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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Author:Warm Color Su

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UpdateTime:8/8/2020 10:12:22 PM

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She was once a puppet to her family, a commercial spy and assassin pursued by the police. One day, she falls into the sea after being betrayed.
《Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School》 Volume 1
1 Jump into the Sea
2 A Reborn Female Studen
3 Revealed Expectational Function
4 The Doctor with A Gun
5 Save People, A Check for ¥500,000
6 A Visi
7 Go Outside
8 A Drama at the Jewelry Store
9 The Antique Market.
10 Pick Up by Acciden
11 First Bucket of Money
12 Gu Qing's Family
13 Shameless People
14 Yu Mixi
15 Do You Have A Crush on Me?
16 Beat Shao Feifei
17 Ain't Afraid of Shao Feifei
18 Gu Xiaoxiao
19 Humiliation from Chen Ziyao
20 Hit Chen Ziyao
21 The Drama at the Canteen
22 A Bad Girl
23 Suffer from Pain
24 Surrounded by Hoodlums
25 An Extraordinary Man
26 Leng Shaoting
27 If I'm Not Here, Where Should I be?
28 The King's Green
29 Yicui Jade-store And Qin Yifan
30 Ten Million Yuan
31 Trouble From the Teacher
32 Dispute Among Bros
33 Ain't Going to Apologize
34 A Storm in the Forum
35 A Challenge: Three VS. One
36 Confidence or Arrogance
37 In the Figh
38 Win the Game
39 Gu Man Had An Acciden
40 I Won't Beat You to Death
41 An Qian's Help
42 The Bill Has Been Paid Already
43 Just for Fun
44 Tell Gu Man the Truth
45 Gu Ning's Grandmother
46 Be Kicked Out of the Old House
47 Beat Gu Xiaoxiao Again
48 Chu Peihan Joins
49 Use WeChat to Send A Red Envelope
50 I Like You
51 Head to City G
52 Li Zhenzhen
53 Stone Gambling
54 Get An Emerald
55 Bid
56 The Next Emerald
57 Almost Failed
58 Unkindness from Li Zhenzhen
59 Gu Ning's Plan
60 A Be
《Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School》 Volume 2
61 Be Proud Too Early
62 Do You Want to Deny It?
63 I Want You
64 The Jade Beauty
65 Fulushou Jade
66 An "Accident"
67 Run Away
68 A Battle for the Ink-slab
69 Trapped
70 A Woman's Usual Way
71 You Will Pay for I
72 Shopping in the Shopping Center
73 The Drama in the Shopping Center
74 Lay off
75 Too Sensitive
76 The Gunshots in the Restauran
77 She Has Another Gun with Her
78 Buy Houses
79 Buy Houses in Full Paymen
80 Gu Man Leaves the Hospital
81 Tell Them Everything
82 Support Jiang Xu to Run a Start-up
83 Gifts
84 Quit Jobs and Move into New Houses
85 A Quarrel In the Shopping Center
86 What Are You?
87 Run 10 Circles Before Getting Your Gif
88 Boss, You Are Awesome!
89 Go to Yicui Jade-store
90 Let Him Search Her Body
91 Be Unkind?
92 Red Flame Team
93 Deceived By Leng Shaoting
94 An Yi
95 Sell A Company, Buy A Company
96 Not Gay
97 Never Doubt Your Employees
98 Get The New Car
99 The First to Hand Paper in the Monthly Tes
100 Did She Cheat?
101 Be Kind
102 Who Is Rude?
103 Trouble
104 Utterly Unreasonable
105 The V5 Bar
106 The Large Iceberg, Leng Shaoting
107 Cowards!
108 Grudge Between Zhou Zhenghong and Shao Ping
109 Leave Us Alone
110 Cut Out Jade
111 Being Unbelievably Lucky
112 Not A Human Being?
113 Stalked by Someone
114 Impolite?
115 The Queen of Jade
116 King's Green Again
117 Young Age, Great Ability
118 The Good Old Time
119 The Military Officer, Chen Meng
