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1234 A Strange World

Chapter 1234: A Strange World
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Yes, she was trapped.

Valkries now remembered that she had been delving into the depth of the Realm of Mind and tracking down a faint fluctuation. When she had crossed the borderline that separated the upper and lower level, her step had become heavier and heavier. The resistance from the Realm of Mind increased, and she felt something was dragging her down.

It was her first time to come thus far, so she must be careful. If she got lost, she might be trapped here forever. Valkries would have terminated this expedition and taken a break had she not sensed that the fluctuation she was looking for was getting closer.

The entrance should be just around here.

So she decided to dive deeper.

Hackzord seemed not to be very impressed with her bathing in the Red Mist Pond all day, especially when human beings had not realized that they had successfully transplanted the Birth Tower.

On the other hand, Valkries also wanted to know whether the human race had upgraded through the legacy shard.

She had never anticipated, however, that the Realm of Mind suddenly quaked while she was trying to find the source of the fluctuation.

She felt as if the muddy ground underneath suddenly cracked, sank, and formed a waterfall. She was immediately flushed down before she could realize it. When she woke up again, she found herself in this strange place.

Beyond a doubt, this place should be a part of the Realm of Mind, but Valkries was not sure whether it had anything to do with the male human she was searching for.

Through the window, Valkries could see a big city outside. Sierried highrises stretched away and disappeared at the end of the horizon, each as tall as the Birth Tower. Some were even taller than the king's Presiding Holy See.

If this was that male human's territory, Valkries did not understand why he had not noticed the presence of an intruder. The creator should have been omnipotent. Since Valkries was the mortal enemy of the human race, the creator should have taken action by now. If a witch, by accident, trespassed the Presiding Holy See, death would probably be the kindest punishment inflicted upon her.

The problem was that if this place had nothing to do with that male, then where was it?

When Valkries had sensed the quaver, she had felt the shockwave come from above. She was certain that she was on the right track, unless she had been searching in the wrong direction all along.

Valkries pondered for a while but could not find a satisfying explanation, so she put aside these questions. The most important task for her now was to adapt to this new body and find an opportunity to get out of this strange world.

Valkries was positive about one thing that this new body was much weaker than her own. The wound on her legs had still not healed up yet, which indicated that she currently had little self-repairing ability. Her Magic Barrier stopped working. Valkries had never been so weak for a long time. She felt as if she had traveled back to the time prior to her upgrade when everybody could cause substantial harm to her.

Fortunately, she could still summon magic power, which was an ability quite similar to Extraordinaries'.

While Valkries was checking her body, there was a pattering of footsteps outside.

The door was then pushed open, and two men entered smilingly.

Valkries almosted wanted to throw herself onto them and rip them apart, but she suppressed the urge.

This was not the real world!

She reminded herself. It appeared that these people had saved her when she had lost consciousness.

Perhaps, these people never knew such things as "demons". If she acted recklessly, she would expose herself.

"You look pretty well, Miss Valkries," the female said as she lifted one corner of the blanket and examined her plastored legs. "Amazing. No wonder the pillar didn't wound your bones. You're a martialist! If I were you, my legs would have been smashed to pieces."

"Is this what a doctor should say to her patient?" the male said as he glared at the female and then looked toward Valkries. "I'm the doctor in charge here. You can call me Dr. Gao. According to the X-ray, you'll soon recover. Take a good rest, and I'm sure the injury won't affect your future contests. If you don't feel well, please don't hesitate to tell me."

Valkries shook her head.

She hardly understood anything Dr. Gao had said, so she resolved to remain silent.

Valkries also noticed that these human beings appeared to be pretty friendly to her. She was puzzled as to why these people did not view her as a person of another race. Even if they did not harbor hostility against her, how could they speak to her in such an amicable manner when there was such a drastic difference between the two races?

Valkries even noticed that the female was particularly interested in her. Her eyes were glued on her.

"I'm glad you're well," the male named Dr. Gao said as he leafed through the brochure in his hand. "The Association will come to visit the hospital this afternoon, and they'll also hold a meeting in the evening. I've already declined the request to attend the meeting for you. Those people are so insensible! They wanted you to sit the meeting through in your wheelchair! That's ridiculous! But I can't stop them from visiting you. This hospital is funded by the Martialist Association, so it's impossible for me to stop them. You just need to lie in bed."

"... Thank you," Valkries said in a way an ordinary man would normally speak in this situation.

"You're welcome," the male said with a smile. "By the way, you must be bored. The Association didn't send your cell phone here. Do you want to watch TV?"

Cell phone? TV? What were they?

Nonplussed, Valkries did not answer.

The doctor took her silence as a yes, so he picked up a square box on the nightstand, pointed it at a blackboard on the wall, and fiddled it.

Soon, light escaped from the blackboard!

"Now, you take a good rest," Dr. Gao said as he waved his hand and withdrew from the room with the female.

Valkries goggled at the screen and almost lost herself.

How did they... do this?

The image on the blackboard changed. Everything was so lifelike. Valkries would not have been so surprised had the blackboard been a magic artifact, but this object was non-magical. She could not sense any fluctuation of magic power from the blackboard.

It took Valkries a while to get used to it.

She also discovered that the content of the television had something to do with the little square box. The image would change if she pressed the button on it.

If her assumption was correct, these contents might be closely related to this world.

This was an effective way to get to know about this world.

While Valkries was flipping through channels, she captured one strange word, "the Martialist Association."

Based on what the male had told her, she was also a member of the Association, or more precisely, they assumed that she was a member of the Association.

She saw a crowded square on the television. The picture was shot from above. Perhaps, someone videotaped the scene with some magic artifact like a Stone of Flight.

"This is the third day since the attack at the Prism City. Firefighters are still rescuing members and cleaning up the debris."

"The Association has confirmed the death toll. The victims' identities still remain unknown at this point."

"During the whole rescue process, many martialists displayed courage and sense of responsibilities. They went down to the evacuation exits to look for those being trapped.

"The Chief Disciple of the Defender Rock, Ms. Lan, was killed in action."

"When she entered Exit 4, she was attacked by the Fallen Evils. To protect her peers..."

Valkries did not hear a single word said by the reporter.

Her attention was caught by the image on the "blackboard".

Valkries was shocked. "Why, why do I see those strange and familiar faces in the Realm of Mind?"

Wasn't the Cloud School... already disbanded?