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Release that Man

Author:Dancing Water Sleeves

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The alien DNA is the best thing that has ever happened to Ye Shuang because the genetic optimization it offers has made her more beautiful, more formidable, and more brilliant. But… why doesn’t this unknown alien species have a fixed sex before adulthood‽ Alternating between both sexes every few days, why‽ For gender equality‽ Thankfully, she still has a chan...
《Release that Man》 Volume 1
1 Prologue
《Release that Man》 Volume 2
2 Dramatic Change
3 Like a Metapod
4 Did You Know?
5 Mama Goose
6 Quick, Run!
7 Imposing on Their Hospitality
8 Drunkard
9 Leave the Wallet or Your Lives
10 Shattering His Worldview
11 Use the Bathroom!
12 How Do You Know?
13 Hatred for the Rich
14 So Shy
15 So Romantic, So Valian
16 My Own Fiancé
17 A Married Woman Sides with Her Husband
18 Overlapping
19 The Hidden Boss
20 The Era of Fast Food Love
21 Sperm Is Also Slightly Alkaline
22 The Actress Will Arrive Soon
23 Feeding the Pack of Hungry Eyes
24 The Golden Ratio
25 Guess
26 Spy Family
27 A Test in Disguise
28 Accomplished Scholar
29 Inspired, Elegant, Graceful
30 Powerful, Majestic, Confiden
31 A Surprising Reward
32 The Affair
33 A Shrew and a Vixen
34 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
35 A Flower Po
36 One of Us
37 Her Womanly Image
38 My Boyfriend's Friend
39 Prawn and Bok Choy
40 Good-For-Nothings
41 A Crazy Calling
42 The Perks of Being Socially Difficul
43 She'd Been Duped
44 Book God
45 Don't Regret I
46 Mommy Deares
47 Conch Bay
48 Headhunting
49 Finally
50 Stop This Lovey-Dovey Action!
51 You Plan to Muck About?
52 First Impressions
53 Purebred
54 Empress Wu's Trick
55 Money Makes One Dumb
56 No Wonder She's So Perfec
57 Poor Rosie's Feelings
58 Han Chu
59 You Have Probably Heard of Her Before
《Release that Man》 Volume 3
60 What Is the Job Scope of a Personal Assistant?
61 What an Interesting Team
62 Tail
63 We Need to Increase Our Speed
64 A Small Problem with Your Body
65 Trash
66 The People Who Love Taking Public Transpor
67 A New Sister
68 To Eat Is to Be Alive!
69 Being Too Good Is a Problem
70 She Can't Possibly Hear
71 One of Us!
72 Perpetual Utility Man to the Rescue
73 Two 'Ye Shuang's?
74 A Gentleman Around Women
75 Fast Progress
76 But What Are You Going to Do?
77 Hard to Believe!
78 Cruel World, Why?
79 A Taun
80 Challenge
81 The End of Yao Zhixing's Reign?
82 Tactless Minions
83 Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?
84 Third Letter of Recommendation, Collected
85 The Valiant Damsel Saves the Knight in Distress
86 Take Care of Our Boss, Lady Boss!
87 A Top Ten Anime Betrayal
88 Crazy for Noodles
89 Testing the Newbie
90 The Source of Little Brother Ye's Problem
91 Face Me, You Coward
92 So Crude
93 Sleep with Your Phone on Silen
94 Come at Me
95 The Whitest Lotus
96 Finding Her First Case
97 New Discovery
98 New Homes for All
99 Housewarming
100 What Is the Connection?
101 Viral
102 He Won't Be That Unlucky
103 Baby Face
104 Western Parents Also Give Their Children Nicknames, Who Knew?
105 A Different Kind of Pressure
106 Go Mingxin!
107 Two Puppies
108 I Am Not That Weak, Either
109 Dangerous Woman
110 Don't Worry, It Will Be Fine
111 Sleepover
112 That Was Your First?
113 Late
114 Reputation
115 If I Can't Find a Boyfriend, Maybe a Girlfriend
116 Have a Candy
117 What Flavor Candy Do You Like?
118 The Secret to Success
119 The Pride of Men
120 He Didn't Tell You?
121 The Most Electrically-Charged Gaze in the Business
122 That Spherical Organ
123 A Girl's Gotta Eat Somehow
124 Catch Me If You Can
125 I'm Your Biggest Fan
126 The Cheongsam's Grace
127 A Bored Supercomputer
128 Pretty Faces, Dark Hearts 2 in 1
129 It's Kexin, Not Kevin
130 Earning Favors
131 Gossip! News! Headlines!
132 Equally Marvelous
133 Graceful Munching
134 What a Coincidence
135 Disappointed
136 You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do
137 Why Would I Want to Hug You?
138 Three 'No's
139 More Work for Him
140 Bro, That's Illegal
141 Treachery