120 Competition with Chen Meng
121 Rescue People
122 Meet Chu Xuanfeng
123 Chu Peihan's Older Brother
124 The Top One in the Grade
125 Transfer Equities
126 I Heard You Don't Like Women
127 Why Did You Pretend to Be Weak?
128 Interested in Gu Ning
129 The Qing Gang
130 Almighty Goddess Gu
131 Stand up for Our Boss
132 We Weren't Born Yesterday
133 She Deserves I
134 Who Is This Goddess Gu?
135 Force Gu Xiaoxiao to Leave City F
136 The Relationship Isn't Simple
137 To Send What Kind of Gift?
138 You Can Turn to Me
139 A Strict Boss
140 Gu Xiaoxiao Transfers to A School in City G
141 Master Qin's Birthday Party I
142 Master Qin's Birthday Party II
143 A Male Gold Digger?
144 Hao Ran's Parents
145 Birthday Gifts
146 An Ugly Smile
147 What does Gu Ning want?
148 Accident in the V5 Bar
149 The Qing Gang's Suppor
150 The Truth
151 Pay the Compensation
152 Meet Situ Ye
153 Don't Be So Mean!
154 You're Awesome
155 Qin Yiqing's Invitation
156 Gu Ning Gets Mad
157 Don't Forget Your Manners!
158 Leng Shaoting Is in the Middle of A Task
159 Someone Told Me He Likes Me Today
160 You're too Young to Fall in Love
161 Acquire This Beauty Salon
162 Membership Canceled
163 Yu Mixi Asks for Help
164 To Impress Gu Ning
165 It's None of Your Business If I'm in Love
166 Just Being Polite
167 Leng Shaoting Starts to Chase A Girl
168 Leng Shaoting Stays up All Nigh
169 I'll Pick You Up
170 Gu Ning's Anger I
171 Gu Ning's Anger II
172 Attack the Police
173 Let Her Go Right Now
174 No. 520 Private Room
175 Roses from Leng Shaoting
176 I'll Keep Trying
177 That Female Student Is You?
178 How Considerate You Are!
179 Gu Ning Isn't Simple?
180 The Post Is Deleted
181 Chen Ziyao Did it?
182 Chen Ziyao Is in the Center of Criticisms
183 Why Should I Be Mad at You?
184 Can You Take Me to the Airport?
185 The Opening Ceremony
186 Let’s Go Dine Together
187 Are You Mad?
188 Leng Shaoting's Secre
189 Shao Ping's scheme
190 Trouble in the Midnigh
191 Leng Shaoting's Sudden Presence
192 Revenge on Shao Ping
193 Kick Them Away
194 You Can't Bear the Result!
195 The Opening Ceremony I
196 The Opening Ceremony II
197 Natural Red Coral
198 Leng Shaoting Was Jealous
199 Be Abandoned
200 Land Acquisition I
201 Leng Shaoting's Real Identity
202 Leng Shaoting's Properties
203 Leng Shaoting's Gif
204 Li Zhenzhen's Nightmare I
205 Li Zhenzhen's Nightmare II
206 Land Acquisition II
207 Land Acquisition III
208 They Won't Give up
209 Great Admiration
210 This Isn't Your Place
211 First and Second in Command
212 The Gu Family
213 Advertise Jade Beauty Jewelry
214 Gu Ning's Grandmother Causes Trouble Again I
215 Gu Ning's Grandmother Causes Trouble Again II
216 The Old Lady Is Driven Away
217 Compete for A Man?
218 Bronze Mirror
219 Night-luminescent Pearl
220 Accident at the Construction Site I
221 Accident at the Construction Site II
222 Trouble at the Construction Site
223 Another Round
224 An Heir From A Super-rich Family
225 Gu Ning Fights Back
226 Contact K
227 Predict the Car Acciden
228 A Murder
229 Treatment for K
230 You Did It On Purpose!
231 I Miss You
232 Stay in the Same Room
233 Why Didn’t You Ask Me for Help?
234 A Pastel Plate with Patterns of Nine Peaches and Five Bats
235 Wait for You
236 Boss's Boyfriend
237 The Super-rich Brother-in-law
238 The Boxing Match
239 Let's Change Glasses
