Reincarnation of the Cheater
40 Goblin“s Rage 8
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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40 Goblin“s Rage 8

"The monster on the Ninth Floor is always a Goblin King, it's skills stay the same no matter what. One of the skills it has is Advanced Sword Mastery, with this skill alone it can be said to rival even the dungeon boss itself, although that may not be the case anymore. If my theory is right then the Dungeon Boss mutated in some kind of way and now has intelligence on the same level as the High Goblin which was infamous for being more intelligent than a level 150 mage, normally the Dungeon Boss only has the intelligence level of a growing teenager at most but this time it has shown way too much intelligence, it even deactivated the Dungeon skill because it looked down on us. This is what the should look like." Finn explains while drawing a figure in the dirt. As he continues talking the drawing becomes more apparent until he eventually finishes and the figure is displayed.

The figure in the sand looks just like all the other Goblins but the only factor that differentiates them is the crown on the top of his head.

Looking at the drawing I get confused and ask, "What's so special about him if he barely looks different than the regular Goblins?"

"Don't ever judge something based on what it looks like. It may look like a regular Goblin but it will tear you to shreds. Its strength is as strong as a B Rank adventurer and the Goblin King is known to use underhanded tactics when fighting and even enslaving female adventurers while using the males as fodder. Always make sure to finish it or else it will continue to control the adventurers that it has previously defeated." With me undermining the Goblin King Finn scolded me and made sure to tell me to finish it off. I guess I got too used to the fact that these goblins were easy with cheats.

"Okay, so what are the skills we have to be wary of?" At this point in the Dungeon raid, I was starting to feel fatigued and I felt like I needed a nap. If I laid in a bed right now I would probably be knocked out cold.

"The skills you have to look out for are its Sword Mastery which I explained earlier, its skill King's Intimidation which invokes intimidation into everything within a 10-meter radius, and it's rumored to have the ability to read thoughts. It may not exactly be mind-reading but adventurers have reported that it acts to counter before they even move."

"If we're done here let's go down to the Ninth Floor then." Right now the stairs were right in front of us so I started moving towards the stairs.

"Alright, we'll go down. I sent another message to the guild master so the time limit is extended."

Going down the stairs onto the Ninth Floor we leave the Eighth Floor behind us and I decided to think about how I can change my habit of underestimating the enemy. The Goblin Assassins were tricky and in a way harder than the Goblin General and Goblin Necromancer. Seeing that my view on Goblins is limited and I have no experience with higher goblins I decided to listen to Finn and take his advice. It just goes to show if I didn't have the ability to stop time then I would have been seriously injured if not dead during this raid.

As we reach the Ninth Floor and look towards the loud snoring a Huge Goblin with a crown fixed on its head is laying down on the dungeon floor and using a Goblin's corpse as if it was a pillow. The loud snoring which wasn't audible until we reached the floor is heavily suspicious so Finn and I decide to not approach it as it may be faking it. Seeing the opportunity I decided to appraise it and look at its status and skills.


Name: ****

Race: Goblin

Titles: Goblin King, Evolved Monster, King Class Monster, Enslaved, Forced Loyalty, Mutated Monster

Class: Goblin King

Level: 45

Strength: 100

Agility: 71

Endurance: 80

Intelligence: 81

Wisdom: 51

Skills: King's Intimidation (Lv.2), Mana Manipulation (Lv.6), Advanced Sword Mastery (Lv.2), Presence Detection (Lv.6), Earth Magic (Lv.6), Rock Absorption (Lv.1), Enhanced Body (Medium), Human Speech (Lv.2), Scratch (Lv.1), Fake Sleep (Lv.3), Poison Resistance (Weak), Mind Reading (???) (???)

Looking at his skills I'm shocked, he can actually read minds as Finn said was possible earlier. It isn't some cheap version either, it doesn't seem like it has a limitation. Finally, a skill that is related to the mind and can be used in almost any situation has been revealed. I'm thinking this may be the skill.

'What is Rock Absorption? He can absorb rocks? Why would that even be used?'

"You humans are no fun. Not a single one of you wanted to approach me." While looking at the goblin king's skills he had gotten impatient and decided that we weren't going to fall for his fake sleeping.

'Well yeah, you even have a skill for it so why would I?'

'Skill Steal "Mind Reading"'

[Activating skill... Stealing skill from target... Done]

[Skill "Mind Reading" has been added to your status]

With the mind-reading skill taken from him, Finn and I fight this floor's boss together.

With Finn and I attacking him at the same time the goblin king hadn't had the time to notice that his skill was gone yet.

After a couple of attempts, all that Finn and I could manage was a couple of cuts on his right arm, one on his left leg, and a piece of his stomach was missing.

Even though it wasn't a lot we had both made sure to follow the strategy and aim for the same places. As a result, the goblin king's right arm was useless as all of the hits there had almost taken it off. It's left leg was in a similar situation as its attacks were very limited at the moment.

"You humans really are interesting with your plans and using the knowledge you have of the anatomy of the body against your opponents. This would have worked if it wasn't me." With the Goblin King in a sticky situation, he still had the time to laugh and treat it as if it were nothing. I wanna see what he would do to turn this situation around.


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