Release that Witch
463 The Elimination of Bloodyhand Gang
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Release that Witch
Author :Er Mu
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463 The Elimination of Bloodyhand Gang

Chapter 463: The Elimination of Bloodyhand Gang

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Snaketooth's heart sank rapidly.

"Let…go…" Fear seized his throat. He opened his mouth but could only rasp in a dull voice.

"You mean 'let go of her'? Alright." The man kicked the stool below Sunflower's feet, her body stiffened instantly. The rope dug into Sunflower's neck. She kicked her feet in panic, clenched and released her tied hands, but none of these helped.

Tigerclaw rushed forward to help, but his head was struck from behind with a stick and he fell to the floor.

"If we hadn’t been waiting for you, I'd have killed her earlier." One of Kanas' henchmen sneered. "What a good excuse, diarrhea! You probably don't know, but we’ve had people watching you. He knows that mutts aren't disciplined. We knew we'd have to teach you a lesson to ensure you abide by the rules of the Bloodyhand Gang."

"It's my fault." Snaketooth knelt down. "Please let her go! She never even stepped out of this room!"

"This little b*tch lied to me," the henchman shrugged. "She swore you were just looking for shelter from the wind. Even with her two teeth knocked out, she wouldn't change her story. Why would I want her alive? So she can get back at me?"

"They want to kill us." Snaketooth came to the sudden realization. He struggled to raise his head, seeing that Sunflower's struggle was getting weaker and her body had begun to stiffen. He forced himself not to look at her, but instead paying attention to the dagger hanging at the waist of the man. He was only six steps away. If Snaketooth could rush up and get that dagger...

Suddenly, the rope broke.

Sunflower fell to the floor silently.

"What the hell..." The henchman frowned, but before he could finish his words, a line of blood spouted from his neck, spraying the face of the closest Rat.

Snaketooth stared at the scene in front of him.

Meanwhile, sounds of a fight came from the outer room.

"Stop! This is the Bloodyhand Gang's territory!"

"Some... somebody broke in!"

"Oh... my hand!"

"Damn it. Come out and kill her!"

"Mon... monster! Help..."

Kanas’ followers looked at each other and pulled out their weapons. Before they could escape, an apparition flew in and overthrew the two front men.

Snaketooth then saw the attacker—a striking woman with black hair casually tied into a ponytail at the back of her head. She was wearing a long black gown and her eyes were golden. Snaketooth felt his blood freeze when she cast a glance at him.

"Drop your weapon, put your hands over your head and kneel down. If you want to live." The woman stuck out three fingers. "I will count to three. Anyone who doesn't follow my instruction will die."


There were only a few seconds of silence before someone shouted, "God, such skills... she must be worth 100 gold royals!"

"Everybody, let's move!"

"Catch her and boss will definitely reward us well!"

"Catch her alive!"

"Never mind. You'd be better dead." She held up a giant, oddly-shaped ornate sword and charged into the crowd. Snaketooth couldn't believe his eyes. The sword was made of cast iron, and whatever it touched shattered instantly. She moved at such a fast speed that her enemies' lime powder and crossbows were barely useful. The once effective hidden weapons couldn’t hit the target now. The crowd could not escape from her, let alone fight back.

"Protect your friend, child," a voice came but the source of the voice was nowhere to be seen.

He swallowed his saliva and crawled to Sunflower’s side in panic. He put his hand to her nostrils to feel her breath.

She faintly exhaled warm air... she was still alive!

Snaketooth felt like crying, the happiness of having survived overwhelmed him.

What was written on the announcement was real. These people had been sent by the prince to eliminate organizers of the gang! Now they had hope!

Bending over Sunflower, he burst into tears.


As more soldiers in brown uniforms rushed into the room, the fight ended quickly.

All the conscious Rats were told to stand in a line and walkout of the room one by one.

"My head aches," Tigerclaw complained with one hand rubbing his head. "The bump is so big."

"Be grateful you weren't beaten to death." Snaketooth glared at him with tears in his eyes.

"What happened?" Sunflower massaged her neck on which appeared a black line from the rope. "I thought I was dead for sure."

"I'll tell you after we get out of here," Snaketooth shook his head. He was afraid if he spoke too much, he would burst into tears again.

"Your turn." The guard at the door twisted Snaketooth's arms to his back.

Snaketooth didn't resist, and he followed the guard outside. A woman in a white gown was standing in the yard, a paradox to the lethal goddess in black. Her face was covered by a hood, with only strands of curly blonde hair showing.

"You may leave after answering the Lord's questions."

"Yes," Snaketooth faithfully replied, he was in awe of this army's capabilities.

"Have you committed murder?" Her voice was brisk and pleasing as if it was from another world. "How about rape? Robbery?"

Suddenly something struck his mind—she was the one who had warned him without showing herself.

"None of those."

"Alright." She nodded. "Wait at the square for your dinner from His Highness."

Snaketooth stopped after two steps. It took courage to ask, "Are you a witch?"

"That's right." Snaketooth hadn't expected an answer, but to his surprise, the witch gave an upfront reply.

"These are Kanas's followers," Snaketooth continued to speak, biting his lip. "He hasn't been here for four days. He must be hiding somewhere with Bloodyhand! Bloodyhand is the real head of the gang! Never let him go!"

"Don't worry. They can't escape." The woman smiled and said this with a tone of unquestionable confidence.


"Do you mean... His Highness sent witches to hunt for the head of Rats?" Tigerclaw’s eyes were wide in disbelief.

"Not only witches but also many common men," Snaketooth told the bizarre story he had just witnessed. "What I've guessed is right—witches are accepted in His Highness' territory. They can appear in public without worries, and even fight with others." He paused, and then continued to speak with excitement, "If Paper really was sent there, she must be living a fairly decent life."

"Sounds like you want to go there and meet her," Sunflower said, twitching her mouth. "Witches are talented and it’s difficult to see them. You might embarrass her if you go to see her."

"Oh..." Snaketooth was stunned for a moment. He knew what Sunflower said was true. He was only a Rat, even if he could survive the winter, his identity would remain the same. Paper must be living a whole different life now, totally out of his league.

"Don't overthink it." Tigerclaw patted him on the shoulder. "Look, it’s time to eat."
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