Reincarnation of the Cheater
39 Goblins Rage 7
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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39 Goblins Rage 7

Hearing Finn's shout I turn my head and look behind me where immediately after a shadow engulfs me and I notice a flash of light aiming at my throat almost reaching it. It was so fast that I could barely even make out that it was a blade in the first place.

"Time Stop"

In a panic, I immediately activated the skill Time Stop and the world around me went silent as everything froze in place. The flash of light that was inching over faster than I've ever seen before stopped right before my throat. The Goblin assassin was floating midair with a smirk on its face as it thought it had successfully taken down one of its prey. I can see why that Assassin was stronger than the Necromancer, there wasn't only one Goblin Assassin, it was just that the other one was being used as bait by the stronger one.

If he had gone for Finn instead of me in this situation I don't think I would be able to react in time to save them without having to stop time as well. Even with time stopped the blade at my throat feels cold against my skin. If I was a moment later in reacting I would have had my throat cut and blood would have been flying out of the wound.

Luckily I still have healing magic so I healed what little cut there currently was and looked at the Goblin Assassin.

'This bastard is even smiling with glee thinking that he already had one down. Your mistake was that you shouldn't have targeted me first.'

As I walk behind the goblin frozen in the air I aim my sword at his heart from his back. With all of my preparations complete I let time resume and thrust forward with all of my strength.

Time resumes and the Golbin Assassin's face doesn't change from the evil smirk as his dagger finishes crossing the inch of space that would have been my end. While the goblin was rejoicing in what he thought was a success he tried to go back into stealth only to notice that there was a sword piercing through his chest.


With the sound of the goblin chocking on the blood that he coughed up Finn looks at me with a happy look on his face. He hadn't been expecting a second goblin that used its other kin to act as bait so he had been worried.

Seeing his expression I decided to quickly end this as I cut the smirking Goblin Assassin in all directions while he was falling onto the floor. With the goblin noticing what was happening his expression changed rapidly from shock to fury seeing that I used his trap against him. With the goblin falling onto the floor with me on his back I move to cut off his limbs. The Goblin Assassin's arms fall to the floor along with its legs as gravity pulls us both down and causes him to land on top of his limbs. Blood splatters even more than it did while in the air when he lands on the floor and the force of falling causes the blood to splatter around the dungeon's floor.

Even though the goblin was still alive blood continued to flow out of all the wounds he had so he would probably die in a couple of minutes.

Watching the Golbin Assassin's expression change from the smirk he had earlier to shock and then fury, followed by the look of absolute despair that gave me shivers throughout my entire body. The only way I could describe it would be as the best feeling in the world. Just knowing how he set up an elaborate trap and set his teammate up as bait only to work against him and be one of the leading factors to such an end gives me an indescribable feeling.

'What's so special about this one.' I think while staring the Goblin down while Finn and Shin have a relieved look on their faces.


Name: ****

Race: Goblin

Titles: Talented Assassin, Cunning, Unique Monster, User of Shadow Magic, Calculating, Hard Worker

Class: Goblin Assassin

Level: 30

Strength: 62

Agility: 80

Endurance: 45

Intelligence: 34

Wisdom: 41

Skills: Loyalty (Lv.3), Goblin's Roar (Lv.2), Mana Manipulation (Lv.5), Intermediate Dagger Mastery (Lv.3), Backstab (Lv.4), Stealth (Lv.6), Cutthroat (Lv5), Critical Strike (Lv.Max), Lockpicking (Lv.4), Shadow Step (Lv.2), Scratch (Lv.1), Dark Prison (Lv.2), Dark Escape (Lv.1), Desperate Strike (Lv.1), Poison Resistance (Weak)

'There aren't any skills not from this world so I guess I'll take something interesting.'

'Skill Steal "Poison Resistance (Weak)"'

[Activating skill... Stealing skill from target... Done]

[Skill "Poison Resistance (Weak)" has been added to your status]

[You have killed a "Golbin Assassin"... Received 13000 Experience]

'It was too bad that there were a couple of skills that I liked on this guy, critical strike in fact was one of them but resistance against any kind of poison will help a lot in the future rather than random critical strikes.'

With the skill being stolen I had finished off the goblin assassin to make sure that I get the final kill and the full amount of experience.

'It seems that I'm still corrupted by whatever that orb was. I need to hurry and find a way to fix it quickly.'

"Bell are you alright? The assassin boss normally only has one higher goblin with a bunch of normal goblins but I guess we ran into something unique." With the sudden appearance of the second goblin assassin, Finn had become worried that the dungeon may have been changing.

"It's fine, let's continue." While looking through my notifications I saw something that I hadn't noticed before. A unique notification from the lord of this dungeon.

[The Goblin Lord has invited you into his Lair.]

"Let's head to the next floor before they can set up a trap for us." With the floor being cleared Finn and I decided to head down to the Ninth Floor of the Dungeon.

"Before we head on to the Ninth Floor let's rest and we talk more about some strategy. The next monster is always the same one so I'll have to tell you about it and how to counter its skills as well as how it fights." After taking a seat on a rock nearby Finn decided that he would tell me about the next floor and the strategy to beat it beforehand.

"What kind of monster is on the Ninth Floor?" I ask curiously since we never had to have a strategy meeting before. Is this monster so dangerous? Are its skills so dangerous that we have to be warned beforehand so we don't fall into them unexpectedly?


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