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1192 A Wind Chaser

Chapter 1192: A Wind Chaser
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Neutron sources, which could be classified as catalyst, provided extra neutrons that could sustain the chain reaction even when Uranium-235 was under its critical mass.

Technically, both polonium and radium separated from natural uranium could form compounds with beryllium to serve as neutron sources. Roland did not foresee any technical difficulties, for polonium could release a large number of neutrons when colliding with alpha particles. All of the three elements were existing in nature, which saved them a lot of time to create elements artificially.

Roland preferred polonium to radium purely out of safety concerns. Although polonium-210 had a short half-life, it released very few photons upon a decay, which meant it was no more dangerous than inactive uranium. However, radium, which released radon and photons upon activation, posed a potential safety hazard. As such, polonium was a better candidate to provide neutrons.

Further, beryllium could reflect neutrons and further increased the possibility for neutrons to interact with other elements. By combining polonium and beryllium, along with a sufficient amount of uranium-235, even the simplest gun model could be lethal.

In addition to that, beryllium was a common element in emeralds that were quite accessible in the Four Kingdoms, so Azima did not have to search for them in the wilderness.

Roland knew very well about Neverwinter's current level of techonology. The principle of the Resplendent Radiation was simple, but to signicantly improve the utilization rate of energy from 1% to 90%, it required tons of theoretical calculations and numerous tests. If the conversion rate was low, he would not be able to reduce the size of the weapons and would thus waste precious uranium resources. Fortunately, Lucia's ability minimized the loss arising from the uranium extraction.

Nevertheless, even with a minimal loss, creating a nuclear weapon from scratch still involved various advanced technologies. Nuclear weapons' destructive power was phenomenal compared to regular explosives. Even 1% of uranium could release unparalleled energy.

Roland had to make every effort to win this battle that would decide the fate of the mankind.

To held the power of the Sun in your palms in this uncivilized era, wasn't it a type of romance?

He would like to give it a shot no matter how impossible it seemed.

"Very well, keep up the good work," Roland said as he patted Lucia on the head. "Once all the cabinets are filled with lead boxes, we can start on the tests."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Lucia said fervently.


In the meantime, in the Aerial Knight Academy of Neverwinter.

The area to the west of the research institute was quite today, for all the students were on a break visiting their families, except for Good.

"Upwind, gear down!"

"Crosswind, roll over!"

Good seated himself in front of the mock flight deck, practicing according to the instructions in the Flight Manual by changing the setting of the wind directions. The wooden rod creaked like a battered, weathered watermill. The air in the training room was sultry and balmy. His back was dampened with perspiration, and sweat dripped down his chin on the shabby deck.

Gradually, his hand became so wet that he could not keep a tight grip on the lever. Good thus stopped and heaved a deep sigh.

After learning to fly for almost half a year, Good had engraved the basic instructions in the Flight Manual written by Princess Tilly in his memories. He was no longer that lay man who got easily flustered by the movements of the plane. Now, Good had memorized all the instructions and developed quick reflexes. His body would react almost automatically to his mind.

But Good doubted if he could really fly a plane.

He could not envision the picture where he actually maneuvered a plane against the wind by himself. The Manual suggested that he should "feel the wind force and wind direction, sense the movement of the aircraft and operate the plane accordingly". However, he did not understand what kind of feeling that was. The mock flight deck remained motionless all the same no matter how he shifted the gear, as though it were laughing at his futile attempts with an air of derision.

The more Good practiced, the more frustrated he became.

While he was feeling extremely discouraged, the door of the training room was suddenly flung open.

"Oho, you're really here."

"Told you. I was right, wasn't I?"

Good looked around, and very surprisingly, saw two men step into the room, who were none other than his team members, Finkin and Hinds.

"Not having fun during your break?" Finkin whistled. "Well, that's because fun is right here in the school."

"Why are you still here. You have a sister, don't you?" Hinds rejoined as he flung his arm around Good's neck. "She asked me to tell you that you should take a good rest. That's... so sweet of her."

Good's manner tightened. He asked sternly, "Hold on, did you guys visit my place?"

"Of course, otherwise where should we go find you?" Finkin said matter-of-factly, his brows raised. "Her name is Rachel, right? Do you mind introducing her to me?"

"Out of the question," Good retorted fiercely while shooting Finkin a cold glance.

"Aren't we good enough?" Finkin said indignantly. "I have a proper house near Redwater River!"

Good lapsed into a thoughtful silence and then shook his head. "No, it has nothing to do with you. My sister... Rachel has her own problem. I don't think she would like to be with you."

"Why? I think she's sweet," Hinds asked in confusion.

"Come. Spit it out," Finkin urged in curiosity.

"Drop it," Good replied gruffly. "Let's talk about something else. What did you mean by "fun is here in the school?"

Finkin did not insist but lowered his voice and replied fugitively, "Do you want to fly a real plane?"

Astonished, Good said, "What did you say?"

"I saw it a few days ago when I climbed over the wall," Finkin said with a triumphant smile. "There are new planes in the hangar. Although they're covered with canvas, I could see they're about the same size of the 'Unicorn' piloted by Princess Tilly. In other words, those are our planes!"

"A few days ago? Why didn't you tell us back then?"

"Because I don't want you to be too excited and blabber about it," Finkin said while shrugging. "We're on a break, so few people are in the academy. That gives us a great chance to have a peek at them!"

"Are you mental?" Good said in disbelief. "Without permission, nobody is allowed to get in there!"

"Surely those soldiers won't let you in," Finkin said while rolling his eyes at Good. "So we must take another route and go around the airport."


"We're just taking a look," Hinds egged on. "You should have noticed that Princess Tilly looks sulky recently and is more strict with us. So it would probably be another two months before we could actually fly them. Don't you want to know what our planes look like, or you actually prefer this stupid wooden deck?"

"If you don't come with us, we'll go without you," Finkin said as he winked at Good.

Good stared at the rickety wooden rod while savoring the sense of loss that lingered upon his heart. After what seemed to be a long internal struggle, Good bit his lip and agreed with a nod, "Alright. I'll come. Show me the way."