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Good clenched his control stick tightly and stared unblinkingly ahead.

Time seemed to flow slowly.

In the beginning, he could still hear the roaring of the engines, but gradually, the voice was drowned by the thumping of his heartbeats. It didn't take long before the sound of his heartbeats vanished. The world about him became especially serene.

As the bomb distanced itself from the Fury of Heaven, the opening in the dome appeared larger. It nearly occupied all of his vision. At this point in time, many demons had noticed them. However, in that frozen moment in time, their actions of turning tail was as slow as a snail.

Scenes from the meeting before they set off on the mission surfaced in his mind involuntarily.

"Your Highness, do the bombs dropped by the bombing squadron really possess such immense power?"

"If I fly fast enough, I should be able to outrun the blast, right?"

The person who asked was none other than Finkin. Regardless of the occasion, he could always used his inappropriate words to garner laughter in everyone. To be honest, he envied the guy at times.

"Unless you can fly faster than light," the princess rebutted mercilessly. "At the instant it explodes, the intense light it generates is enough to instantly cook you. By the time you see it, it's already too late. Even if you are lucky to dodge the light, the subsequent blast will exceed the speed of sound for a brief moment. Therefore, the only safe way of dodging is to keep a sufficient distance from it," she paused when she said that. "At least that's how it is for the first bomb."

"What about the second bomb?"

"If the god of luck blesses you, you might have a chance. However, compared to praying to the heavens, why not nudge your control stick and retreat ahead of time?"

Amid the laughter, Her Highness Tilly did not continue going in detail. However, it left an impression on Good.

In fact, after seeing the explosion of the first bomb, he could guess at the hiding method pointed out by Princess Tilly. Just the Glory of the Sun alone was not enough to completely obliterate the Deity of Gods. This was also the reason why targeting the core of the Red Mist Lake was emphasized in the plan. And when its interior exploded, the latter's massive body would become a natural shield.

However, Princess Tilly wasn't right on one thing. It was not completely down to luck. A lot of it depended on their squadron mates.

If it were anyone else, Good wouldn't have been that certain.

And the person in charge of the second drop was the aircraft commander of the Ark of Peace, Eagle Face.

He was a person who never believed in luck.

If it was the instructor, he would definitely ensure that he met the responsibilities of his duty.

This was also why Good was determined to escort the bomb to the end.

He did not wish for the enemy's luck to destroy all that the instructor had done.

"Hey, Good! Answer me! Are you in a daze!?" Suddenly, his companion's voice broke the stillness of time. The wind and engine sounds entered his ears once again. "Bastard, any longer, and we will be dropping in together with the bomb! Do you really want to abandon Rachel—"

"Do you still remember the series of actions we did during our exercises?" Good interrupted him. "Three, two, one!"

Just as he finished his sentence, Manfeld, who was flying ahead, pulled his plane up.

He followed closely behind as he pulled the control stick to his chest.

The three planes scattered like a blooming flower, and right in the middle of the flower was that round bomb.

The tremendous forces pressed him to his seat, making it difficult to even breathe. His vision slowly spun, going from the opening to the Blackstone pyramid's exterior. Even with the Fury of Heaven's engine, it was still a difficult feat to pull of.

While plummeting at high speeds, trying to switch to normal flight was impossible. Furthermore, once the bomb exploded, the entire sky would become extremely dangerous. What they could do was try their best to adjust the angle, making the Fury of Heaven cling close to the periphery of the Deity of Gods and using its pyramidal stone walls to escape the initial blast while using the distance to change their directions.

It was at that moment when Good saw an extremely strange demon.

Regardless of its getup or its looks, it had a qualitative difference from the other demons. Both parties were less than fifty meters apart, and it wasn't an exaggeration to call it as brushing past the demon. At that very instant, he even imagined that he would be shred to pieces by the demon's powers or petrified into a stone sculpture, but ultimately, nothing happened.

It stood there motionless, looking at him fly past.

At the same time, the bomb brushed past the opening, and fell into the dome.

Mask lowered the hand which had raised the core high.

Luck was not on the demons' side.

Or it could be said that when he saw the three iron birds accompanying the black metallic object in its descent, it was no longer a bet against fate.

The prepared against the unprepared—with the humans already going so far, it would be a dismissal of fate if a mere coincidence could reverse everything.

Nassaupelle closed his eyes and connected to the Birth Tower.

The King was constantly giving orders, including mobilizing the troops stationed at Arrieta, with a cold tone akin to a machine of the humans. He directly controlled the core apparatus and cut off the King's messages. In a certain way, doing so exposed his tampering of the magic core, but he couldn't care less.

The King quickly reacted as the Realm of Mind lake beneath his feet immediately churned. Magic reverberated with an intensity that appeared to take physical form. Perhaps in the Realm of Mind, the King had already stirred up several ripples. As long as Mask had contact with the Realm of Mind, perhaps there wouldn't even be a chance for resistance, allowing him to be pulled straight into the Presiding Holy See.

Unfortunately, the "network" he created had zero connections with the Realm of Mind.

This was a domain that solely belonged to him.

Mask simply screened off all the brains that could sense magic power, turning the entire world silent.

At that moment in time, he was the Birth Tower itself. And this was also the best spot to experience humanity's latest legacy.

Upon seeing the metallic object, Nassaupelle "opened up" all his arms towards the sky.

"Come, let me see—"

—the power of knowledge.

Before he could finish the second half of his sentence, the blinding light enveloped him.

Following the thundering boom, Good was astonished to see the Blackstone pyramid suddenly swell up, as though its outer shell was not made of stone, but a soft liquid!

The intense blast on the walls produced clear ripples and when it spread to its maximum point, an inferno, together with large amounts of smoke, spewed out from the crack. Instantly, it produced a smoke pillar that exceeded the first explosion.

The top layer of the pyramid was completely obliterated, with nearly a third of the stone being thrown into the sky.

If he was a little slower, the explosion was enough to annihilate him as well.

However, this was just the beginning.

Soon, the inferno that spewed out turned into another color.

The color was identical to that of blood.

The scale at which it spewed out quickly exceeded the smoke column, dyeing half the sky a crimson red.

Good realized that it was not Red Mist, but a sticky flame. At that moment, the Deity of Gods was like an erupting volcano, spewing out all the magma in it towards the clouds.

And when this inferno expanded to a particular limit, another more shocking boom followed with a blast!

The Red Mist Lake had been ignited.