Reincarnation of the Cheater
38 Goblin“s Rage 6
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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38 Goblin“s Rage 6

"The floors have all been stronger than the last in some type of way so we need to be cautious and wary of whatever boss is next. I've sent a message to the guild master and if we don't send another message within 3 hours they are to presume we are dead and then the guild master will come himself with the best that they can send at the time." It seems that Finn contacted the guild master but since I wanted to continue he compromised. Luckily he agreed to stay since I want to get unique skills for free here. It was smart thinking setting up a time to respond as well. If we don't respond back within a certain amount of time they would assume the worst and send their strongest.

As we enter into the Eighth Floor this Goblin doesn't have any aura at all and I don't even see anything here. Looking around I couldn't sense the goblin at all even with sense presence so I look towards Finn with a questioning gaze.

"Are we alone?" I had wanted to get Finn's opinion since there may be a chance that this goblin was already dead. Maybe the goblin was hiding in fear?

We enter the small room and there still isn't any reaction to my Presence Detection. Is there an enemy with the Stealth skill higher than my current Presence Detection?

"This enemy shouldn't be as strong but its stealth is probably level 7 or higher. Stay close to me and pay attention to anything suspicious in the surroundings. It may be hiding somewhere and we can't detect it."

Looking around the room once more I notice an odd-looking shadow by a rock. Since it was so out of place I decided to appraise it expecting to only see dirt or something.


Name: ****

Race: Goblin

Titles: Talented Assassin, Coward, Unique Monster, User of Shadow Magic, Idiot

Class: Goblin Assassin

Level: 30

Strength: 35

Agility: 71

Endurance: 32

Intelligence: 28

Wisdom: 30

Skills: Loyalty (Lv.3), Goblin's Roar (Lv.1), Shadow Manipulation (Lv.5), Intermediate Dagger Mastery (Lv.1), Backstab (Lv.4), Stealth (Lv.7), Cutthroat (Lv3), Lockpicking (Lv.2), Hide in Shadow (???), Shadow Reinforcement Magic (Lv.3), Shadow Step (Lv.2), Evade (Lv.7). Scratch (Lv.2)

'So shadow magic is a thing. I remember reading something about that in a manga. The manipulation skill doesn't really look that enticing to me so I guess I'll just take the unranked skill or something since I should be able to get the manipulation skill after trying some more.'

'Skill Steal "Hide in Shadow".'

[Activating skill... Stealing skill from target... Done]

[Congratulations the skill "Hide in Shadow (???)" has been acquired]

[Congratulations you have gained the title, "User of Shadow Magic"]

"Watch out the Goblin is right there." I say while pointing out the Goblin as it started to notice that something was wrong. I guess I shouldn't have stared at it for so long and it ended up suspicious of me instead.

As I point out the Goblin I can tell it was shocked at first because it's stealth was undone but then immediately tries to go back into stealth and retreat from the fight. It seems like titles don't lie, this guy is a huge coward and his highest leveled skill is something that helps in running away. At first sight of being caught, he immediately ran back into hiding. He may think that he ran back into hiding but we still had the goblin in vision as we slowly approach.

"Finn, I'll give you directions so you help me deal with him. Watch out though he has the unique magic called shadow magic. His skills are all focused on running at taking advantage of the element of surprise." I say to Finn so we can get this floor done with. If the Goblin isn't even strong then what's the point of him being higher ranked than the other two.

"Don't underestimate the Goblin, it's on one of the lower floors so it has to be stronger. It may be stronger by relying on something though so be careful of traps laying around." Finn says while looking around for any traps that may have been laid out in advance.

As we approach the Goblin that thinks it's stealth is still working he put himself behind a rock near the corner of the room. This guy literally just trapped himself, how is a Goblin this stupid supposed to be stronger than the ones who actually put up a fight upon the higher floors. The Goblin is trying to use the shadows to his advantage and made sure to get rid of his. Seeing our shadows approach the Goblin tries to hold in a laugh as he gets ready to pounce on the unexpecting trespassers.

"Soul Manipulation"

Using soul manipulation on the unsuspecting Goblin who thought we didn't see him proved to be a success as he is stuck in place and all his skills in which he used has come undone. Seeing a shadow pop up behind the rock and then the Goblin right after it Finn strikes the Goblin that can't move due to being stunned from the shock of having his soul crushed. This Goblin's soul is larger than the Goblin who had the original soul manipulation skill so I guess he was stronger in some way. The Goblin tries to fight back against the soul attack but is rendered helpless after Finn plunged how sword into its heart. With the death of the goblin, I get two notifications from the system.

[You have killed a "Goblin Assassin"... Received 2000 Experience]

[You have only received half of the experience due to not dealing the killing blow]

As I'm paying attention to the notifications from the system and being disappointed with only getting half the experience I hear a shout from Finn.

"Watch out, there's another Goblin Assassin!" Finn yells as he tries to rush over to help me get out of the way.


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