240 Chen Mengqi's Scheme
241 Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
242 Hongyun Real Estate’s Dirty Secrets
243 Save An Qian Again
244 Final Exams
245 Is Boss in Love?
246 Head to City Teng
247 Zhang Decheng
248 Inexplicable Intimacy
249 Cure Master Zhang
250 Stone Gambling in City Teng
251 Human Trafficking
252 Old Friends
253 Gao Yi And Qiao Ya
254 Dine with Master Tang
255 Shopping Spree of Raw Materials
256 A Small Revenge
257 A Super-rich Woman
258 Why Don't We Have A Be
259 Do You Want to Deny It?
260 She Is the Queen of Jade
261 Why Did You Buy Her Jade?
262 Despair
263 Leng Shaoting's Arrival
264 A Damaged Store
265 Zheng Peng
266 Open A Jade Provider
267 He Is My Boyfriend
268 A Huge Sensation in City Teng
269 Master Bai
270 I Don't Care About the Wang Family!
271 You Don't Need to Thank Me
272 In the Middle of A Passionate Kiss
273 Leng Shaoting's Family
274 I Want You
275 Acquire A Large Amount of Raw Materials
276 Spend the New Year Festival Together
277 Ways of Sale
278 Yan Shuya
279 Are You Satisfied?
280 Sentenced to Jail
281 Failure
282 The Opening of Gu Ning's Jade Provider
283 Zheng Hao Comes Back
284 Five Percent Shares
285 Meet Master Tang at the Antique Stree
286 Tang Yunfan's Daughter?
287 A Trap Set by the Wang Family
288 The Wang Family Is in Trouble
289 Just the Beginning
290 Unseat the Wang Family
291 Raw Material Exploitation Righ
292 The Tang Family in City B
293 Stupid Wang Xinyan
294 Confession
295 Granddaughter
296 To the Capital
297 Flight Accident I
298 Flight Accident II
299 Qiu Yuxin
300 Leng Shaoting's Girlfriend
301 Threaten Xu Jinchen
302 Can't You Stop?
303 He Challenged Me
304 It's Too Early to Reject Me Now
305 I Don't Like Him
306 Why Is It Inconvenient?
307 Wanna Hang Out?
308 The Club
309 A Writer
310 Aunt Flo Is Visiting
311 Conversation with Lu Zhan
312 Get Involved in the Entertainment Industry
313 Pretty Boy?
314 Proud Gu Ning
315 I Enjoy I
316 The King's Green
317 Valueless Calligraphy?
318 Your Girlfriend Is Awesome!
319 Gifts
320 Auction I
321 Auction II
322 Xiangyun Antique-store
323 Bid
324 People May Change
325 Xu Jinchen Challenges Gu Ning
326 Ferris Wheel
327 First Time Really Being Angry
328 A Wild Kiss
329 Power Crystals
330 Skincare Products Made With Gu Ning's Power
331 Evil Antiques
332 Visit the Ancient Grave in Fengyang Village
333 Bats in the Ancient Grave
334 Fortune or Life
335 Lao San's Death and the Black Moving Body
336 Bronze Chimes
337 Deadly Body Poison
338 It's Useless to Think Further About I
339 Troublemaker
340 Make Friends with Master Xu
341 Bronze Sword and Bronze Dagger
342 Are You Insane?
343 Xu Jinchen's Grandpa
344 Meet Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin Again
345 Teaching Tang Yaxin a Lesson
346 The Figh
347 To the Yan Family's House
348 100% Sure
349 Criminal Evidence
350 Cure Disease
351 They Deserve It!
352 The Death of Li Zhenzhen
353 Disease Cured
354 Envy And Jealousy
355 More Complicated
356 Age Gap Isn't A Problem
357 The Drama in the Café
358 Allan
359 Back to City F
360 Yu Mixi's Family Is in Trouble
361 Do You Want to Fight?
362 Friends Gathering
363 Gao Yi and Qiao Ya's Arrival
364 Kickboxing Game
365 Gu Qingyun
366 Gao Yi Wins
367 Gao Yi Wins Again
368 A Big Scandal in City G
369 Shop for the New Year Festival
