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581 Late Night Talk

Chapter 581: Late Night Talk

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Late at night, Wendy called all of the witches into her bedroom.

The usually spacious room was now packed.

It felt like deja vu. A year ago, Wendy had done the same thing. She had gathered all of the witches to inform them of the situation in Border Town and quell their uneasiness.

At that time, only seven of their sisters were able to escape from the Barbarian Lands. The witches were left traumatized, and were unsure and afraid of what was in store ahead. Many came to Border Town with a mentality that "We've suffered so much that whatever happens next is a blessing". To them, survival itself was a difficult game, not to mention dealing with the church which perpetually hung over their heads like a shadow.

This time, the looks and feelings of everyone in the room were completely different from a year ago.

At present, the witches' consideration was gradually shifting away from focusing on survival to maintaining their relatively carefree lives.

There were no more oppression and hostility from other people.

And no more worries about food and safety.

In essence, this place had become the witches' "Holy Mountain".

Furthermore, if they could help His Majesty Roland to defeat the church successfully, all of their nightmares would vanish and they would be truly liberated forever.

Wendy waited until everyone's eyes were fixed on her before she began. "The church is coming."

The daytime meeting did not offer much in the way of intelligence. Wendy quickly finished telling the witches about the contents of the secret letter, and the room fell into an awkward silence.

"Will His Majesty... win?" After some time, Mystery Moon asked almost inaudibly. "I'm willing to spend all of my time generating electricity for him at the factory area..."

"Oh come on, His Majesty would have to arrange someone to take care of you if so." Lily smirked. "It's best you don't give him more trouble at a time like this."

"What trouble!"

The witches in the room started to laugh. Now that the first person had spoken, more and more voices were heard in the room.

"I'll work even harder to produce white liquor." Evelyn resolved.

"But, would so much liquor be needed while we're at war with the church?"

"Aye... is that so?"

"I believe His Majesty won't lose. Didn't Carter also manage to severely injure Ashes, the Extraordinary Witch?" Hummingbird mooted. "And the God's Punishment Army isn't nearly as powerful as Ashes."

"Is that true? Even the invincible Ashes has lost before?" Softfeathers, who rarely spoke, looked surprised.

"I won't consider it a loss. Carter was battered to be unconscious while Ashes was completely incapacitated. It's more like a tie."

"As far as I know, it wasn't a fair fight." Agatha disputed. "Had the Extraordinary used equivalent weapons to Carter's, she would have been in a stronger position."

"But Sleeping Island only has one Extraordinary, while there're thousands of soldiers carrying guns."

"Hold it, sisters. Your debate's heading in the wrong direction." Scroll shook her head in disapproval. "We're talking about the church and His Majesty now."

Wendy quietly heaved a sigh of relief. Although everyone was anxious, nobody seemed afraid of fighting against the church. This would have been completely inconceivable a year ago, when the might of the church seemed to be as steady and unshakeable as a huge mountain. None of the witches who fought against them was able to survive. The Witch Cooperation Association had to hide in various places, and only managed to shake off the chasing enemies by advancing towards the secluded Impassable Mountain Range.

Of course, this mentality change was, for the most part, down to the fact that His Majesty had never lost a foreign war.

"All in all, this war will be crucial to the future of the Witch Union." Wendy inhaled a deep breath. "Has anyone thought about what will happen if His Majesty completely defeats the church?"

Everyone in the room turned silent, but a strange and indescribable twinkle gleamed in their eyes.

"The entire kingdom... and maybe even the entire continent, will become safe for witches to reside in. In His Majesty's territory, we'll be able to create a new world together with other people, one where everyone enjoys equal honor and status. This is also what His Majesty has mentioned several times. I just didn't think that it could all be possible so soon."

Wendy paused for a short while. "However, going by His Majesty's usual way of doing things, I urge everyone not to work too hard. Just do your jobs as usual. We'll not fail if we can keep this confidence."

She did not comprehend sophisticated ideas, nor was she among the Union's most able and brightest witches. Now that His Majesty had placed her in charge of the Union, she simply did what she could. Every time before an expedition, His Majesty would give an impassioned speech to the First Army. Wendy could never think of a way to inspire the witches in the same way as him. In the end, she always resorted to speaking what she felt at the bottom of her heart.

"The intention to be considerate of other people is more important than anything else." She firmly remembered these words of Scroll.

"This place is our home and will serve as the turning point for the fates of all witches. I'll give all of myself for it!"

Wendy stretched out her left hand, with the back of her hand facing upwards.

Scroll was the first to press her hand on top of Wendy's.

Then, Nightingale and Anna followed.

"For His Majesty and City of Neverwinter!"

All of the witches gathered together with their hands stacked on top of each other's. The witches of the Bloodfang Association had hesitated for a while, as though they were unsure whether they would be accepted by everyone else, until Leaf pulled them into the circle. As per convention, they were only considered truly integrated into the group after they made hand contact with the other witches.

"I really don't wish to have to deal with this annoying bunch before fighting against the demons."

Although Agatha voiced her displeasure, she also stretched out her hand and joined in.

Lastly, Wendy placed her right hand on top of the stack and looked around at everyone.

"For the Witch Union!"

"For the... eternal Holy Mountain!"


After the witches departed, only Wendy and Nightingale were left in the room.

As Wendy was closing the door, she suddenly felt a breeze of cold wind behind her back.

She turned her head back, only to see that Nightingale had silently opened the window, and was now sitting on the sill and looking into the night sky. The night breeze blew her hair upwards, while at the same time, a faint fragrance whiffed by.

"Are you also worried about this war?" Wendy walked over to the window and asked.

"Worried?" Nightingale turned her head to face Wendy. Under the glow of the Stone of Light, scorching rays gleamed in her pupils. "The only thing I'm worried about is that I'll laugh myself to death."


It was only at this time that Wendy felt the piercing aura that emanated from the latter's body. Unlike most witches, Nightingale could release her magic powers even when she was not actively using her abilities. To her, these powers were no longer elusive and intangible things, but instead were like sharp blades which created inaccessible regions of space. It was as if her misty world was slowly eating into the space around itself and beginning to take hold of the physical world. Ever since she came to Border Town, this feeling was becoming more and more pronounced to the people around her.

To an enemy, this would be the greatest portent of danger.

"I've waited a long time to take proper revenge on the church," Nightingale slowly explained. "Our sisters who wrongly died at the church's hands must also be looking forward to this day. The taste of revenge, from my experience, is truly unforgettable."

It was hard to imagine that this was the same woman who lingered in bed and did not want to wake up in the morning. Fortunately, she wasn't an enemy of the sisters.

Wendy reached her hand out to Nightingale. Upon contact, the piercing aura disappeared. She proceeded to cuddle Nightingale in her arms.

"You can continue to do whatever you want. Just remember to take good care of His Majesty... and also yourself. Is that understood?"

"Yes." Nightingale closed her eyes and replied softly. "I will."