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730 News from the Mountains

Chapter 730: News from the Mountains
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"This is... your ability?" It took Wendy quite a long time to recover from the shock.

Annie answered, "she can't hear you. After Broken Sword becomes a weapon, she'll be completely cut off from the outside world. Only when you hold her can she regain her senses through you."

"I didn't know it worked this way," Wendy thought. She held up the hilt gently after a moment of hesitation. In a second, she sensed another mind in her head. The blade acted with her as one as if it had become a part of her body. Meanwhile, Wendy also felt her sight and hearing improved a lot. She was full of energy and strength.

"Wow, this is..."

"Co-existence." Broken Sword's voice popped up in her head. "When you hold me, you'll gain all the strength and senses I have." There was a hint of regret in Broken Sword's voice at this moment. "The sad thing is that I've been always weak since I was a kid, so what I can give you is very limited. Even if I'm fused with you, I can't be of much help."

Wendy now knew that it was Broken Sword's ability that made her feel powerful.

Wendy held up the weapon and studied it carefully. The hilt felt warm and soft like a living thing. The shape of the blade appeared weird. It was at an arm's length but was as slim as a finger. The front part was flat and the part close to the hilt round. It looked more like a magnified needle than a sword. If taking a closer look, she could see dense stripe patterns on the blade, as though the sword were tied up with numerous fine threads.

It reminded Wendy of Broken Sword's distinctive silver hair.

"How long can you maintain the sword shape?"

"If I don't constantly switch back and forth, I can be a sword as long as you like."

It seemed that Broken Sword's ability worked the same way as Maggie's. Only the transformation would consume a large amount of magic power.

"Maggie? Are you talking about that giant pigeon?"

Wendy did not realize what had happened until a moment later. She was a little uneased to learn that Broken Sword could read her mind when they were combined together. There was always something she did not want anybody to know.

"You seemed to be a little perturbed... What's this? A cloth strap?"

"Nothing." Wendy put the blade back to the ground immediately and looked to Annie. "Ahem, can anyone merge with Broken Sword?"

Annie inclined her head. "Technically, yes, as long as she's willing to accept that person, even if he's just an ordinary man. However, in that case, Broken Sword will simply act as an extremely sharp and deadly weapon. Only witches could demonstrate her real power."


"Yes." Annie seemed to perceive what Wendy was thinking and replied placidly, "By the way, the connection between you and Broken Sword doesn't mean that she can read your mind. As long as you don't concentrate on your thought, Broken Sword won't know what you're thinking."

"I see." Wendy managed to calm herself down and once again reached the hilt.

"Did I say something that upset you? I'm... sorry. I won't recklessly ask you such questions again." Broken's Sword anxious voice came to her head at once.

"No, nothing..." A question suddenly flashed across Wendy's mind. "What will you see if I put you down without notifying you?"

"It'll be pitch-dark. I can neither hear anything nor sense anything like I'm floating in the air."

"It must be terrible to be deprived of all senses," thought Wendy. At this thought, she tried to sound as friendly as possible. "It's me that has to make an apology... Don't worry. I won't abandon you at random anymore."

Broken Sword appeared to be struck. She responded a "yes" in a soft voice at last after a long silence.

"Right. Annie just said that only witches can demonstrate your real power?"

"That's right. If I just fight as a normal weapon, I'll also get hurt when the person using me strikes too many blows. But witches could sharpen the blade or expand its attacking range by filling it with magic power. In that case, I'll be able to stab enemies without even touching them."

Wendy started to apply her magic power to the blade as Broken Sword had instructed. The silver steel was instantly obscured by a thin layer of white light that stirred like milky fog. In the meantime, she felt the magic power in her body was decreasing rapidly. Apparently, she could not keep things going like this for very long.

Urged by Broken Sword, Wendy swung the long sword at a branch of an olive tree. A gust of air streamed from the tip of the sword and cut the twig in half brusquely.

"This is... wind?" Wendy asked in surprise.

"The magic power you put into the sword will more or less reflect your strength. I didn't expect you're a combat witch." Broken Sword was also a little astounded. "If Annie holds the sword, her power range won't exceed the length of the sword."

"I see." Wendy somehow thought of Anna's Blackfire. What would happen if Anna gave the sword a full swing with all her strength? It would probably be an earth-shattering explosion as intense as the Sigil of God's Will that summoned thunderbolts. Nevertheless, Anna was the most crucial witch in the union and also the beloved one of His Majesty's. It was very unlikely that she would partake in the war personally.

As to the other combat witches... Wendy contemplated for a while but could not find a perfect match. Therefore, she put a circle next to Broken Sword's name as well and decided to let His Majesty determine which one Broken Sword should pair with.


Roland put down the quill in his hand and stretched himself when he heard a high-pitched whistle from the dock.

The whistle blew thrice, one long and two short. Its sound reverberated across the whole shipyard. That was the signal that commanded the army to get ready for the journey.

After the preparation for the war was completed, the expedition corp of the First Army spent the whole morning boarding the boat. Accompanied by the roar of the whistle, the concrete boat carrying the first batch of soldiers departed the city of Neverwinter and officially commenced her voyage for Fallen Dragon Ridge.

There would be more boats transporting supplies and ammunition later. Indeed, the battle to retrieve the Southernmost Region would not start until both new recruits and veterans assembled at Fallen Dragon Ridge.

But at least, he had taken the first step.

Roland glanced at his desk covered with draft plans of the internal combustion engine. As the second generation power source that had fully replaced steam engines, internal combustion engines had played an irreplaceable role in the development of industries. They had even, to some extents, changed the course of history. Whether it was the simplest piston compressor, the more complicated combustion turbine or the latest jet, they were all powered by internal combustion engines. Roland could confidently say that internal combustion engines had, at one time, dominated the entire industry, until they were later substituted by electric motors.

Beyond a doubt, as one of the most significant machines in the history of time, internal combustion engines would definitely benefit Neverwinter a great deal in the near future. The oil project at Blackwater in the Southernmost Region was pivotal to the whole program. If they could, by any chance, extract fuel oil, the subsequent industrial development would be a matter of course. If they, unfortunately, could not, he would then have to consider alcohol as a substitute. In that case, the industrial expansion would be greatly limited even with advanced technologies.

Just at that moment, Agatha pounded the door and entered the room.

"Your Majesty, Taquila's witches have gotten back to us."