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912 An Idealist I

"Dealing with The King of Dawn never posed a real problem for me. The real problem lies in maintaining order in the Kingdom of Dawn. You should know very well that it isn't our intention to pick another Moya, or a person who favors the royal family as the subsequent sovereign." Roland looked directly into Andrea's eyes and continued, "I thought my interference would justify this political movement, but now I'm afraid the three families have to come forward and take over from here."

It was pretty obvious that someone had to be there to clean up the mess after Appen Moya fell from power. As the reputation of the King of Graycastle and his impregnable First Army was a powerful deterrent to all the nobles, even if Earl Quinn did become the regent of the kingdom, the nobles would naturally believe he was the puppet controlled by the Wimbledon Family.

Under the new plan, an intervention from Graycastle had become impossible. Since the God's Punishment Witches were not politically involved, Roland had to carry out his plan in the name of the three families; otherwise, the diplomatic battle would turn into a revengeful assassination, which Roland wanted to avoid.

The new plan would bring the Quinn Family both upsides sides and downsides. The downside of it was that the Quinns would become the target of criticism, whereas the upside was the potential increase in their reputation and prestige. If Earl Quinn could take this opportunity and successfully exercise control over the City of Glow, he would have a chance to elevate himself from regent to the new King of Dawn. It was definitely a trade that would bring more benefits than harm to Earl Quinn, especially considering his actual personal qualities and influence over the region.

Andrea quickly understood the key implications after a ponderous moment. "But then you'll... gain little from this new plan."

"Better than Appen continuing to plot against me. At least, it can save Otto's life." Roland did not approve or deny. "Like I said earlier in the meeting, I won't abandon anyone who has made a contribution to Graycastle that easily."

"I see..." The anxious look on Andrea's face gave way to a look of gratitude. "Miss Edith is right. You're truly a kind king. "

"Wh-what?" Roland was taken by surprise. "Edith Kant? What did she say?"

"Well, she predicted that you would save Lord Otto before we marched for the war. In fact, I probably wouldn't have decided so quickly if the Pearl of the Northern Region hadn't advised me to do so."


Roland managed to keep a straight face while nodding nonchalantly. "Well, since you've made up your mind, I'll write a letter to Earl Quinn detailing the operation procedure and alliance with Graycastle. Also, although most people would make the right choice under such circumstances, I want his consent to be guaranteed. Therefore, I need you to go to the City of Glow with the God's Punishment Witches to make sure he does what I told, and follows operation procedure. To be completely honest, I trust you not your father, so I have to ask you to hang in there for a bit longer. Once the problem is solved, you can come back to Neverwinter with the witches."

Relieved, Andrea once again exuded her dignity as a noble. She lifted her skirt and dipped in a curtsy. "I certainly cannot turn down your request, after all, you've done so much for us already. Also, I have a letter for Princess Tilly and hope you can forward it to her."

"Naturally." Roland agreed smilingly.

After Andrea withdrew, Nightingale frowned. "What the heck is she doing?"

"Are you talking about Edith?" Roland stroked his chin. "Um... they probably brought up that matter during a chat. After all, both of them were present at the pre-operation meeting. What, you didn't think she would view me as a nice person?"

"I don't think she'd say anything good about you even if you were the best man in the world." Nightingale shrugged. "She doesn't seem like the sort of person who talks about things like kindness..."

Roland was about to say something in reply when the guards outside the tent suddenly lifted the curtain and reported to him. "Your Majesty, Lady Edith Kant requests to see you."

Oh-ho, things are becoming a little interesting now.

He exchanged a look with Nightingale before instructing the guard. "Send her in."

"As you wish, Your Majesty!"

The Pearl of the Northern Region performed a bow unceremoniously after she entered the tent. "Your Majesty, I wish for you to change your plan and stop interfering with the affairs of the Kingdom of Dawn."

Roland drew his brows together. "You should have brought that up during the meeting if you wanted to say something. Now I've already made the decision, and it would reflect poorly on me if I change it again."

"That's why I come to see you alone after the meeting," Edith said slowly. "You can still carry out your plan but with some small adjustments. In this way, people will think it's due to some unforeseen circumstances that the mission has not been completed as planned. At the same time, you'll still be able to keep to your word."

At these words, Nightingale could not hold back anymore. She revealed herself and confronted Edith directly. "What exactly are you plotting? You asked Andrea to turn to His Majesty for help. Now you want us to stop interfering in the affairs of the Kingdom of Dawn. Don't tell me that there are no conspiracies going on here!"

Normally, people would feel embarrassed or hesitant when someone pointed out their contradictory behaviors, but Edith remained unflappable as if she had known this would happen. "The situation has changed," she answered calmly. "You can detect lies, can't you? So you should know that I'm telling the truth."

"State your reason." Roland was intrigued.

"The unstoppable pincer attack would make your name known to the whole Kingdom of Dawn. Even if Earl Quinn becomes the regent, civilians would know who the real ruler of the country is. When the demons aren't a threat, you can slowly exert your influence over the policies of the Kingdom of Dawn and gradually convert it to your territory. As people fear the powerful First Army, you could have easily achieved this effortlessly. However, your advantage is now gone."

Edith drew up her hair and explained methodically, "The entry of the army of Graycastle to the city and the coup perpetrated by Earl Quinn are two completely different stories. The latter would largely increase the earl's authority in the region. As for whether other nobles would choose to submit to his rule or plot against him? It'll be none of your business."

"Then we just let Appen Moya continue to conspire against Graycastle?" Nightingale questioned.

"Even if Your Majesty doesn't do anything, it would be hard for Appen to keep his throne. At least, he can't call his bannermen anymore. After the battle in the old Holy City, Appen's authority and integrity are being called into question, so he's no longer able to rule the state like he used to. The Kingdom of Dawn will soon descend into chaos." Edith's tone was so flat as if she were merely laying out the facts. "During this political chaos, Earl Quinn still has a chance to win the game of thrones, but his influence will definitely be limited. Moreover, If Otto Luoxi is lucky, he'll survive. Even if he doesn't in the end, Andrea won't blame you because it isn't your 'fault', Your Majesty." She stressed.

Andrea must have also thought about that. That was why she reminded Roland that "you'll gain little from this plan".

Roland knew it very clearly as well. However, he attached greater importance to a reliable ally than personal gains. Even if Earl Quinn would not give him full support, he believed the upcoming Battle of Divine Will would eventually eliminate all the misunderstanding and mistrust between people. When there is an enemy that threatens the very survival of human civilization, the most important thing they should think about is how to jointly eradicate the enemy.

The Pearl of the Northern Region should know what their top priority was, for as far as Roland could tell, she was definitely not a shortsighted person.

If she did let her lust for power cloud her judgment, Roland would be truly disappointed.