370 I Miss You So Much
371 Qin Zheng and Chen Ziyao
372 The Air of Rich People
373 Don't Force Me to Kill You
374 Leng Shaoting Is Back!
375 Cut Brakes
376 Leng Shaoting's and Situ Ye's Gif
377 The New Year Festival
378 A Granddaughter Showed up out of the Blue
379 A Woman Who Admires Leng Shaoting
380 Shaoting Has A Girlfriend?
381 Additional Credit Card from Leng Shaoting
382 Sorry, We Are Single!
383 Fireworks Show
384 Rescue Yuan Jisong
385 Su Anya's Birthday
386 Hypocritical Expression
387 Party Begins
388 Unbelievable Network
389 Jin Kexin Challenges Gu Ning
390 I Can't Tolerate It Anymore
391 Uncover Identity
392 Su Anya Is in Danger
393 Gu Ning Killed Su Anya?
394 Punch Jin Kexin
395 Advertisement of Medicine
396 The Golden Buddha
397 Rescue Su Zhenhao
399 Negotiation with Song Manni
400 Zhou Zhenghong's Son Is Kidnapped
401 To City B
402 The Shen family
403 A Stampede at the Airpor
404 Artificial Raw Materials
405 Lord Pan
406 I'll Do My Bes
407 I Know I'm Awesome
408 Won't Sell It to People from Country R
409 Meet Those Gravediggers Again
410 Rescue Them Once More
411 It Isn’t A Grave?
412 Step-shake Crown
413 Watch Horse Racing
414 Women Are Troublesome
415 Kick the Man Three Meters Away
416 Horse Betting
417 To the Tang family
418 We're A Family
419 Younger Sister Protects Older Brother
420 Let's Have A Figh
421 An Official Meeting Between Father And Daughter
422 Investigate Gu Ning's Life Experience
423 Family Dinner
424 New Year Gif
425 The Kirin Gang
426 Win A Fortune
427 Get in Trouble
428 The Head of the Kirin Gang, Qi Tianlin
429 Couldn't Bear the Result?
430 Three Billion Yuan in Pocke
431 Profound Admiration
432 Set Cao Wenxin And A Man up
433 Get the Driver’s License
434 Perfectly Finished
435 Involved in Clothing Industry
436 She Is Very Successful
437 Fang Xiaoke
438 Pan Zirui Needs Help
439 Stroke of Luck
440 His Daughter
441 Tang Yunfan's Dream
442 Rescue A Woman
443 The One Who Has the Power Is the Boss
444 Jiang Xinyuan
445 Colaine Pharmaceutical Company
446 Acquire the Medical Company
447 Cao Wenxin Encounters Xin Bei
448 A Crazy Woman And A Terrible Man?
449 Nothing to Explain
450 Apologize Before Disappearing
451 Medicine, Medicine Again
452 Take A Bath Together
453 I'll Live Wherever You Live
454 Antiques from the Qing Dynasty
455 Do You Think That I'm Weak?
456 Su Tongnuo
457 End the Contrac
458 The First Actress
459 Am I Good?
460 Selfish Gu Qinxiang
461 Cao Wenxin VS. Xin Bei
462 Leng Shaoxun VS. Leng Shaojia
463 Poor Sister-in-law?
464 Gu Qinxiang’s Shameless Family
465 Save Situ Ye’s Life
466 Gu Xiaoxiao, Qin Zheng and Chen Ziyao
467 Throw Her in Jail
468 Cold-blooded?
469 Enemies Often Cross Each Other's Path
470 Who Is Terrible?
471 Who Is Your Brother-in-law?
472 Leng Shaoting Changed
473 Lay Her Cards on the Table
474 Gu Qing and Gu Man Are Attacked
475 Mr. Tang, Do You Have a Cold?
476 Beat Me Then You Can Leave
477 Visitors At Home
478 Tell Gu Man the Truth
479 I Need Some Time
480 What About His Family?
481 A New Semester Begins
482 School Opening Ceremony
483 Chen Cangyi
484 A Zombie Is Dug Out of a Mine Site
485 Burn I
486 Enter the Hole Alone
487 Not an Ancient Grave
488 Shoot a Movie I
489 Shoot a Movie II
490 Shoot a Movie III
491 Never Take Your Enemy Lightly
492 Infinite Horror
493 B-List Actors I
