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926 Quitting Math for Dummies

Chapter 926: Quitting Math for Dummies

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The anti-aircraft machine guns were just the first step to enhancing Neverwinter's air defense capabilities. The most effective way to protect the city's airspace was still building a functional air force.

Back in the days when the Union had ruled the human world, witches had guarded the skies.

A small number of witches endowed with a flying ability, as well as a few Extraordinaries wearing Stones of Flight, had performed this air defense task. They had been recognized as the strongest warriors of the Union, and thus their status had been higher than that of the other combat witches in the Blessed Army. According to Pasha, throughout the history of the Union, all the Three Chiefs had always been former members of this air defense troop.

As for the common people who did not have the talent to use magic power or the Magic Stones, the only solution was to create a kind of machine which could serve as their wings. When that happened, they would be able to get rid of the constraints of gravity and fly up into the sky.

In order to dominate the battle in the air, Neverwinter had to build up its own air forces.

To achieve that goal, Roland needed to create airplanes.

This was no easy job, as it involved tackling many technical problems at the same time. He was not familiar with aircraft design, and even the structure of a biplane from World War I was complicated enough to give him a headache. He was able to get away with the simplified power transmission systems and braking systems of the train for the initial prototype. However, the flight control surfaces of a plane could not be half-assed and had a much lower tolerance for error. More importantly, he had never flown a plane and thus had no idea whether the mechanical devices he created would work or not.

Fortunately, he could choose another kind of aircraft—the glider.

Wendy, who was able to sense wind direction and wind power accurately, could work as his test pilot. With the help of Lightning and Maggie, who could ensure Wendy's safety, he believed he would be able to write a flight manual for the operation of the gliders without risking anyone's life.

"Your Majesty." Astrologer of Dispersion Star spoke, interrupting Roland's thoughts. "I understand what you mean. The Arithmetic Academy will make this aiming tool for you as soon as possible."

"Good." Roland nodded in satisfaction. He was happy to be able to talk to this astrologer, who could immediately understand his intentions. He felt that it had really been a wise decision to bring the whole Astrology Association to the Western Region.

As a school of sages, the Astrology Association also required hands-on practical ability just as the alchemists did. The astrologers were not only excellent at mathematics but also good with their hands. Since no blacksmith knew how to make a telescope, they usually designed and assembled the telescope parts by themselves.

Just as Roland was about to leave, he noticed that Astrologer of Dispersion Star still seemed to have something to say.

"Is there anything else?" Roland asked.

"Here's a thing I can't figure out, Your Majesty." The scholar cleared this throat by coughing several times. "I don't understand why there's the word 'Intermediate' on the cover of the book, 'Analytic Geometry', and on every cover of the mathematics books you gave me."

Roland chuckled. "That's the thing you want to ask?"

"Please forgive me for being so bold, if it's a thing can't be disclosed." Different from Kyle Sichi, Dispersion Star had stayed in the old King's City since his birth. He had served several kings and was always on his best behavior. However, Roland could tell from his eyes that he was just as curious as the Chief Alchemist.

Roland could not help but smile while recalling that he had used "Intermediate Chemistry" to lure Kyle into working for Neverwinter. In order to get his hands on the book, Kyle had recruited students, given lectures, and even taken up the post of Minister of Chemical Industry. Nevertheless, Roland felt that he would not need to repeat this carrot-and-stick trick on Dispersion Star.

He explained plainly, "It's because there's a book called Advanced Mathematics. It's not just about geometry or arithmetics. It's advanced mathematical theory. You can imagine the primary and intermediate books as the trunk of a tree and advanced mathematics as the top of the tree. But this book is much harder to understand, so it has another name."

"What might that be?"

"Quitting Math for Dummies," Roland answered with his hands laid out in a shrug.

Obviously, Dispersion Star did not understand Roland's implication. He stared blankly at the king, and then he said, "Your, Your Majesty... I'll never give up, even if I have to spend the rest of my life to grasp the theory! Could you please show me..."

Seeing the sincere look on the scholar's face, Roland somehow felt a little embarrassed about himself, since he had regularly dozed off in his advanced mathematics class. He cleared his throat and said, "Of course. After finishing this project, you may come to the castle to get the book."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Dispersion Star knelt and replied with excitement.


After that, Roland left the Mathematics Academy for the backyard of the North Slope Mountain.

Apart from the anti-aircraft machine guns, he intended to make some special weapons for the God's Punishment Witches.

After having spent several months together, he was firmly convinced about the Taquila survivors' burning desire to wreak havoc upon the demons. Neverwinter had to fight the demons to survive, but the Taquila witches just wanted revenge. In the hearts of the ancient witches, the demons had been the source of their pains for the past hundreds of years, the enemies who had killed their families and friends, and the nightmare they longed to get rid of.

Roland felt that it would be a complete waste for these mighty warriors to use only swords and spears to fight the demons. He also noticed that they were able to fight with weapons that were too heavy to carry for conventional soldiers. This meant that he could equip them with fiercer firearms and turn them into high mobility heavy battle units.

His initial plan was to design a portable Mark I type HMG for the God's Punishment Witches, whose ammo box could be carried in their backpacks. With these weapons, the God's Punishment Witches would become mobile fortresses. Once they encountered a pack of demons, they could immediately turn them into Swiss cheese.

However, now he had changed his mind.

Some heavy machine guns were going to be converted into anti-aircraft machine guns, and a new variant of the Mark I guns would soon begin production on a large scale. In the near future, the bullet consumption speed would be incredibly fast, but based on the current efficiency of Neverwinter's bullet production, he could not ensure the supply of ammunition for so many guns. Under such circumstances, even if he were to manufacture 300 guns for the God's Punishment Witches, they would not get enough bullets to be able to achieve the target effect of a walking fortress

To solve this problem, he needed to create a powerful and simple weapon that used fewer bullets while also being easy to maintain.

He quickly sketched the outline of the new weapon on paper.

It was a grapeshot gun, a gas operated weapon with a 40mm caliber.

The prominent advantage of a grapeshot gun was its wide killing range and the long-distance shots resulting from the enlarged caliber. It shot automatically and its shooter did not have to be very accurate. It could help the revolving rifles and bolt rifles in suppressing the enemies who managed to break through the cannon blockade line. It could also be adopted in a sneak attack. In such a battle, the grapeshot gun shooter could take the initiative to approach the target.

Judging from the demons' fighting methods in the second Battle of Divine Will, they were still in the era of cold weapons. In a direct encounter, they usually fought hand to hand instead of throwing spears.

Given that, Roland was confident that the God's Punishment Witches equipped with automatic grapeshot guns would be able to give them hell in a close combat fight.


Five days later, Sylvie spotted some Devilbeasts again.

The number of enemies had doubled this time. Twelve Devilbeasts, looking like a dark cloud in the sky, were flying towards Neverwinter.