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Chapter 768 - Corporeal Yang! Counter Attack!

Chapter 768 - Corporeal Yang! Counter Attack!

Wang Lin had never hoped for the divine retribution to descend like today. He looked at the seven-colored thunder condensing inside the clouds.

From all the divine retribution he had experienced, this was the first time he had seen a seven-colored thunderbolt.

Seven-colored clouds quickly gathered, and they contained powerful heavens’ might. Under the pressure, crackling sounds came from the fragment under Wang Lin.

The edges of the fragment collapsed once more. Its size was rapidly changing, but the more it shrank, the more terrifying its durability became.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and large amounts of origin energy surged through his body.

Not only did his heart pound rapidly, but the vibration from his origin soul made the origin energy inside his body cycle even faster.

A powerful feeling appeared inside Wang Lin’s heart. He never had such control of this feeling before. Wang Lin raised his right hand and formed a fist.

He was finally experiencing the feeling of coldly looking down on the world after gaining control of the power of the world!

He could clearly feel his own cultivation breaking through the limit of the first step of cultivation! He had broken through the peak of the late stage of Ascendant and reached the Illusory Yin stage!

“Divine retribution, be a bit more aggressive!” Wang Lin’s expression was ferocious as he looked at the sky.

At this moment, the seven-colored thunderbolt rapidly condensed and released a ray of seven colored light. It released a strange sound and then suddenly descended.

That sound was like a demonic sound that could affect one’s heart. Countless familiar figures appeared around Wang Lin, but his eyes were still calm.

The seven-colored thunderbolt descended with a thunderous roar. It was as if it wanted to destroy everything in its path as it descended toward Wang Lin like crazy from the sky.

In an instant, the thunder landed on his body. An earth-shattering roar echoed across the fragment and replaced everything.

When the power of thunder entered his body, Wang Lin was immediately knocked into the ground. His body was pressed deep into the ground. The blood body and power from the old man rapidly disintegrated as they fought with the power of divine retribution.

“Come again!” Wang Lin’s body rushed into the air. Thunder traveled through his whole body and his hair moved without any wind. The current him was like a celestial demon!

The might of the heavens can’t be resisted. At this moment, all of the clouds around the fragment became enraged. The clouds churned and seven-colored thunderbolts fell like rain toward Wang Lin. Even the fragment was engulfed by this thunder shower.

The thunderous roar was the only sound left. At this moment it was as if Wang Lin was in thunder hell, as seven-colored thunder was everywhere.

The fragment shattered even more until there were only about 10,000 feet left! It was as if Wang Lin was inside the heavens’ furnace as bolts of thunder continued to fall on him.

Many cracks appeared all over Wang Lin’s body and quickly spread. At the same time, the blood body that entered his body had completely collapsed and was releasing untold amounts of origin energy inside Wang Lin’s origin soul.

That powerful feeling once again appeared inside Wang Lin’s body. He could clearly feel his cultivation beginning to climb once more!

From stabilized Illusory Yin to the peak of the Illusory Yin stage, and it was still climbing!

It was becoming infinitely close to the Corporeal Yang stage!

“Still missing a bit!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The Blood Ancestor’s blood body had collapsed and no longer existed. However, there was still a lot of energy from the mysterious old man. Wang Lin had a feeling that if he didn’t get rid of this, it would have great impact on his body.

His eyes were filled decisiveness. His cultivation path was filled with danger. Wealth can only be obtained if one takes risk. Right now there was only one path to take!

Wang Lin charged into the air and shot toward the cloud in the sky like an arrow.

This was Wang Lin’s first time actively counterattacking. He wasn’t passively suffering the divine retribution but attacking it!

He rushed directly into the cloud, opened his arms, and mercilessly inhaled. At this moment, a roar came from the clouds that came infinitely close to the roar of a beast. In an instant, all of the clouds gathered and all of the thunder within landed on Wang Lin like crazy.

Wang Lin laughed like crazy as his origin soul spread out and covered his body to absorb the thunder. The energy left by the old man quickly moved through his origin soul, and under the endless bombardment of thunder, it released a large amount of origin energy.

This was a chance, the greatest opportunity Wang Lin had since he started cultivating, other than, of course, the chance to see the third step!

His cultivation level climbed like crazy without end as he devoured the clouds. At this moment, Wang Lin forgot about the clouds and the energy from the old man. He opened his mouth and devoured large mouthfuls of clouds.

As he continued to absorb them, the clouds gradually shrank and were no longer dense. They became thin enough that even the Blood Ancestor was able to clearly see Wang Lin.

