Reincarnation of the Cheater
26 Finding the Boss Room
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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26 Finding the Boss Room

Even though the wraiths were easy to kill there weren't a lot of them since on the entire floor there were only 40 of them. I couldn't find any more wraiths so I proceeded to look for the stairs leading to the fourth floor instead.

Even though I had been hunting monsters for hours I made sure to take breaks at each set of stairs before heading onto the next floor. Upon finding the stairs for the fourth floor the time that I had been in the Dungeon had been around 5 hours, so it is about 3 pm outside.

On the Fourth Floor of the Dungeon, the monster inhabiting this floor is the Ghoul, a monstrous humanoid type of monster that acted on its instincts. Even though they aren't that many of them on the whole floor, they are all spread out and from what I can feel they are all alone, so this should make clearing this floor even easier.

I walked towards the closest ghoul that was currently walking around the Dungeon. Upon seeing the ghoul sitting there with something in its hands eating it with all of its focus on whatever it was eating. Looking closer it seems to be consuming a piece of human flesh.

I was filled with Disgust as I look at the Ghoul currently having its full attention on eating the flesh in its hands. Since the Ghoul was fully focused on eating and didn't pay attention to its surroundings I walked up to it as quietly as I could while hiding the emotions in my heart.

The Ghoul eventually noticed my presence but it was already too late since I had made a move and the Ghoul's head was detached from its body and I got a notification from the system telling me about the experience I got from it. I wasn't too focused on the experience though because my attention was completely on what the ghoul had dropped when its head went flying, it dropped the flesh that it was eating. The piece of flesh didn't look identifiable but I decided to burn it to avoid letting the other ghouls on the fourth floor to get a chance to eat it.

After burning the piece of flesh I continued on through the Fourth Floor of the Dungeon hunting down the other ghouls to earn more experience and hopefully get some tickets off them. These ghouls were all level 20 but in total on the floor, there were only 25 of them so with that 8 level difference I had gotten no tickets but a lot of experience. After killing 20 of them I had gotten the notification from the system telling me that I was now level 13.

[You have reached level 13]

Even though leveling was going to take twice as much experience from now on killing higher leveled monsters brought in more experience so I was still leveling at a decent pace for now. This floor only took an hour to clear and find the stairs leading down to the Fifth and Final Floor which contained the Boss of the Dungeon and a group of all of the monsters from each floor.

Even though I was not looking forward to seeing the zombie again I still walked down the stairs towards the fifth floor of the Dungeon. Just like the last Dungeon, this Dungeon's final floor had a small resting space before the boss room so I sat there and rested for half an hour before I head in to kill the Boss.

While resting before entering the boss room I look in my inventory to check the tickets that I gained from hunting in the Dungeon. In my inventory rested 3 types of tickets that haven't been used yet. The One Random Skill Ticket that I had gotten earlier, The Seven Random Food Tickets that I had been saving for emergencies, and the One ticket that I don't remember getting the Quest Ticket. Even though this new type of ticket was in my inventory I can't remember the time that I had acquired this ticket.

'System, when did I get this quest ticket. What does it do?' I didn't know when I got the ticket myself so I thought that I could ask the system instead.

[You had gotten it as a drop from one of the Ghouls, and it actively randomly creates a random quest based on the user's surroundings.]

'But I didn't get a notification for it though?'

[The system sent out a notification, it is up to the user to read them]

Looking through the recent notifications I notice that there actually was a notification from teh system. Seeing that I felt an indescribable emotion as I stared at the system interface.

'That's weird, I definitely didn't receive it.'

Since I see the evidence of the notification I chalk it up to me forgetting about it and go ahead and use the ticket that I had planned on using before I head into the boss room.

'Use the Random Skill Ticket'

[Using Random Skill Ticket... Done]

[You have gained the unique skill "Appraisal"]

'So now I can appraise things as well peek at people's status huh. Sounds like it'll be a lot of annoying clutter.'

Since I had received a unique skill from the system I was happy but appraising everything in sight sounds like it would take a while.

'I'll just save it for appraising important things, or things of interest.'

After 20 minutes of resting had passed I got up and headed towards the door leading to the Boss room. This was technically my first battle with a boss monster since the guild's dungeon had the boss under a level cap, as well as it being manipulated by the Demon so I couldn't fight it at its best. I was excited to fight a boss monster so I opened the boss room's door with vigor as teh door scratched the Dungeon Floor and all of the Monsters inside the Boss Room turn towards me like I was interrupting something.

"Nice, it's a Skeleton Knight!" I shout as I see the Skeleton looking Boss on a skeleton horse.


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