494 B-List Actors II
495 A Zombie and a Female Ghos
496 Film Promotion
497 Tang Bingsen
498 Lu Xiao
499 Boss, Do You Have a Driver’s License?
500 Premonition Emerges Again
501 The Food Stree
502 A Fight in a Seafood Restauran
503 Another Piece of Big News Goes Viral
504 Vicious Slander
505 Digging Her Own Grave
506 Li Jiayue, Get Out of the Entertainment Industry!
507 Back to City F
508 An Innocent Woman
509 Tang Yunfan Has a Car Accident I
510 Tang Yunfan Has a Car Accident II
511 Stay Away
512 Finally Meet Each Other
513 Gu Man's Feelings
514 Quan Mingkai's Arrival
515 Twists of Fate
516 Tang Yunfan Is Moved Back to City B
517 Why Did Yunfan Go to City F?
518 Lin Lijuan Beats the Mistress
519 Leng Shaoting's Call.
520 Won't You Feel Lonely If You Sleep Alone?
521 This Is My Friend, Leng Shaoting
522 Putting Dishes Into Leng Shaoting's Bowl
523 Strike Up a Conversation
524 Blacklis
525 Expand the Factory
526 Feel Happy Being Cared by Gu Ning
527 Ai Weichen, Ai Weishun and Ou Nianyin
528 My Heart Aches!
529 I'll Give You a Chance to Get Revenge
530 Zhang Shunlin
531 Tanghuang Group Is in Turmoil
532 Select a New Chairman?
533 Gu Qinyang Is In Trouble
534 Zhang Shunlin's Revenge
535 Bai Xueyan Calls Gu Ning
536 Meet Bai Xueyan
537 He Declined to Be My Boyfriend
538 A Naughty Child?
539 The Tang Family Learns the Shocking Secre
540 Do You Hate Him?
541 Go to City B with Gu Man
542 Like a Child
543 Gu Man Finally Meets the Tang Family
544 Old Memories
《Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School》 Text
545 You Mother Looks So Young!
546 Do You Feel Nothing for Him?
547 Do You Need Me to Put a Rope Down?
548 Cao Wenxin Learns the Truth
549 CEO's Office
550 The Spokesperson of Jade Beauty Jewelry
551 Getting Closer
552 Xia Yichu
553 Your Younger Brother Is in My Hands
554 Sign Xia Yichu
555 Pei Hena And Qiao Guanxiang
556 Tang Haifeng Criticizes Cao Wenxin
557 Cao Wenxin Is Envious
558 Tong Jiayao
559 Bottoms Up
560 Xia Yichu Won't Answer
561 We're Doomed!
562 What's Your Aim?
563 Tang Weiyong
564 A Test of Psychological Quality
565 Jiang Yihan
566 Jiang Bowen Calls Gu Ning
567 Gu Man Is Abducted
568 Tang Yunfan Is Awake
569 The Tang Family's Enemy
570 Gu Man Is Abducted by the Kirin Gang
571 Pick Gu Man Up
572 Gu Man Faints
573 Zhang Yongjun And Zhang Yongjian
574 Fingerprint Identification
575 Zhang Yongjian's Confession
576 Cut a Finger Off
577 Turn the Trick to My Own Use
578 Many People Couldn't Sleep
579 Chase Away from the Tang Family
580 Is She Gorgeous?
581 I'm So Sorry
582 Lin Tianyou and Zhao Xiaoxuan
583 Yu Zi Fights Back
584 The Woman Who Admires Tang Yunfan
585 Teach Feng Xueqin a Lesson
586 Live with I
587 Call Tang Yunfan Dad
588 Tang Jiakai Feels Regretful
589 Mr. Akino
590 The Death Penalty
591 A Control Freak
592 Aimee Stalks Gu Ning
593 Grudge Figh
594 Gu Ning Is Cleared
595 Shao Feifei Attacks Gu Ning
596 A Goddess? A Model? An Idol?
597 Beat Shao Feifei
598 Shao Feifei Is Doomed
599 Fei Nan
600 A Battle Between Fans
601 A Spy
602 Are You an Idio
603 Desirable Gu Ning
604 She Is Goddess Gu!
605 A Condition
606 Sleep with Me for a Nigh
607 Do You Have Any Good News to Tell Us?
608 The Deal Between Liu Xinqi and Feng Xueqin
609 Do You Want More?
610 Shameless Lin Tianyou
611 K's Real Name
612 Future Sister-in-law
