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837 Letter to the Sleeping Island

Chapter 837: Letter to the Sleeping Island
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Tilly was at her desk, writing a secret letter meant for the inhabitants of the Sleeping Island.

Since she would be using the carrier pigeon, she had to reduce the size of the letter, and use the most concise language to express herself.

The content was actually not complicated and could be completed in two to three sentences, but, somehow, she could not stop writing. She was in an uncontrollable mood and felt like she was writing a long family manual—letting her thoughts run wild was certainly a rare occurrence for her.

However, Tilly unexpectedly found out that it was not a bad feeling to do so.

Since it was not a matter of life and death, she decided to go with this feeling.

Slim ink marks slowly moistened the letter, and she could not help but feel a sense of warmth.

"Dear Camilla,

"The Months of Demons is now over and the Western Region is calm again. Victory Day celebrations were particularly interesting. Do you remember the hot pot that I told you about? Roland moved this cooking method to the town square, with four huge woks of boiled soup, and then the meat, vegetables, whole chicken and Bird Beak Mushrooms were thrown into the soup. The fragrance could be smelt across the other side of Redwater River. He also said the pot was a feature of Neverwinter that definitely had to be tasted."

"With Roland's encouragement, everyone put all kinds of food in their pots. I have to say that with a thick soup, no matter what I ate, my mouth was full of flavor. There was no difference between City Hall officials, the Witch Union, or ordinary subjects. This scene would have been impossible in the past. It is hard to imagine that a cruel war that will determine the fate of the world will follow this passionate scene. It is also precisely because of this, that this kind of joy was especially precious."

"I'm writing these to tell you that Neverwinter is really an incredible place—and I'm not trying to change your views of the nobility, but Roland Wimbledon is not a noble at all. Unsurprisingly, I just confirmed our speculation. He is exactly like us, the so-called noble identity was only a passage of time or a cover-up. So you should also take a look at this new city. Sleeping Island, certainly needs guarding, but I don't want you to view this responsibility like a cage."

"And by the way, during this Months of Demons, our witches finally no longer just stood idly by. Roland's plan of the Southernmost Region was carried out by Ashes, Andrea, and Echo. As for the interesting things happening in the desert, I won't go into details here and we can talk about it later on. I believe that the Sleeping Island will inevitably become even more important after the other sisters have come."

"To the Chief Butler of Sleeping Island?" Just then a hand suddenly came out from behind Tilly and placed a cup of azure drink in front of her.

"Well," she smiled, and she knew that it was Ashes without turning her head. "I was just writing about you. Would you like to take a look?"

"I'd better not," Ashes rubbed her shoulders and whispered. "I still have to prepare today's dinner."

"Then you'd better go. I look forward to your delicious dishes," Tilly laughed. The witches generally dined with Roland in the castle's living room, so the small kitchen in their apartment was less likely to be used. But since they had been separated for months, Ashes wanted to share their dinner alone, and of course she would not refuse. Not to mention that Ashes also mysteriously claimed to have obtained a magical condiment from the Southernmost Region.

After she drank the Chaos Drink that was refreshing as an icespring, she then continued writing.

"After chitchatting so much, now let's talk about serious stuff."

"According to my agreement with him, spring is when the relocation will take place. The time has come for action, and my idea hasn't changed. Everything has gone as expected and even more perfectly than anticipated, hence we should just follow the plan—I believe you are already well prepared."

"After the Months of Demons ends, the Fjords' trade roads will soon be busy and I'm afraid it will be difficult to hire enough ships and sailors. If you encounter such a problem, you can ask Thunder for help. He's currently seeking Sealine adventurers, so ships and people are not a problem. Before the steel ship that Roland built for him is ready, Thunder will remain at the Fjords. As long as we can get in contact with him, he will surely help us."

"In addition, do not forget to advertise to the lords and merchants of Fjord Islands about our whereabouts. Also, inform them that the Sleeping Spell will continue to be open to all. Don't worry that, after the relocation, part of the witches will be too far away from the Fjords. Now that Western Region's Shallow Beach has been put into use, and Roland also intends to build a new port in the Endless Cape for replenishment, this means Neverwinter vessels can easily reach the Fjords."

"I have a hunch that it will not take long before this route becomes the busiest trade route between the mainland and the islands; it will become a normal thing to cross the Straits, especially once the converted paddle steamer in the harbor is completed."

"It is important to remember this, Camilla. Migration to the Western Region does not mean giving up the Sleeping Island." Neverwinter is the front line against the demons and the most dangerous place once the battle of Divine Will starts. As a part of humanity, we should try our best to make a contribution to fight against the enemy. Even Roland cannot guarantee victory. When the Western Region is captured by the enemy, the only place we can go to would be the Fjords islands."

"Although it would be better if such a thing did not happen. Anyway, we still have hope as long as the Sleeping Island is still there."

"Take care,"

"Tilly Wimbledon."

Princess Tilly let out a deep breath after writing. Camilla Dary, originally a noble of the old king's city, knew quite well the dirty secrets among the nobility and that caused her to completely lose faith in them. Although Camila still supported all the decisions she had made, the last time that they had spoken, the housekeeper had faintly hinted that she would stay behind in the Sleeping Island forever.

However, Tilly felt that although Sleeping Island was important, it should not be a place to stay alone. The guardians could take turns, and everyone should have the opportunity to come to Graycastle to re-experience normal life. This was what she would like to see. Of course, this letter might not completely convince Camilla, but as more and more witches came to the Western Region, she believed that Camilla would change her original view.

Tilly put down the quill, rolled the paper into a circle of paper, and then fastened the string.

When Honey was called over, she was shocked to see five or six scrolls of paper on the table.

"Will they be sent to the Sleeping Island?" she asked.

"Yes, and all of them have to be sent to Camilla," said Tilly, nodding her head, "... Is that too much?"

"It doesn't matter, since it's Your Highness Tilly's letter, it'll have to be sent no matter what!" Honey patted her chest and said, "now I'll go to catch two seabirds for you. Whether it's a secret document or even a honey grilled fish, it can also be sent!"

Looking at the girl jumping up and down as she left the room, Princess Tilly could not help but walk to the window and look towards the direction of the Fjords.

Before long, the witches that were forced to leave their homeland would once again set foot on this piece of land.

Starting with Neverwinter, everything thought about witches would change for the better.

By that time, the Western Region would be even more livelier than it was now.

She was sincerely looking forward to that day.