Reincarnation of the Cheater
2 Transported to Another World
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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2 Transported to Another World

With the light temporarily blinding me my body felt as if it was lifted off of the ground and I ascended into the air while being blind. After a while, the feeling of being lifted was gone as but it was as if I was spirited away. I still can't see anything but instead of the blinding light its complete darkness. My body starts to feel different as I continue to stare out into the vast darkness. I can't see anything I can feel my body changing slowly, almost like I was being reconstructed by the void. An endless amount of time passed as my body slowly changed into something that I couldn't confirm, I'm not too scared at what I may change into as long as I can live my life.

After an unknown amount of time, the blinding light came back and lifted me again until eventually I was put on the ground again and I slowly open my eyes to see complete darkness once again. I try saying something as I feel like I have control over my body one again.

"Did this bitch really kill me? Am I really dead?"

[System has configured recommended auto-start]

[System has successfully restarted]

[Congratulations for being chosen to host the one and only "Cheat System"]

"What? What was that? Where are you, where are we, am I dead?" I say frantically while looking around for the source of the new robotic voice only to find the darkness of the surroundings. No matter how hard I looked I can't find anything.

[Host has been chosen to be the main character in a world that needs your help]

"Do I have a choice?" I ask while trying to grasp where I am.

[You don't have a choice]

So you're basically forcing me huh

"Is there some kind of starter pack at least?"

[Quest Function has been Unlocked]

As the system notification echoes throughout my mind, a window appears in front of me describing the quest.

[Quest: Create your Character

Rewards: Starter Pack (x1)

Possible Additional Rewards: ???]

"Why did that just come out?" I ask suspiciously of the system.

[Think about Creating a Character]

"So you weren't planning on giving me a starter pack huh." I say to the system as I think about what kind of character I should create this time. In 'Swords and Magic' you could customize your character but you couldn't change the face so I liked to make characters often.

[Create Your Character. Failure to do so will result in your character and hidden stats being randomized]

"Character Creation"

Feeling bitter that the system ignored me and forced me into this situation I start to set up my character for this new world that I'm heading to. Although I liked my old appearance if given the chance to change how I look of course I'm going to take advantage of that. Although I'm used to making characters since I've been banned so many times it doesn't let me change my race, height, or age any more than it already is. All I got to change was my hair and eyes. I made my hair silver and my eyes blue. My body type used to be skinny but the character that I see here looks like he was training all his life. As I finish up the creation and hit done the system gives another notification.




[Finished Quest "Create Your Character" Rewards: Starter Pack, Title "Main Character"]

[Loading... Choosing a random area to spawn]

As the system begins choosing where to spawn me a window shows up in front of me and starts rolling with different names. The names all represent different places I guess but as the system continues to roll through the options at an insane speed that I can't really keep up with I catch a glimpse of something for a split second.

'Realm of Light? What's that?' I think to myself barely recognizing the words as they rapidly change and eventually stop at the words Captial of Light.

[Capital of Light has been chosen]

[Please keep in mind that you will be spawned in a forest near the capital to avoid causing a scene or getting the attention of unwanted people]

[As soon as you spawn into the world you can check your status just like the games you played]

With the system sending those notifications the blinding light from earlier comes back and I get engulfed in the light as my vision gets blocked and I feel as if I was falling.

Upon feeling that I'm falling I open up my eyes to take in the scenery of the new world that I will be living in. The forest is pretty wide but I can see the Capital of Light in the distance, it'll probably take a couple of days of walking to get to it though.

'Wait, why did you spawn me high in the air?' I think complaining about the system.

Although nothing responded to me I can feel the imminent death that is coming closer to me as I get closer to the ground and fall through the trees. After falling for what seemed like a while I close my eyes as I'm about to fall but the impact I was expecting didn't happen, instead I feel wet sliminess under me as I get a notification from the system.

[You have killed a Level 5 Slime and have gained 350 Experience]

[You have reached Level 3]

Upon hearing the notification from the system I try to open my status just like the 'Swords and Magic' game.

'Status Open'

Name: Bell(17)


Titles: Main Character

Job: Cheater

Level: 3

Strength: 13

Endurance: 13

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 13

Wisdom: 13

'So I gain 1 stat point to every stat for every level up.' I say to myself as I remember the starter pack.

"Can I open the starter pack?" I say to the system.

[Do you wish to open the starter pack? Y/N]


[You have chosen to open the starter pack]

[Opening.....(50%)...(100%)... Displaying contents]

You have obtained Basic Sword (x1), Random Food Ticket (x10) Random Cheat Ticket (x1)

"System, what are the tickets supposed to be used for? Can I use them right now?" I ask the system as I go over the contents of my starter pack.

[Tickets are used to give you certain items or skills, the tickets that you received are Random Cheat Ticket which will give you a random cheat upon use and the other Random Food Tickets will give you random edible food]

"Okay, and the basic sword?"

[The basic sword is just a common item that is mass-produced. Its an iron sword with decent durability]


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