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After clinging to each other for a very long time.

Roland stroked Anna's face and said in a gentle tone, "You've... become thinner."

Even though there were tears in her eyes, Anna's eyes were still as pure as lake water. Roland could clearly see his shadow in her blue eyes. But Anna looked much thinner. Through her clothes, Roland could feel her slightly raised backbone and see her prominent collarbones. Her face was not as mellow as before.

"I'm so sorry for letting you worry about me." Smelling the fragrance of Anna, Roland felt quiet in his heart again. It was just a blink of an eye but they felt like that they met each other after a few centuries apart.

Anna shook her head and wiped her tears with his collar, saying, "I'm okay, as long as you woke up."

"For how long was I in a coma? Three days or a week?" Roland was not sure about the numbers when seeing that Anna had become so skinny.

"Over a month."

"What?" Roland was astonished.

"To be exact, it was 52 days." Seeing his stunned face, Anna could not help bursting into laughter and said, "It's Fall now. You should notice that those curtains were changed."

"I was unconscious for nearly two months?" Roland disbelievingly moved his arms and secretly curled his toes. But he did not feel any discomfort.

"How did I eat?"

"You didn't eat anything." Anna leaned on his shoulder with her hands tightly holding his clothes, as if she was very afraid that Roland would fall asleep again. "Someone has eaten in your stead."

"Uh... Is that possible?"

"It's the ability of Nightfall of the Bloodfang Association. She planted a Seed of Symbiosis in your body and so she just needed to eat more than usual."

"A witch's ability could be used like this!" Roland thought that it was amazing because this kind of symbiosis did more than just sustain his life. Due to the fact that the muscles in his hands and feet did not shrink, it was able to connect two living bodies together to share one circulatory system.

Roland sighed for a while and looked at a wooden tub on the ground. "Thanks for taking care of me these days."

"Without a doubt, there must be someone who had cleaned his body and changed his clothes in order to keep him clean in the nearly two-month coma. Besides, this process was very complicated and only Anna who was patient and loving could do it day after day," Roland thought.

"Compared with what you've done, I've done nothing," Anna said gently, "You've honored your commitment to the witches. You've defeated the corps of the church. Each witch of the Witch Union would like to show their gratitude to you, even without me, someone would take care of you."

"But I would prefer that you take care of me." Roland stared at her and lowered his head to kiss Anna.

After a long while, they parted with each other reluctantly. With her cheeks blushing, Anna said, "Well, I must tell the other witches. They've waited for this day for a long time."

"We could continue?" Roland said with a smirk.

Anna slanted her head subconsciously and said, "You've just woken up and you should take a good rest..."

"But I feel like I'm full of energy."

"Even so, we can't continue." Anna raised her hands to hammer him a few punches and then turned around to pick up the tub. She walked towards the door reluctantly and said, "I'll be back soon."

"I've had enough sleep, so don't be worried." Roland gave her a smile.

After Anna closed the door and Roland frowned.

"Why have I slept for such a long time? Does this have a relationship with the strange phenomenon in my dream?" Roland thought.

Roland felt a deep sense of unease.

Generally speaking, after people woke up from a dream, they would forget its content quickly, and even completely forget it in less a day. But until now, Roland still clearly remembered what had happened in his dream.

"Was the little teenage girl really Zero?"

"But why did she call me uncle?"

"Besides, she could not disguise the shock in her face."

The more Roland recalled, the more he considered strange.

The city in his dream was absolutely not where he had lived in the past. The school in the TV represented compelling proof of that. The university should be built beside a mountain and was part of a scenic area. Towering buildings were not allowed around the university, but he had seen a gray skyline formed by skyscrapers in the background of the news story that played.

Something was also wrong with the apartment. Those walkways connected side by side, which were the most outdated tube-styled apartments. They were built in the 1970s and 1980s and were ill-adapted to both the busy streets hundreds of meters away and the skyscrapers afar.

Besides, the ink-green anti-theft door and outdated desk fan looked a strange match to the hanging colorful TV. If an owner did not have a special hobby, no one would decorate his own living room like this.

Everything seemed to be real while everything was problematic.

Before disappearing, Zero had hysterically shouted at Roland that she would never let him go. Were her words a curse or a threat to Roland? Did she count on creating such a bad dream to confuse him? After all, it would only be a little bluff if she only made him dream several nightmares.

When Roland was still lost in thought, there were noises behind the door.

A group of witches rushed over to the bedroom and surrounded him. In front of them, Roland felt somewhat embarrassed.

"Ahem... In a word, I'm alright. These days..."

Before Roland finished his words, Lightning jumped onto the bed and hugged his neck.

"Thank God," Wendy put her hands on her chest and said in an excited tone, "You finally woke up."

Lily curled her lip and said, "What a troubling guy. You made us worry for such a long time."

Mystery Moon murmured, "Are you worried about others? This is very rare."

"Compared to witches, commoners are much more fragile." Agatha pulled out a Stone of Measuring, watched it before Roland and continued to say, "En, there isn't any magic reaction, and it seems that you didn't inherit Zero's abilities. What can you remember? How about the memories of the Pope."

Roland felt a little surprised and asked, "Do you know this ability?"

"We've held a pure witch of the church captive. We've heard of it from her."

"Re-really? It seems that I didn't receive her memories."

"Wait a moment. What if he isn't the previous Prince Roland. Maybe he's been dazzled by the memories of over 200 years?" Ashes stood up and asked, "Who can prove that he's Roland, not Zero?"

"Come on, don't make trouble. Can you not?" Andrea rolled her eyes at Ashes and said.

"I'm quite sure that he's His Majesty, Roland." Nightingale's voice came from the other side of the bed, but to Roland's surprise, Nightingale did not appear her usual self.

Then Nana, Scroll, Leaf... Among all the caring voices from the witches, Roland felt warmth all over his body.

The last one was Tilly.

She held Roland's hand and said with a smile on her face.

"Welcome back, my brother!"