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1288 Intertwined Fate

"Well... Mr. Roland, you'll be responsible for the third defensive line."

"Leave it to me. I'll do my best."

After Roland bade farewell to Rock, he walked out of the Defender's office and let out a sigh.

Things did not go as well as he had anticipated. The Prism City had failed to trace down more Fallen Evils, and he himself had not found any further information about them either.

The Defender thus asked Roland to help tighten the security for the Martialist Contest.

Since they could not locate any Fallen Evils at present, they had to change their plan and awaited Fallen Evils at the contest. To avoid unnecessary consumption of the martialists' strength, the executives of the Association drafted a special schedule, and all the celebrity martialists should follow this schedule accordingly.

In other words, the Martialist Contest this year would completely turn into a carefully-designed trap.

The competition thus became a sort of formality. The executives attached great importance to public safety and had actually had a private conversation with all the celebrity martialists in advance. Everybody understood that they were currently at a critical moment, so none of them looked disgruntled.

There would be four defensive lines according to the plan. The government army and the Association members disguised as audience constituted the first defensive line. Their main duty was to find out enemies and eliminate Fallen Evils acting alone. The second defensive line consisted of all the celebrity martialists, whether they were on stage or not. Traditional martialists would be responsible for the third defensive line and the Defenders the last.

The purpose of this arrangement was to ensure the success of the Martialist Contest before the appearance of a great number of Fallen Evils. As some Fallen Evils could manipulate martialists, it was not enough to only set up one defensive line.

Roland, as a licensed hunter, was naturally assigned to the third defensive line. In fact, he would not only monitor any suspcious figures in the hall but also competing martialists.

Although Roland felt a little regretful that they did not find the hiding places of the Fallen Evils, he currently had no better ways than waiting for them in ambush.

The Association definitely knew more about Fallen Evil than him.

Fallen Evils were not attracted to the "Force of Nature" only.

They were controlled by the Divine Will, and their ultimate goal was to destroy the Dream World and return magic power to the Realm of Mind.

Therefore, the Fallen Evils should not miss such a perfect opportunity to collect so many cores.

When Roland turned around at the corridor, a woman suddenly stopped in front of Roland.

It was none other than the last person he wanted to see right now.

She was the genius martialist, Fei Yuhan.

"Oh... it's you," Fei Yuhan said while looking up at Roland.

They were the only two people in the corridor, so Roland could not pretend that he had not seen her. He cleared his throat and managed a smile, then said, "Ahem, hello."

His smile, however, soon faltered as Fei Yuhan spoke on.

"I have to thank you for saving me last time," Fei Yuhan said while casually extending out her hand. "Thank you for killing that strange monster and saving all of us."

"Er..." Roland did not know what to say. After a moment, he said with some difficulties, "You, you're welcome."

"But the Association gave all the credit to me..." Fei Yuhan sighed.

"No, no, that's totally fine," Roland said while waving his hand. "Well... I have to conceal my identity out of some special reasons. I would rather few people notice my existence."

"Alright," Fei Yuhan said, who, surprisingly did not pursue this topic. "In that case, I'll take it."

Roland wondered why Fei Yuhan easily believed him. If she still remembered everything that had happened before passing out, she should have also remembered Ring's voice. It appeared that she deliberately chose to ignore that matter.

Like all the rumors Roland had heard, Fei Yuhan was never a careless person. Like many young geniuses, Fei Yuhan was proud and strict, both with herself and others. She was always so distant and cold to people and was definitely not an easygoing martialist.

However, the girl whom Rolandwastalkingto now was completely the opposite of the martialist he knew.

Suddenly, Fei Yuhan seemed to remember something and asked, "By the way, do you think a person who likes to study history would also like science?"

Stunned for a moment, Roland asked, "Why did you ask that?"

"Do you remember that patient from the Cargarde Peninsula?" Fei Yuhan continued. "Miss Valkries is now on my team. I thought she must feel very bored in the sanatorium, but she's actually interested in books. In the past one month, she almost read all the history books in the library."

Roland was again surprised that Fei Yuhan would care about someone else. He twitched his lips and was about to speak, when suddenly something flashed across his mind. Hang on, was not Valkries she mentioned the one who resembled the demon he had seen in the memory fragment?

She had been reading history books in the past one month?

"... All of them?"

"Pretty much, especially war history. An interesting hobby, isn't it?"

Was it a coincidence? Roland revolved his mind quickly and immediately changed his words. "Yes, I believe she wants to read something about social study and humanity. Sorry, I have to take care of the task the Defender entrusted to me and need to go now."

Roland quickly decided to end this awkward conversation, and Fei Yuhan seemed not to be offended.

"Me too," she said while nodding. "See you then, Mr. Roland."

"Ah... see you."

After Fei Yuhan left, Roland headed downstairs at once.

He accelerated.

Fei Yuhan stopped and listened carefully to Roland's footsteps.

This meeting was not a coincidence but a carefully-planned "meeting".

If truth be told, Roland was the most difficult person she had ever dealt with. Unlike Valkries, he behaved so naturally in this world. Had she not heard that "Your Majesty", she would have probably never suspected him. She had noticed that during their last visit to the hospital, Roland had taken out his phone three times in one minute, and his eyes would linger on pretty ladies. His favorite pop seemed to be coke, just like any ordinary man in this era.

That was why Fei Yuhan started to question about her theory of "the other world". If Valkries knew Roland, it meant that they came from the same world, but why did the two people act so differently?

With these questions, Fei Yuhan planned this meeting not only to thank Roland for his favor but also to test him.

She was very astonished by the result.

Roland seemed to have realized Valkries' strangeness after this conversation, but his reaction was so different from what she had predicted. She had thought Roland would have tried to cover for Valkries since they were "friends" from the same world.

But Roland was alarmed after hearing the news, and he was even more nervous than during the joint mission.

Although Roland had tried to conceal his emotion, she still managed to capture the tiniest muscle movement around the corner of his eyes.

Apparently, Roland was not that good at controling his facial expression like Valkries.

She had learned a lot from this meeting.

Fei Yuhan decided to continue withher observation. She believed that the subsequent interaction between the two people would provide her with more information.

A smile curled up Fei Yuhan's lips as she knocked onthe Defender's office door.

Roland immediately summoned Phyllis and Dawnen after he returned to the apartment building.

"I need you to watch a demon. She may come from the memory fragment from this building!"