The Blood Ancestor sucked in a breath of cold air as he stared at Wang Lin. Seeing that Wang Lin was actually swallowing the clouds, he could hardly believe his eyes and muttered, “Madman… This Wang Lin is a madman… No one would dare to take the initiative to divine retribution… I can’t let him continue!” The Blood Ancestor’s eyes lit up and he immediately rushed forth.

After being weakened so much, he was only at the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage, one step from the Nirvana Scryer stage. However, he was confident it was more than enough to kill Wang Lin!

He turned into a blood shadow and headed straight toward Wang Lin within the clouds. At this moment inside the clouds, Wang Lin suddenly felt a sense of crisis coming toward him. His eyes turned cold and immediately saw the blood shadow heading toward him through the clouds.

“Blood Ancestor!” Wang Lin sneered as his retreated back into the clouds.

The Blood Ancestor revealed a gloomy expression outside clouds and clenched his teeth before charging in. The moment he entered, he felt the power of the heavens’ might. He didn’t have an ancient thunder dragon origin soul like Wang Lin and his cultivation was greatly weakened. When facing this divine retribution, he had a feeling of awe.

However, no feeling right now could beat the urge of him wanting to kill Wang Lin. He let out a cold snort as he charged forward. A moment later, he saw Wang Lin get struck by countless bolts of thunder within the clouds.

It was as if he had seen an illusion. The moment he saw Wang Lin, he felt like he didn’t see a person but a thunder dragon!

As Wang Lin stared at the incoming Blood Ancestor, he lifted his hand and chopped down. The Heavenly Chop immediately shot out and the Blood Ancestor’s right hand formed a seal, creating a blood shadow. The blood shadow charged out and collided with the heavenly chop before immediately collapsing.

The Blood Ancestor frowned and sighed. If his cultivation level hadn’t dropped, then the blood shadow would not collapsed like it did.

He was about to use another spell when he saw Wang Lin retreat into the clouds once more. Wang Lin also used Heavenly Chops without a care at the cost of origin energy.

At this moment, Wang Lin had too much origin energy inside his body. The Heavenly Chops were like blades of law that shot through the clouds toward the Blood Ancestor.

The Blood Ancestor let out a cold snort and his hand formed a seal. There was a flash of blood light that created runes and then they all collapsed in a flash. This actually made all the clouds around him back up 10 feet.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he hid inside the clouds and quickly retreated. At the same time, he devoured large amounts of clouds, causing countless bolts of thunder to enter his body. The energy from the old man was rapidly dissipating.

The Blood Ancestor locked onto Wang Lin as he charged forth. Two balls of blood formed in his hand and then he charged straight at Wang Lin. He wanted to end this as quickly as possible. He had a feeling of crisis inside this clouds, and the longer it lasted, the more he feared a mishap would occur.

If he wasn’t inside the divine retribution clouds, then the Blood Ancestor’s goal wouldn’t be difficult to achieve, as his cultivation level was still higher. However, inside this divine retribution cloud, it would be very difficult to kill Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s thunder origin soul was like a fish in water. The energy from the mysterious old man was negating all the thunder entering his body. And on top of all that, there was also the powerful surge of origin energy inside his body.

All of this allowed him to do as he wished inside these clouds!

Facing the Blood Ancestor’s chase, Wang Lin moved through the clouds as he constantly absorbed thunder and devoured clouds. The clouds gradually grew smaller.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s body suddenly trembled. The energy from the old man had completely dissipated, so there was no more chaos inside his body, only origin energy!

Under the impact of the powerful origin energy, Wang Lin’s cultivation level increased like crazy. In an instant, he broke through the peak of the Illusory Yin stage and entered the Corporeal Yang stage!

This didn’t end here. As the origin energy was absorbed by his origin soul and all the celestial spiritual energy disappeared from his body, his cultivation level increased once more. He went from just entering the Corporeal Yang stage to becoming stabilized in it!

The change in Wang Lin’s body caused the Blood Ancestor’s expression to change greatly. He even felt his scalp tingle a bit.

“I can’t let him continue. If I let him continue, he might even reach the early stage of Nirvana Scryer!” The Blood Ancestor’s eyes were bloodshot. When he was watching the divine retribution, he had adjusted his body and had now formed flesh.

An even more powerful feeling than before filled Wang Lin’s body. His eyes lit up like a torch and he felt like he had control over the world. He took a deep breath as the Blood Ancestor closed in. He then placed his finger between his eyebrows, allowing his origin soul to charge out.

His body fell from the clouds but was guided by a spell. After his body landed, it immediately sat down to cultivate.

After charging out from his body, Wang Lin’s origin soul turned into an ancient thunder dragon more than 1,000 feet long. He looked extremely shocking within the divine retribution clouds!

“Blood Ancestor, since you delivered yourself to me, then you might as well grant my wish!”