613 Antiques at the Bottom of the Lake
614 Jiang Ruiqin
615 Encounter Master Leng
616 Turn to Jiang Zhongyu for Help
617 Kouzi
618 An Appointment with Xu Qinyin
619 Tang Qingyang
620 A Fight in the Bar
621 The Gu Family
622 Does She Like Tang Qingyang?
623 Leng Shaoting Comes Back Overnigh
624 Protect Yourself Well
625 Goddess Su
626 Colaine Is Open
627 The Public Jade Bid
628 Who Chased the Other First?
629 Public Display of Affection
630 Morning Exercise
631 My Girlfriend, Gu Ning
632 Fall in Love at First Glance
633 The Woman Who Tries to Grab Leng Shaoting Away
634 Cao Wenxin Comes
635 Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei
636 Punch Her If You're Angry
637 I Feel Disgusted Seeing You
638 Hit with an Ashtray
639 Cut a Finger
640 Search Your Body
641 Grandpa VS. Girlfriend
642 Meet Leng Shaojia
643 Play the Blame Game
644 Are You Free Tonight?
645 There Is No Sign of Anything Happening Yet.
646 Anything Else?
647 Mind Your Reputation
648 Open Wider
649 No Right to Sentence
650 Pay For What You Have Done
651 Two Stunning Men
652 Jiang Zhongyu Faints
653 Steal Shaoting's Girlfriend
654 Master Leng Finds Out More About Gu Ning
655 Grandpa Sounds Different Today
656 Sexual Orientation
657 Who Are They?
658 Biological Cousins
659 They Work for You?
660 Future Father-in-law
661 Ten Years Aren’t Long
662 Scheme Against Her Biological Older Brother
663 Basically Hopeless
664 Opening Ceremony in City B
665 Four Dominant Business Groups
666 Tang Xinrui Showed up
667 Feng Xueqin Is Jealous of Gu Man
668 Lucky Draw
669 Danger Stays with Power and Wealth
670 Wu Yuanping
671 A Competition of Stone Gambling
672 Ningning Is Going to Win
673 Gu Ning Wins
674 My Unique Skill
675 The Release Conference
676 The Interview at the Release Conference
677 Powerful Support?
678 Tang Haifeng Is in Great Danger
679 Knock the Car
680 Tang Haifeng Pretends to Be Unconscious
681 A Murder, Not an Acciden
682 Supporters VS. Haters
683 Swear an Oath
684 Lin Tianyou's Mother
685 Zhao Xiaoxuan's Mother
686 She Is My Grand Daughter-in-law
687 Lin Lijuan Goes Crazy
688 Let's Gamble Again
689 You Can Have a Day Off
690 Why Don't We Do It in the Car?
691 Yu Zi's Fault?
692 Cao Wenxin Helps Yu Zi
693 Lin Tianyou Tries to Get Yu Zi Back
694 Don't You Feel Bored
695 Math Competition
696 Zhao Xiaoxuan Moves On
697 Shameless Mrs. Lin
698 Mrs. Yang Supports Yu Zi
699 No Intention of Alliance
700 A Big Discoun
701 Pan Zirui and His Father
702 The Tang Family's Enemies Take Action Again
703 The Story Behind K
704 Good for You!
705 Black Ca
706 Cooperate to Gain What We Need
707 Establish a Killer Organization
708 Gu Ning, the Perfect Wing Woman
709 I Can’t Wait Till Tomorrow
710 I Don't Care Who You Are
711 Your Answer Is More Importan
712 Who Can Take the Position?
713 Make the Next Step According to the New Situation
714 Lin Lijuan Has a Mental Problem
715 Don't Forget Your Manners
716 Is the Video the Evidence?
717 Gu Ning's Arrangemen
718 Blackmail or Trap
719 A Dirty Trick
720 Pay Feng Xueqin Back
721 Gu Ning Takes Revenge
722 Disfigure Feng Xueqin's Face
723 Not a Fair Deal
724 Stupid Lu Qiuting
725 A Grilled Fish, Two Bottles of Beer
726 I Won Five Hundred Million Yuan!
727 Tang Jiayang Is Back
728 A Copy Bracele
729 Promote Products
730 Tang Jiayang Meets Gu Ning
731 Tang Xinrui Is Exposed
