Reincarnation of the Cheater
18 Entering the Undead Dungeon
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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18 Entering the Undead Dungeon

[You have learned the skill "Heal (Lv.1)"]

'Nice, a skill I will be using a lot from now on. It'll even be useful against the undead since undead are damaged by anything of the holy element. I wonder how it feels.'

As I decide to try and use heal on myself I place my hand on my stomach and activate the skill only for nothing to happen. All I felt was a wave of mana go through my body but other than that nothing happened.

'Wierd. Maybe I need to take some kind of damage.'

While following the road signs that Finn said would lead me to the Undead Dungeon I pass by quite a lot of adventurers on the main road. Every now and then a couple of them look at me while whispering to themselves but I don't feel any bad intent from them so I keep walking.

"Hey, don't you want to visit your home? Hasn't it been a while since you've seen your parents?" One of the passing adventures says to another.

"Yeah, but it would take a week to travel there and the cost to ride on a carriage is incredibly high as well. I send letters every now and then as well."

"Money won't replace your family. Go see them sometime, sending letters is different than going in person."

Upon overhearing the adventurers talk brought up the feeling of being homesick swelling up in Bell's heart. With the emotion swelling his heart he had begun to regret listening in on their conversation.

While I had been trying to shut out any emotions that could cloud my judgment in the Dungeon. I let some slip up every now and then. I gotta not let these emotions put me in danger, I don't know what kind of dangers could be in this world. I don't want these emotions to be something that could be the end of me.

As I walk along the road I stare at the ground and think about home and my neighbor Reina who looked after me for as long as I could remember. There was a time where we were having dinner at her house. Normally she didn't talk about my parents but one night she got drunk and told me about my parents. Telling me about how they were truly the definition of free and how they liked to travel and do anything that they found fun.

As I reminisce about the past I reach the road that splits off to the entrance to the Dungeon. At teh entrance to the Dungeon, there is a group of 3 people sitting together laughing while one of them was staring at me. I ignore the group of adventurers and show the guards at the entrance of the Dungeon my guild card and enter into the Undead Dungeon.

The Dungeon entrance is in the side of a mountain so the entrance itself is a cave. There isn't anything right at the entrance so I walk through the beginning of the first floor with the sense presence skill currently active.

After walking around the first floor for 10 minutes nothing comes into my range for sense presence skill so I continue to wander aimlessly around the first floor. Eventually, I see a single skeleton just standing there but it isn't being detected by my skill so maybe it's dead?

Upon approaching the skeleton as I get close enough the skeleton reacts to my presence and tries to attack me. I wait for the incoming Skeleton to get close enough for me to hit it as I knock it down onto the Dungeon Floor as I crouch down and touch the skeleton's bare bones. I use the heal skill and activate it once I touch the skeleton. The skeleton starts to struggle as the skill activates and tries its hardest to get out of my grip but eventually it disintegrates into a pile of ashes and I get a notification from the system.

[You have killed a level 13 Skeleton and have earned 210 Experience]

The bad thing about the heal skill right now is that the range on the heal requires physical contact so I have to grab any of the undead if I wish to use the holy element against them. As I begin to contemplate how to use this in the future I remember that the skeleton wasn't detected with my sense presence skill and say to myself out loud, "So the sense presence skill doesn't work on the undead. I guess it's because they aren't technically alive."

With that piece of information, I decided to turn my sense presence skill off since it won't be of any help here in this Dungeon and it would only drain my mental energy from constantly using it.

With the skeleton dead and the only thing remaining is a pile of ashes I have the inventory collect the ashes just in case they are worth something or they could be used as an ingredient for something. Following the path to go further into the Undead Dungeon's First Floor I run into some skeletons in groups but they all fall quickly since none of them are armed and they aren't very strong.

I continue to go through the first floor of the Dungeon until I get a notification from the system giving me a surprise.

[You have found an Upgrade Ticket]

I was surprised at the new type of Ticket coming from the system. I wonder what kind of things it can upgrade.

'System what does the Upgrade Ticket do?'

[The Upgrade Ticket is a ticket that can upgrade almost anything. There are only a couple of things that it can't upgrade, cheat skills, the cheater class, and the system itself.]

'So I can upgrade skills, items, and armor. Interesting.'

With the system notification taking Bell's attention, he had failed to realize that he was being watched. The attackers finally found an opportunity when his attention was taken away by the system notification and he stopped paying attention to his surroundings and with this heaven-sent opportunity, they decided to act on it and "Hunt" this newbie.


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