrous pressure appeared from underground. Under the pressure of this monstrous presence, all of the Nascent Soul cultivators in the hall stood up in terror. They all spread out their divine sense underground to see what was going on.

Li Muwan’s eyes revealed a tender look. She knew that Wang Lin had come!

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