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983 A Fierce Attack

Chapter 983: A Fierce Attack

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"Well then, I'm taking off," Agatha announced solemnly.

"Off you go." A cold sneer broke across Zooey's face. "We've been waiting for this day for too long."

Unlike the First Army, the commanders of the ancient witches were also powerful combatants. They would be the last to retreat when demons were approaching.

"Ms. Agatha, Ms. Zooey..." Iron Axe suddenly stopped them.

"Is there anything else?"

"Although I shouldn't say this, I think this must be what His Majesty wanted to convey to you," he said thoughtfully. "Please stay safe. Your being alive is the heaviest blow we can inflict on the demons."

"Haha, I won't die so easily before reclaiming Taquila." Zooey turned around and cast Iron Axe a glance. "Thanks for your kind words. I do appreciate it, mortal."

"Don't worry. We know what to do." Smiling, Agatha walked out of the tent.

The sky had darkened. Compared to the defensive battle in Neverwinter last time, the number of the enemies this time increased by several times, and they flew a lot faster as well.

They soon reached the very front of the battlement.

The anti-aircraft guns at the front fired in succession, and in a short moment, the air was heavy with the oppressive sound of anti-aircraft fire. However, the attack was far from effective. Out of over 60 Devilbeasts, only four or five were shot down. The other demons, on the other hand, climbed even higher.

"Those freaking bastards, they're so annoying." Zooey was distraught. "I could crush them with my hands the moment they dare to land."

In the Union age, the best way to counterattack these monsters was to send out combat witches and Extraordinaries who carried a Stone of Flight. This was also the reason the ancient witches took armies of mortal men so lightly. Without the witches' help, a few Devilbeasts would be more than enough to disperse an army.

"Why aren't they throwing their spears?" Watching the enemies hovering above, Agatha frowned.

But the next moment she immediately knew the demons' real intention. The mounted demons dived for the rear of the defensive line, exactly where the artillery battalion was located.

Agatha and Zooey exchanged a look before instantly to the artilleries' position.


Fish Ball was responsible for the central area of the battlement. Because of his meritorious performance in the battle against the demons last time, he had been promoted to unit leader. Although it was not his first time seeing these monsters, the scene of hordes of Devilbeasts attacking him still sent a chill down his spine.

"U-unit leader, shouldn't we fire?" The team member with an ammunition sack in his hand stammered out.

"They're within 900 meters!" The lookout went livid in terror, his Adam's apple quivering.

Fish Ball realized that everyone was scared. Even the most courageous of people would be truly terrified in the presence of such an unimaginable onslaught of enemies. Because of the permeating fear, Fish Ball knew he had to stay cool. Otherwise, they would collapse before the enemy attack even arrived.

At this thought, Fish Ball swallowed hard and tried to speak slower. "Just hang in there. Fire when they're within 300 meters."

Although the machinery instructor told them that the shooting range of Mark I type HMG exceeded 1,500 meters and that its scope range was around 1,000, Fish Ball learned from his personal experience that they could only hit targets within said range when Devilbeasts were flying steady and straight.

The best shooting method was to directly use a concentric ring to noose the enemy based on instincts, rather than taking aim with the scope perched on top.

A poor firing accuracy would undoubtedly affect the soldiers' morale.

He preferred to shoot when the result was guaranteed.

Nevertheless, the short distance between the battlement and the enemies also meant that the latter could launch a counterattack anytime.

Fish Ball sincerely hoped that the additional baffle plate in front of the machine gun was durable enough to stop the demons.

"They dived!" The lookout screamed.


Fish Ball pulled the trigger. He could see a stream of bullets whoosh through the air and crumble the gigantic figure that dashed forward.

The Devilbeast at the very front, who had been hit by at least a dozen bullets from various directions, instantly turned into a cloud of bloody mist. The Mad Demon mounting on its back was no better, its skull cracked open, and legs slashed in half. Its figure was almost indiscernible as it plummeted to the ground.

The death of the enemy exhilarated the soldiers who cheered at their first victory, which injected courage into Fish Ball. He immediately aimed at another Devilbeast that died in the same way as the previous one a few seconds later.

When Fish Ball was about to redouble his efforts, the surroundings suddenly darkened.

The sun seemed to be overspread by a grayish curtain, specking the battlement here and there with flickers of light. When Fish Ball realized what the "curtain" really was, his heart stopped with a horror-filled jerk.

"They're spearing!" He yelled at the top of his lung. "Watch out!"

However, numerous spears pelted down and they had nowhere to hide. The only thing they could do was duck behind their shields, leaving their exposed hands and feet to fate.

Fish Ball held his companion tight, whilst bracing himself to be penetrated by a bone spear.

But the clash he had been anticipating did not come. With a gust of wind, the light was restored.

"U-unit leader, behind!"

Someone exclaimed in surprise.

Fish Ball looked over his shoulder, his heart pounding in his chest, and saw the battlement behind him was a mess. The air was permeated with dust created by the spearing attack. Some were lying on the ground, unconscious, whereas some wounded soldiers were moaning and calling for help in the midst of the smog. The six Longsong Cannons had all stopped firing.

Everybody swallowed hard.

"What're you waiting for?" Fish Ball gnawed his teeth and snarled. "Get back to your position and continue to fire!"

There would be someone else responsible for the provision of first aid and sending reinforcements. What he needed to do now was to shoot down as many Devilbeasts as possible, before the enemies launched their second attack.

The bellow jerked the soldiers out of their trance. The two anti-aircraft machine guns thundered once more.

Meanwhile, the demons also realized that spearing alone would not completely stop their opponents. Therefore, they divided the Devilbeasts into two groups, one climbing higher to wait for the next round of attacks, while the other dealt directly with the soldiers on the ground through hand-to-hand combat, taking advantage of their superior physical strength.

One Mad Demon dismounted and encountered a man with black hair.

Apparently, it did not take male human being very seriously, for it casually drew the iron ax from around its waist and flailed it at him blankly.

However, the man stopped his blow with only one hand!

Eyes wide open, the Mad Demon did not even have time to think about what had happened before he saw his enemy aiming an iron tube at him.


"His Majesty's new weapon is good indeed." Zooey released the demon who collapsed instantly, a big hole in the latter's chest. "If we had this 400 years ago, Taquila probably wouldn't have fallen, and the Three Chiefs wouldn't have turned against each other because of disagreements on the continuity of the human race."

She walked to the unconscious demon and crushed its skull beneath her foot before casting it a cold glance. "But we're still alive and have returned with vengeance. Now, it's time for you to pay for what you've done."