Release that Witch
770 Echo and Drow Silvermoon
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Release that Witch
Author :Er Mu
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770 Echo and Drow Silvermoon

Chapter 770: Echo and Drow Silvermoon
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The Four-winged Eagle let out a peculiar high-pitched sound as it probably did not expect the other party to take the initiative in attacking it.

It opened its beak and without a moment to spare, immediately attacked Lorgar without bothering to dodge.

What happened next shook the hearts of the onlookers.

Lorgar instantly transformed into a massive Desert Wolf and smacked the strange bird's face with thunderous strength! The eagle's head bent to one side and its beak that was originally able to pick up an adult with ease suddenly broke away.

It was then already too late for the demonic hybrid to adjust its balance, so the two beasts just fiercely collided with each other.

Lorgar once again spits out fresh blood, but she still tightly grabbed on to the demonic beast, and her teeth sank deeply into its flesh.

The demonic beast sensed danger from the Desert Wolf clinging on to her and desperately flapped its wings trying to fly up. However, no matter how hard it moved its wings, it was unable to gain altitude due to the Wolf Girl who weighed as heavy as itself.

"Andrea!" Ashes shouted at her companion.

"I knew that you would have to depend on me eventually," said Andrea. She threw her rifle back to Echo and leaped up the platform while summoning the Magical Longbow.

At the same time, the two beasts smashed down heavily onto the platform.

With a flash of white light, the Desert Wolf which was sitting on top of the Four-winged Eagle suddenly disappeared. Ashes knew then that Lorgar had already reached her limit. But fortunately, the outcome of this battle had already been decided. She took a dead Sand Nation warrior's robe and rushed toward the demonic beast.

Upon closer inspection, she could see that the demonic beast's back and the abdominal shell was pockmarked with several wounds. Some were scratches, while others were small holes that oozed green slime and blue blood. These wounds were probably left by the First Army, but none of them had inflicted fatal damage to the demonic beast.

She quickly found the motionless Princess Lorgar in the gap between the wings and carried her down the platform.

From the corner of her eye, she saw the longbow in Andrea's hands shining with golden light.

The hybrid demonic beast that had been wounded quite severely had its head swaying and was staggering on the ground when it suddenly found something resembling a golden sun next to it.

"Hey, what are you looking at?" Andrea laughed mockingly. "Fly away if you can."

"Shriek—!" It finally recovered its senses and tried spreading its wings in a panic to escape. But it was too late.

A blinding ray of light shot out from the Magical Longbow, and with a thundering whistle, it pierced through the demonic beast's body. In a flash, its body suddenly started emitting countless beams of golden light, as if a sun was trying to break out of its body and began engulfing it in its glow!

As it quieted down, a circular crater a few meters wide appeared in the middle of the platform. All that was left of the Four-winged eagle was a piece of its body lying on the edge of the gap, and its remaining body parts were splattered all over the place like tiny droplets of rain.

Andrea stood proudly in this torrential rain of flesh and gore, with her golden bow giving her long hair and alluring figure an eye-catching silhouette.

"Why are you still materializing your longbow? Are you wasting your magical power?" Ashes who was under the platform got grumpy and stood up.

"Of course, it's for the people here to remember my heroic appearance... ah, sh*t." She suddenly covered her mouth halfway through her sentence. "It's all your fault for making me talk. What if some bird meat fell into my mouth?"

Ashes could only roll her eyes at that.


The Wildflame chief Guelz had an ashen face as he gently received his daughter from Ashes. With his shoulders slightly quivering, he said, "Is Lorgar… "

"She's still alive, but it doesn't look good. Even the best herbal remedies can only delay her death." Ashes shrugged and said, "Unless we treat her immediately."

"You... have a way to cure her?"

"That's right, and she can be as healthy as she was before the duel."

Guelz stared with his eyes wide open and gazed at the Extraordinary witch for a while before finally slowly opening his mouth. "Then... what's the price?"

"You'll know soon enough," Ashes tugged her hand and said, "But what I want to know is... Will you acknowledge the result of the holy duel?"

"Wildflame isn't Ironwhip, and we won't deny a victory that was won through blood and honor. Furthermore..." Guelz sighed and said, "no one can deny that you are currently the strongest clan. If you don't believe, you can listen for yourself..."

Ashes have certainly heard it.

Be it on the platform or the Burning Road, every single person present was shouting a single name in unison.

"Osha! Osha! Osha!"

It was among this cheer, that Echo climbed up to the platform.

"I am the chief of the Osha clan, Drow Silvermoon, but I also have another name, Echo of Graycastle's Witch Union!" Her voice sounded clearly above the noise of the crowd and reached everyone's ears. "I have lost everything since the betrayal of the Iron Whip clan. Not only was my clan exiled, but I was also sold into slavery, from the Port of Clearwater, all the way to the King's City in Graycastle. I was fortunate enough to be rescued by a witch organization. After that, I was transferred to a small town in the Western Region, where my name has been changed to Echo."

She paused momentarily, then said, "I prefer the name Echo more than Drow Silvermoon—though I have been through some painful experiences, I am so much happier than I ever was in the desert. That town, which was once a desolate town on the border, has now become a bustling city. Most of the growth during this period was brought by a Lord, His Majesty Roland Wimbledon of Graycastle, and he was also the one who changed my destiny!"

Ashes were stunned. "This... doesn't sound like the rehearsed speech."

"Well," said Andrea, with a light chuckle, "it's what she's been wanting to say the most. And besides, all we can do now is applaud her."

In the beginning, Echo seemed a bit nervous, but once she started talking about Neverwinter's interesting lifestyle, she began to talk with increasing confidence. "I know you are curious as to why I'm saying all these things, after all, it's just someplace in the North. No matter how beautiful it is, it has nothing to do with our people in the Sand Nation. That's right... Maybe this was the way it used to be, but now things are not the same!"

"His Majesty's catchphrase is that Neverwinter will never discriminate based on origin. His city has people from all kinds of backgrounds: ordinary people from Graycastle, witches, and even people from foreign clans! This is enough to prove his kindness and benevolence. Now he intends to save the Ironsand people of the Mojin Clan from this blood-soaked, barren desert and grant you all a better life, just like he did when he helped the witches—and I'm carrying out the will of His Majesty, Roland Wimbledon, to deliver this news to all of you in the name of the strongest clan: he has decided to become the chief of the Mojin Clan to unify the entire desert and treat us all as his people!"
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