732 Lin Tianyou Threatens Yu Zi
733 Lin Tianyou Is Caugh
734 Settle It out of Court? Impossible
735 Despise Gu Ning?
736 Win a Round
737 Gu Ning Wins
738 A Deal with He Siyin
739 What's Your Relationship with Qi Tianlin
740 Gu Ning Learns What Has Happened to Yu Zi
741 Jason Rober
742 A Talented Designer
743 Investigation on the Mu Family.
744 Du Laifeng
745 A Woman's Warning
746 The Relationship Between the Tang Family and the Mu Family
747 Tang Xinrui Is Fired
748 Qi Ziyue Recognizes Gu Ning
749 Gu Ning Dines with Qi Ziyue
750 A Mistress's Daughter
751 Make a Fake ID
752 Gu Ning Meets Qi Ziyue Again
753 Manager Lu, Been a While
754 A Competition with Tang Yaxin
755 Tang Yaxin Loses the Game
756 Pay the Money
757 Kill Her
758 Get a Billion Yuan
759 A Dog VS. a Tiger
760 Tang Weiyong Is Exposed
761 Tang Jiayang Is Sho
762 He Will Be Fine
763 Gu Ning Finds the Gunman
764 Gu Ning Kills a Man
765 Jazz Club
766 Tang Deming Is Caugh
767 Tang Weiyong Is Dead
768 It's Not That Simple
769 Share Donation Agreemen
770 Prepare for the Wedding
771 Argument over the Shop
772 Break Zheng Wenmei's Wris
773 Gu Ning's Fans
774 I Don't Care About the Zheng Family
775 Gu Ning's Influence
776 Zheng Wenhao
777 The Zheng Family's Revenge
778 Abandoned Old Buildings
779 Meet a Female Ghos
780 The Kirin Gang Won't Protect You
781 Big Trouble
782 Fine Zheng Wenhao
783 Du Laifeng's Step-mother
784 A Bronze Tripod Covered in Yin
785 You're in Bigger Trouble
786 Niu Ge's Confession
787 Can't Submit to Humiliation
788 More than Sister and Brother
789 Big News!
790 The Haunted Land
791 The Same Singing
792 I Don't Understand What You're Talking Abou
793 Tang Yunfan's Proposal
794 Protect You Throughout This Lifetime
795 Inces
796 Not the Time to Make It Public
797 Don't You Think That I Can Handle It?
798 Wang Yunping
799 Feng Pinghui's Son
800 I Don't Care
801 It's Not up to You
802 Selfish Lu Qiuting
803 Hurt Each Other
804 The Zi Family in Southeast Asia
805 Like Him, or Want to Conquer Him?
806 We Have Nothing to Talk Abou
807 Gong Zhengyang's Death
808 The Scandal Erupts
809 Meet Tang Qingyang at the Airpor
810 Lord Leng Is Gu Ning's Boyfriend
811 Is Wenxin in Love?
812 Gu Ning Is Ignored
813 Cousin-in-law
814 Xu Jinchen Feels Hur
815 Cooperation with Tang Qingyang
816 Argument with Zi Beiying
817 I'm Going to Be Married
818 Zheng Wenmei Attacks Gu Ning Again
819 I Will Pay You Back!
820 Dash into the Operating Room
821 Pan Zirui's Older Brother Survives
822 Meeting Zi Beiying Again
823 I Qui
824 Is She a Human Being?
825 Riding and Shooting
826 Zheng Wenhao's Jealousy
827 Zi Beiying Loses Again
828 Let's Be Friends!
829 Where Did You Get the Medicine?
830 Did She Just Have Sex with Another Man?
831 Disgusting Older Brother and Younger Sister
832 Meeting Su Anya
833 Zhang Zikai VS. Song Siyao
834 The Famous Goddess Gu
835 Play Games
836 Unerring Accuracy
837 Most Importantly, Shaoting Likes Her
838 Dramatic Life
839 Selfish Zheng Wenhao
840 You Could Be Sentenced in Jail
841 The Math Competition Begins
842 Heaven on Earth
843 Bribery?
844 Rematch
845 Yang Ziqian Confesses His Affection to Yu Zi
846 Zi Beiying Is Going Home
847 Can I Stay?
848 Don't Move
849 The Final Game
850 Win the First Prize
851 In Love with Goddess Gu
852 How Come Gu Ning Became the Champion?
