Reincarnation of the Cheater
27 The Skeleton Knigh
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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27 The Skeleton Knigh

"Nice, it's a Skeleton Knight!" I shout as I see the Skeleton looking Boss. The Skeleton Boss monster was a Skeleton Knight just like the ones from some of the Virtual Reality games I played on Earth. The Skeleton Knight had armor on and the skeleton horse that he was sitting on had leather armor on. The Skeleton Knight was in the middle of a small group of monsters from each floor, with two monsters from each floor acting as guards for him.

Upon noticing my presence the Skeleton Knight screeched as half of his guards ran towards me bloodthirsty. With one of each monster from every floor running towards me I use wind magic to cut at their feet to slow them down so that I could deal with them at my own pace. Even though the monsters saw the incoming magic they completely ignored it as if it wasn't there.

'Even the monsters on each floor reacted to things I did, why are these ones focusing on only me. Was it that screech from earlier?' With nothing else to go on, I decided that the screech from teh skeleton knight from earlier must have put them into some kind of frenzy as they ran at me with all of their might, wanting to kill me and please their master.

'If they aren't going to even dodge attacks why would I let this chance go for free?' With the monsters ignoring defense and going full offense I decided to slow them down with magic until I can finish them with a sword. Since heal had been stuck at level 3 I had less motivation to use it so I put it on the backburner for now as I spam water magic to slow the incoming monsters.

As the water balls hit each monster every one that was hit was knocked back from the force of the impact, with each monster having different stats and resistance some had only been knocked away slightly, while some had only been kept in place. The ghoul was surprisingly resistant to the water magic that I had sent out.

'Fine, fire magic for you then.' With the ghoul being resistant to the water magic I decided that fire magic would be a better option here since I can just keep the fire going until it burned to ashes.

Creating a whip with fire magic I move it so that it surrounded the ghoul and set it on fire. The ghoul screamed as it was being burned, with its screams the other monsters all started running at me again so I shot a couple of fire balls towards the incoming group.

Since the ghoul was kept in place as it was covered in flames the only ones left in the incoming group were the Zombie, Skeleton, and the Wraith. The Skeleton and Zombie were both hit by the incoming fireballs and were taken down as a result, with 2 of the 4 attackers dead the Skeleton Knight Shouted in an unknown language and started cursing.

[You have come in contact with a new language, beginning auto-translation... Done]

With the system auto translating whatever the Skeleton Knight was saying I begin to hear his speech change from random noises and screeching to something I can understand.

"You useless fucks! Even after I buffed you and gave you the opportunity to serve me you still can't even deal with a simple human apprentice magician. Trash!"

As I heard his shouting I couldn't help but be surprised at how he was dealing out harsh words. After the initial shock I couldn't help but chuckle, this guy sounds like the guild masters who would curse at me on Earth while sitting behind their classmates. With how his useless cursing was taking his attention the ghoul finally dies and I get a notification from the system but I decide to check it later since now was not the time.

After seeing that his subordinates couldn't even do anything to a human mage the anger inside him boiled as he shouted in rage, "You useless trash! I deal with this myself." With that shout, there was a flash of light and every monster was slowly being absorbed into the floor.

"What the fuck." I say under my breath after watching the sight in front of me. I couldn't believe the event that I was seeing right now. The monsters were being absorbed back into the Dungeon.

'Even their presence had disappeared- No, they dispersed like they died.'

As anger had taken over his rationale whatever plans that the Skeleton Knight had vanished as decided to take matters into his own hands and make a move himself. He began rushing at me on his Skeleton Horse.

"You won't even see anything coming."

As soon as the Skeleton Horse had taken a step a flash of light once again appeared at he was instantly in front of me with a lance aimed at my throat. I barely had any time to react and definitely not enough time to dodge so I stopped time in a panic.

'Time Stop'

With time coming to a stop everything in the surroundings sat in place frozen. I could feel my heart pounding with adrenaline as I stared at the lance that had almost pierced my throat. The lance was dirty and somewhat rusted but it was still incredibly sharp.

Since time was currently stopped I walked up to the Skeleton Knight and his horse and spammed them with heal. It may not directly kill them but it should be able to hurt them a lot. While time was stopped I couldn't get any system notifications so I continued spamming heal and stabbing the Skeleton Knight and his horse until I felt satisfied.

With time resuming the skeleton knights horse falls and I get a system notification from it but unlike I had expected I didn't get a second system notification for the incoming experience.

'How is he not dead, I used heal at least 100 times on him.'

The Skeleton Knight fell onto the floor as his horse had died and had begun disintegrating. The Skeleton Knight was motionless as he hit the floor and didn't make another sound afterward.

'Wierd, he's not dead. Is he trying to catch me off guard when I approach him?'

Since the Skeleton Knight had fallen without making another sound I tried to use appraisal on him to see what was keeping him alive.


Even though I had used appraisal nothing showed up no matter how many times that I had used it so I decided to finish him off from a distance as I felt anxious. I used wind magic to start severing his head from his body. Since the wind magic that I can make right now isn't that powerful I had to continue hitting the same spot with wind slashes as it slowly cut through the tough white bone.

[You have killed a level 41 "Skeleton Knight"... Received 12000 Experience]

[You have reached level 15]


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