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1344 Fate’s Decision

The Deity of Gods was the demon race's most esteemed masterpiece after they upgraded. It took nearly a hundred years and expended countless materials to realize this miracle. It was regarded as a leap in the race's control over magic and the only mean capable of destroying the Sky-sea Realm.

As soon as the words left his mouth, there was a short and eerie silence inside the Presiding Holy See.

There was a moment when Hackzord wanted to retract his words, but when he thought about the possible outcome of the the battle, he fought against the urge.

He had to take up responsibility for the continuation of his race.

A moment later, the King's monotonous voice rose once more. "I remember that we have already discussed this the last time.You should know what the Deity of Gods means to our race."

"Our hope of defeating the Sky-sea Realm." The Sky Lord nodded. "But that's all it is."

"What do you mean 'that's all it is'?" Blood Conqueror finally couldn't hold back and roared in a low voice. "After the restriction on the Red Mist is removed, we could altogether rely on the Deity of Gods to attack the Sky-sea Realm. Even if we use it on the Eastern Front, it can still substantially lessen the pressure on the defense line! And this involves the lives and deaths of tens of millions of our people and millions of soldiers, yet you say 'that's all it is'?"

"First your genius subordinate asks for the entire race to confront the lowlifes with our full force, and now, you want to send the Deity of Gods to deal with those lowlifes. The both of you really do think alike." Mask laughed coldly, he looked around the figures sitting around in the Presiding Holy See. "What does everyone think?"

"… I'm sorry I can't agree to it," Resentful Heart said succinctly.

The other grand lords also expressed their disapproval.

Only Silent Disaster did not utter a single word.

Hackzord had a hunch long ago that such a situation would occur. He knew that this matter was far too important, so much so that he could not inform the King about it one-on-one. This was the reason why he was determined to convene this Holy See meeting. If they could not come to a consensus here, then anything he did afterwards would be pointless.

The humans now bore a extreme resemblance to them after the first Battle of Divine Will.

After absorbing the legacy, their race attained an unimaginable advancement. All kinds of magical technologies emerged, and almost every few decades, a great revolution would take place. The rate of upgrading surged, making the Junior Demons scarce. The development of Symbiotic demons caused magicless demons like Inferior Demons to also become soldiers. It was also at that time that their usage of the magic stone was popularized. These achievements were also reflected in the Second Battle of Divine Will— even if the Sky-sea Realm also received an upgrade no less superior than theirs, they still took only less than thirty years to drive out the humans out of the Land of Dawn.

Now fate seemed to standing on the side of humans.

And they were changing faster than the demon race had—According to the nobles who had surrendered, Graycastle was not much different from the other kingdoms ten years ago, and the current King of Graycastle as well as the four princes of the Wimbledon family were nothing worth mentioning either.

Thus, any hesitation or procrastination would only let the opponent become even stronger.

He must make everyone aware of this.

"The Western Front battle is already lost." Hackzord took a deep breath; he could completely imagine what expressions Blood Conqueror and Mask would make, but for the future of their race, he had already thrown his concern over personal gains and losses away. "Although our race still has two of the humans' Kingdoms, we do not have any more power to keep going on—the stalemate means that it would be very difficult for us to acquire the legacy shard in a short amount of time, this is not different from failure."

"What did you say?" Mask said in shock. "You have a troop of over a hundred thousand, not to mention many Symbiotic Demons! How could you lose to those lowlifes?"

"Are you deceiving the King?" Blood Conqueror opened his gaping jaws wide at the Sky Lord. "Not long ago you said that the everything was going well on the Western Front, and that our race has already successfully stepped into their land! Now you are telling me that you can't defeat the lowlifes in a region that is covered in Red Mist? This is ridiculous!"

"Ursrook had onced warned me but I didn't pay enough attention to it. It's exactly how you are now treating my warning in the same way as I had," Hackzord said slowly. "After all, it is very difficult to describe everything that is happening on the Western Front. If you want to know, use your own eyes."

Hackzord bowed his head to the King.

Letting the King read his memory was something that he never wanted in the past. But after taking this step, he no longer had a choice—as for those insignificant words that may have been unwillingly offensive, the King was unlikely to take it to heart.

All the eyes on the Birth Tower opened at once. A chilly feeling instantly surged into his mind, Hackzord forced himself to open up his consciousness, silently thinking 'I am definitely loyal to the King' and allowed the dark current to flow through his entire body!

The iron birds soaring in the sky, the fiery rain falling from the sky, the enormous blazing balls of fire, as well as the God's Stone arrows being shot over huge distance… These scenes emerged one by one, as if reliving the experiences of the war with the humans.

After the chilly feeling disappeared, all the facial expressions of the grand lords became unpleasant. Hackzord knew that they too had just experienced what it was like to be ambushed by the humans, and be just a whisker from death.

Even the tumbling sea of Mist under his feet became agitated.

Although Ursrook had reported about the changes in the humans' weapons, no words could compare to an immersive experience. There were no Transcendents or magical apparatus other than a group of magicless people piloting strange iron objects as well as the cooperation of a few witches. Yet, they threatened the life of a grand lord.

"Was that really.. .something that the lowlifes created?" Mask said in disbelief, "I didn't feel the presence of any magic at all—"

"In fact, that is precisely their outstanding point." Hackzord knew that his only chance had come. "The strength of the humans can no longer be measured by their scarce number of witches; all the magicless ones should also be counted. Also, after they had all these things, the originally weak magicless humans' power is not much different from Primal Demons, they can even threaten Junior Demons and high-order upgraded demons."

"So? What's your point?"

"I want to ask everyone, even if we use the Deity of Gods, are you certain that we can attack and capture the Sky-sea Realm within ten years?

The answer was unquestionably no.

The Deity of Gods was only a necessary mean for the counterattack, but not the only condition for victory. As an upgraded race like them, nobody knew how much power the Sky-sea Realm would release on their own territory. The original strategy was to stick to defending the Blackstone region while swallowing the legacy shard of the humans, so that after the race reached a new level, they would destroy the Sky-sea Realm in one go with the Deity of Gods.

"I don't mind if you blame it all on me, but the defeat of the Western Front is already certain. This is an unavoidable fact!" Hackzord raised his voice a notch. "If we don't change, I'm afraid in ten years we won't be able to fight back against the Sky-sea Realm. We might not even be able to defeat the humans! The final result would be the complete extinction of our race under the attack from both sides. Could the Deity of Gods be more important than this!"

"This is just your personal judgement," Blood Conqueror said through gritted his teeth.

"Of course it isn't."

"Are you going to mention Ursook again?"

"No," said the Sky Lord with a pause, "I meant the Nightmare Lord."

Since he had already set his heart to it, and the tiny deception was all for his loyalty towards his race, it was impossible to turn back at that moment. "I don't know what clues Valkries found in the Realm of Mind that would lead her to venture away from front-line warfare, but before her final dive into the Realm of Mind, Valkries told me herself that she had become more inclined to Silent Disaster's speculation—humans might have already received some sort of legacy."

Blood Conqueror froze in his seat.

The lopsided situation in the Holy See was perturbed.