853 Don't Have Much Hope
854 Gu Ning Arrives at HK
855 The Drama in the Hotel
856 Gong Zehan
857 A Strange Undersea Ship
858 Not Someone You Can Mess with
859 Search for Treasures in the Sea
860 A Male Ghost in Military Uniform
861 Search for Treasure or Seafood?
862 Meet an Evil Jiao
863 Put the Evil Jiao away
864 A Vase Covered in Yin
865 I Can Pay for I
866 No Intention to Smash I
867 Rohan Buddha Decoration
868 20-1
869 Gu Ning Meets Xu Jinlin
870 Xu Jinlin's Apology
871 Pick Leng Shaoting up
872 Flirtatious Leng Shaoting
873 Lord Zhan
874 He's My Boyfriend
875 Why Rush?
876 Who Knows!
877 Arrogant Fan Zhihao
878 Either a Tie or Gu Ning Wins
879 Does She Cheat?
880 Why Don't We Play Slot Machine?
881 The Second Form of Gambling
882 Gu Ning Wins Again
883 Let's Play Slot Machine
884 The Prize Pool Opens
885 He Hongyuan Falls Unconscious
886 Rescue You for Money
887 A Total Failure
888 Hong Shitian
889 Where Is He Siyang?
890 Help He Hongjie
891 The Gambling Magnate of City M
892 Search Around the Small Island
893 An Underground Room
894 Catch Three People
895 He Siyang Escaped
896 Find He Siyang
897 He Siyang Is Rescued.
898 Talkative He Siyang
899 He Siyang Talks Too Much
900 Leng Shaoting Meets Xu Jinlin
901 A New Girlfriend?
902 Leng Shaoting Is Jealous Again
903 He Hongyuan Is Caugh
904 Skilled Gamblers Gather Together
905 Can Infinite Horror Be Shown in Theaters?
906 Ye Jiasheng
907 An Unusual Woman
908 The Gambling Magnate of City M
909 1 VS. 1
910 Gu Ning Wins Every Time
911 A Fierce Argument at Food Stree
912 Wan Baojie
913 Ji Manlin Argues with Gu Ning
914 A Shameless Woman
915 Dive into the Sea Again
916 Let the Evil Jiao Ou
917 Conquer the Evil Jiao and Eliminate the Male Ghos
918 From Hell
919 A Strange Figure
920 The Evil Practice
921 Declare Guilty Without Investigation
922 Miss Tang
923 Throw Sulfuric Acid
924 It Is a Scheme
925 The Business Value of Tang Xiaoxiao
926 She Has a Mental Problem
927 Fan Sixuan
928 Gu Ning's Influence
929 The Truth Soon Comes Ou
930 Fan Sixuan Is Doomed
931 Fan Sixuan Is Caugh
932 Fan Sixuan's Parents
933 Kept as a Lover
934 You're So Mean
935 Jiao Linya
936 Aren't You Going to Take a Shower?
937 Blurt It Ou
938 A Shameless Family
939 Criminal Detention
940 Zhang Tenghao
941 Leave the Restaurant Now
942 Situ Ye Is Injured
943 The Woman Who Is Jealous of Gu Ning
944 The Jiao Is Ou
945 Qiu Yuxin
946 Let's See!
947 Tang Yunfan's Suppor
948 Jealous Tang Yunfan
949 Keep the Promise
950 Have a Gossip
951 He Will Come
952 How Rich Is Your Family?
953 Is It True?
954 A Private Pleasure Boa
955 Let the Jiao into the River
956 Try on Wedding Gowns
957 Gu Man's Friends Arrive
958 Meet the Evil Practice Again
959 Fight Against the Man of the Evil Practice
960 The Man Runs Away
961 I'm still Waiting for You
962 The Knockout, Yao Feier?
963 Make Yourself a Female
964 Let's Go to the Hotel
965 Too Nervous to Fall Asleep
966 The Star of Africa, and the King of Diamonds
967 The Chairman of Tanghuang?
968 Pan Zirui Is also Invited
969 Can I Go with You?
970 Glad to Know Tha
971 Cao Wenxin's Boyfriend
972 Tang Zhiyu
973 Tang Zhiyu's Scheme
974 I've Changed My Mind
975 He Isn't Simple at All
976 Joined Forces
977 I'll Try I
978 Brothers of Tang Jiayang
979 Jiang Yutong and Jiang Jiamin
980 Stay away from Tang Jiayang