Reincarnation of the Cheater
33 Goblin“s Rage 1
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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33 Goblin“s Rage 1

Once I woke up the next morning Finn and I had breakfast together before we headed to the goblin Dungeon that he was talking about. While we were eating I decided to appraise skill steal to find some more information about it.


Skill Name: Skill Steal

Skill Description: Can steal one skill from a selected target, the user can choose which skill with an appraisal type skill. Without an appraisal type skill, a skill will be stolen randomly.

As I finish reading the description Finn and I head out of the Inn and walk on the main street for the city. Even though the two of us weren't up that early there were barely any people on the streets once again. There may be some lingering fear in the people of the city.

"Seems like people are still paranoid about the unique monster." I say while looking at the people on the streets. There are a couple of caravans of merchants but there aren't really any adventurers or normal people. It was like the adventurers were still taking an off day.

"It's understandable, it got a couple of people before we were aware of it, I wouldn't blame them if it took a couple of days to get back to normal. Once the guild announces that it has been subjugated then things would start to go back to normal for the adventurers at least." Finn said while leading me through the streets. We were talking for so long that I didn't even notice that we weren't heading out of the city.

"I understand. Where are we headed though, by the way, I thought we were going to the Dungeon?" After I had noticed that we were heading in the opposite direction of the city exit gate. I thought that it was a little weird that we weren't going to the gate but I trust Finn, so I believe that he'll take us there. Maybe he has something important to do and has somewhere to stop first?

"We need to get permission from the guild for you to enter the Dungeon. Even though it is an intermediate dungeon it is a privately owned Dungeon, it's owned by the Guild Master himself. We just gotta apply, it'll be quick."

As we head towards the adventurer's guild Finn and I continue to talk about the Dungeon until we entered the guild. Finn and I walk up to one of the guild receptionists to apply for the Dungeon.

"What can I do for you today." The male receptionist says towards us. I never really noticed this receptionist, I guess there are days off in this world as well.

"I need to get Bell permission to go into the Intermediate Dungeon 'Goblin's Rage'. We want to request access for him and enter as soon as possible." Finn and the receptionist were going back and forth answering questions. Finn sounded like he knew this receptionist a little since he sounded so friendly but he didn't mention a name.

"Sure, to get permission all we have to do is have someone test him to make sure he is ready. We don't want to send people to their death so you'll need to pass the test before you can get permission to enter the Intermediate Dungeon. You're in luck today, the only test administrator in today is Shin. He just came back from his business today so he will be free for a while. I'll send you to go take the test right now, I've already notified Mr. Shin to be ready for any applicants. Please go through that door to the right and he will be waiting for you there." The receptionist says with a smile as he points towards a door with a sign labeled "Testing Arena" above the door.

"Follow me, you probably won't have to fight again." Finn says as he smiles and leads me through the door. When we were leaving to enter the door the receptionist wished me luck so I smiled back and gave my thanks.

"As I thought, it was you." As soon as Finn and I entered the room the person Mr. Shin talked as if he already knew us. I guess he knows Finn since he looks to be an adventurer as well.

"Hello Mr. Shin, I'm Bell. I wish to get permission to be able to enter the intermediate dungeon." After greeting him I tell him my purpose of being here. I wanted to enter the intermediate dungeon since higher leveled monsters would yield more experience and I can level faster while training my skills.

"No problem, the guild master told me that you are already qualified, we can still fight if you want but the guild master said to do it this way so that others won't get suspicious. It'll take a couple of minutes for it to go through but in the meantime let's talk." He says pointing towards a bench nearby.

"Sure, let's skip the fight." Since the guild master had offered me a fast pass why wouldn't I want to take it? Although if I were to fight Shin here I may win but I would have to rely on all of my skills to be able to barely win with heal.

"Why are you guys going into the dungeon so fast for? From what I heard you were an apprentice mage, and you've been through 2 dungeons for now." Shin was curious about an apprentice mage going to a dungeon that was intended for a mage or higher. Even though he had heard that I use the sword as well that still didn't stop him from asking.

"He learns incredibly fast, the lower levels of every dungeon he has been to has been easy for him, not only that but he levels incredibly fast as well so I thought it would be a good time to show him a higher leveled dungeon. I felt that he could hold his own in an intermediate dungeon so why not give him some experience?" So Finn had been looking around for Dungeons for me huh, I gotta repay him somehow.

"I understand. I wish you guys good luck" With the amount of time having passed Shin allowed us to leave as he reported to the receptionist that I passed.

"Thanks, I'll take you out to drinks later this week if that's alright with you." Finn says as he looks at me and we head back to the receptionist from earlier.

We get the receptionist to update my guild card which is the permission to go into the intermediate dungeon. With permission to enter the intermediate dungeon Fin and I leave the guild and he leads me through the streets of the city once more.

"Let's head out then. I placed a teleportation array so we can go there immediately. It's located in my house though so we have to walk there." With Finn leading the way to his house we go through streets that I've never been on. I didn't even know that these streets existed since I never explored the city much.

As we entered Finn's house he leads me into an extra room in the house. Looking in the room the array is a circle looking enchantment. The unknown words glow purple and brighten and dim at random intervals.

"Step inside the circle and close your eyes, you'll get dizzy looking at the transfer." Finn says as he leads us into the circle and activates the array as we all were inside.

As the array activates my body starts to feel as if it wasn't real. I try to feel my arm but my hand goes through it as though my body wasn't part of this plane of existence. The surroundings went white so I closed my eyes. I felt like I was flying through space while teleporting so I started to breathe heavily.

After a while, the feeling goes away and I open my eyes. Looking around I see that we're inside an unknown dungeon. The surroundings look like the inside of a system of caves. The walls are rock but there are lights throughout the dungeon.

"Welcome to the First Floor of the Dungeon Goblin's Rage." I turn to look at Finn who was smiling at me holding back from laughing at my reaction to the teleport.


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