Reincarnation of the Cheater
3 First Day in the New World
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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3 First Day in the New World

As I take my sword out and start looking around the forest for something to gain experience from like a goblin or something like the slime from earlier I run into a group of 3 goblins. Curious about what the fantasy creature sounded like I decided to listen to them before attacking.

"hweck krufs skhnd..." one the goblins says as he points towards the direction of the Capital of Light.

Upon listening to the goblins talk back and forth as they point towards the Capital of Light as if they were scheming something I get a notification from the system.

[You have come in contact with a new language, beginning auto-translation... Done]

And with that notification from the system the goblin's speech slowly started to change into something that I could understand. "Something fall out of sky over there, we check it out" As the goblins continue to argue if they should go to where I fell I decided to go in and get a surprise attack on one of the three so I could possibly make it a 2v1 fight.

As I waited for them to pass me as I hide up in a tree waiting for them to walk under me so I could drop on one of them they continue to talk to each other. "If a human female, I get to go first." One of the goblins says as he hides behind the other two who don't look as intelligent. The goblin that has a more understandable speech pattern has a stick looking wand like a starter magician in an RPG. As they walk in my direction the Magician looking Goblin walks from behind them to the front of the two goblins that each carried a sword. The swords that they have looked to have a lot of use and they looked as if they were on the verge of breaking.

As they walk directly under me I drop down on one of the goblins holding a sword and stab through his head as I fall onto his body. With the other goblins noticing me after my sword pierced through their companion's head it was already too late for them to react as I get a notification from the system.

[You have killed a level 4 Goblin and have earned 110 Experience]

As the two goblins try to react to the sudden appearance of a predator, the remaining goblin with a sword tries to thrust it at me while the other intelligent-looking goblin starts chanting something trying to use his magic to deal some damage. Dodging the sword strike from the bigger goblin I rush him and cut the hand that is holding his sword off and also go to cut off his head before the intelligent goblin can finish his chant.

[You have killed a level 4 Goblin and have earned 110 Experience]

He couldn't even react in time so maybe goblin's reaction times are really bad? Taking the beaten and almost broken sword from the goblin's corpse I head for the goblin with a stick-looking wand and aim for his head while he is still trying to finish his chant. Finishing that goblin off I notice that there is some kind of presence behind me and turn around to see another goblin that was probably nearby and heard the commotion. This goblin is just like the intelligent goblin and has a wand of some sort and is trying to use some magic but it seems to have a longer chant than the other one. As I try to rush over and stop this goblin's chant he smirks as me as his the chant finished and a ball of ice forms in front of him and heads my way. As I decide to dodge the ice ball coming towards me I see that the goblin is in the middle of another chant as he stares at me with a smirk. I grab a rock off of the ground and throw it as hard as I can at the goblin chanting his magic as it flies it pierces through the air and makes a hole where his heart should be.

[You have killed a level 4 Goblin Mage and have earned 110 Experience (x2)]

[You have reached level 4]

[You Have Earned Random Skill Ticket (x1)]

"So if I kill monsters I have a chance to get Tickets interesting, System can you tell me the drop rate for the tickets?" I say while looking at the couple of Tickets taking up space in my inventory.

[The drop chance depends on the monster, there is a couple of rules for the drops though would you like to hear them?]

"Sure." I'm gonna need to hear them eventually anyway.

[The difference between the hosts level and the monsters level have a huge impact on the drop, such as if the monster if a higher level then you have a higher chance to get better tickets, but if you are a higher level than the monster then there is a higher chance that you won't get anything but the highest chance is to get normal tickets and skill tickets.]

"Can I use the Random Skill Ticket?" I ask the system while looking at the ticket in my inventory.

[Using Random Skill Ticket (x1)... Done]

[You have learned the skill Sense Presence (Lv.1)]

"Nice, my first skill. This skill could be very helpful for finding any enemies hiding out of sight. Just what I needed. I also reached level 4 after that fight so my stats are all at 14 now." I say while looking at my status.

I may have completed that fight without getting and damage but that was because of the increase in my stats. With every stat increasing for every level I gain I can already feel the difference with only a 4 increase. I feel like I can lift 50-pound weights back on Earth with ease. This kind of strength on Earth would have been fun to experiment with but here it might be the norm.

As I walked throughout the area that I was sent to I continued to hunt some small fry goblins that were in small groups while continuously using my new Sense Presence skill and brought it up to Level 2 while also reaching Level 5 after a day of hard work. With that, night approached and my first day in the new world ended after falling on a slime and slaying goblins throughout the day.


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