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557 Damage Testing

Chapter 557: Damage Testing

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After dinner, Roland immediately rushed to the castle's backyard even though he really wanted to have some private time with Anna first. However, the Red Mist from the demon was limited and the experiment had to be carried out immediately.

Almost all of the members of the Witch Union were present, even those who were not taking part in the test did not want to miss out on the chance to take a closer look at the enemy.

The dissected Mad Demon was already under Breeze's control, quietly lying in the middle of the shed's floor. This was the first time Roland got to see an alien being that was different from a human. It had a huge body and was even taller than Iron Axe by a full head's height. Its frozen arms were as thick as a human's thighs, with ridges of clearly defined muscles, fully-covered by blue blood vessels that showcased its great strength.

The black-blue color of its rough skin was supposed to be normal, considering that the demon's blood was blue in color. Roland reached out his hand to feel its body. Clearly, the demon's body was warmer and that meant that their metabolism rate was faster. In other words, the higher their metabolism rate was, the lower their environmental adaptability would be.

Since the Mad Demon had a respirator which was connected to its helmet, its appearance was temporarily hidden. However, judging from its entire appearance, it was obviously an advanced chordate. A Mad Demon at least had a human-like appearance, especially when compared to the ridiculous Fearsome Demon and the Lord of Hell.

Of course, according to Agatha, the Junior Demon had lower intelligence and could not be compared to humans. When speaking of cunning and trickery, though, the Senior Demon was more like a human.

"Among the five demons, the Supermagic was melted by the Sigil of God's Will and one of the Mad Demons was dissected by Anna. Two bottles of Red Mist came from the remaining three and they were used on the way." Agatha rubbed her forehead, looking a little tired and her voice was much softer than usual. "The mist will only last until tomorrow evening. So, the experiment should be carried out before tomorrow afternoon, if we want to make the Sigil. I'll still need half a day to melt down the base of the Sigil and I may fail a few times during the process."

"The Red Mist is fatal to witches. How did you manage to change the gas tank?"

"We turned to the common people for help." She pointed at the sclerotin container that was set to the side and said. "I've brought back some of the empty storage tanks in case we needed them in the future."

Roland nodded and turned around to look at Breeze and said, "Can you control the magic power it used?"

"If it can do it," Breeze seriously answered, "I don't need to specifically manipulate its every move, but rather just give it an order and force it to follow the order. This command is beyond the limits of language and thought, so even the demonic beasts would follow it. But of course, it shouldn't be too complicated."

"That's good." Roland then instructed Nana. "Connect the limbs so I can see the power and intervals of a Mad Demon spear thrower."

"Hold on. In the castle?" Lily frowned.

Mystery Moon, Hummingbird, and the others immediately hid behind Wendy. However, Paper and Summer, who had not experienced the destruction of the Witch Cooperation Association did not have much reaction. Their expressions showed curiosity instead of fear.

"Will there be an accident?" Softfeathers muttered.

"Don't worry. We're watching it," Iffy calmly said.

Roland had roughly understood the process of the Melting Point Action during the dinner. The unexpected appearance of a Senior Demon caused a panic among the team, leading them into danger. However, the witches finally managed to defeat the strong enemy. Iffy played an important role, especially after the Sigil of God's Will became ineffective. Her determination to make time for everyone to escape had changed the others' perspective towards her and her attitude towards non-combat witches also became softer. However, it was so subtle that even Iffy herself probably did not notice the slight transformations.

Perhaps it would take a little longer for her to be accepted as one of the team. However, Roland could see the opportunity for both sides to reconcile.

Nana reluctantly squatted down to start treating the demon.

There was absolutely no way to complete the "surgery" with conventional medicine. In a situation where there was a lack of an anti-freezing agent, it would only prevent the limbs from becoming rotten, but it would not be able to prevent the cellular structure from becoming burned by the freezing. However, the poor condition of the broken limbs was clearly improving and even the mottled burns were fading, bit by bit, under the unreasonable magic restoration.

Once the limbs were completely re-connected, the originally black-colored skin was gradually turning green which signified the blood was starting to re-circulate.

After half an hour, the demon quietly stood up from where it had been lying on the ground and slowly walked out of the shed.

The witches followed it out one by one and this was different from their former swarming manner of just rushing in. Now they formed a long line behind Wendy and Scroll. The mixed expressions of fear and curiosity on Mystery Moon's and the others' faces made Roland laugh uncontrollably.

Leaf had already prepared the "shooting range" which was a target around 200 meters away from the wooden shed. There were a steel plate and a cuirass, which were hanging down from the grapevines located at the end of the garden fence after passing through the two rows of olive trees which lined both sides. It was also the conventional combat distance for a revolving rifle.

"Start." Roland signaled, looking at the demon with the bone spear.


Breeze just finished her words when the arms of the Mad Demon started to swell. The Magic Stone mounted on its arms was glowing with a faint yellow light. The demon stepped forward, with its body bent, and it threw the bone spear towards the target.

There was a flash of white, followed by the crisp noise of the cuirass, ringing in the distance.

His arms quickly shriveled, as if it had exhausted all its strength.

Probably due to its severe injuries, the recovery time was far longer than usual. Its arms only returned to their normal state after about an hour.

Of course, its throwing power was not weak.

The bone spear had completely penetrated the cuirass and it was firmly pinned to the fence. Pulling the bone spear out, it could be seen that the spearhead was broken from the impact of throwing. There would be more damage if it were replaced by the iron short spear. However, looking at the dressing of the Mad Demon, the enemy probably had less of an understanding of metal utilization compared to humans. Even the armor of the Senior Demon did not look like it was made of pure metal.

After thinking about it, it was probably due to the high-temperature flame needed to smelt the metal, and the Red Mist happened not to be resistant. If the information given by Agatha was accurate, the demons must be very careful with their use of fire. If the human civilization had originated from fire, then the demons were probably born to hate their fire.

The next test was the quick throw.

The Mad Demon was forced to throw two bone spears within a short interval of time. However, it was roaring in pain. Although its body was controlled, the sharp pain caused by the overuse of Magic Stones was not removed. Its arms were paralyzed after it finished throwing. They looked shriveled and dry like bark and could not recover again.

Both of the bone spears had been crushed against the three millimeters thick steel plate.

Thus, the most threatening technique of the Mad Demon could be compared to revolving rifles using black powder bullets, which if replaced by the bolt rifle, could easily pierce through a steel plate.