Reincarnated As a Fox With System
301 Chapter 301: Silent Clash!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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301 Chapter 301: Silent Clash!

Tang Li Xue took a bath together with Yaya and Little Loki very early in the morning, then went out from her room to meet with Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi.

"Eh? Little Xue, is that your new companion? Waaa~~!!! How cute?! Let me carry it!" Bing Yi's eyes brightened, and she smiled happily when she saw Little Loki's cute appearance.

But when Bing Yi stretched her hands to touch Little Loki in Tang Li Xue's embrace…

"Meoowww~~!!!" Little Loki meowed in displeasure, and it slipped out from Tang Li Xue's embrace, then jumped to Tang Li Xue's right shoulder.

"Little Loki, Bingbing is my best friend, so you do not need to afraid of her… Come! Just let her caress your fur for a bit!" Tang Li Xue comforted Little Loki while giggled at Little Loki's timidness.

Bing Yi nodded her head repeatedly with a silly smile on her face and opened her hands as if she was waiting for Little Loki to jump toward her.

"Nyaaa~!!!" Little Loki looked away haughtily from Bing Yi. It was clear Little Loki rejected to be touched by her.

"Pffft… Bwahahaha… Poor Ice Girl, it does not even want to look at your face anymore! Little thing, come here, Daddy Yinghao will give you this if you play with Daddy Yonghao now!" Hei Yinghao said while taking out a dried fish from his space pouch to tempt Little Loki.

All of them already knew this mission with Instructor Mei Lan would not be easy, so they brought many rations with them in their space pouches for emergency situations.

Tang Li Xue probably brought much more rations in her space pouch than Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi because she must feed Yaya and Little Loki too on their way later.

"Humph! What a despicable trick?!" Bing Yi angrily said.

Little Loki did not move at all at Hei Yinghao's temptation. It only stared silently at Hei Yinghao with disdain.

Hei Yinghao did not feel angry and laughed at Little Loki instead.

"Little thing, I am not trying to trick you. Here! You can eat it first before playing with Daddy Hei Yinghao! How about it?!" Hei Yinghao said as he pushed the dried fish he was holding to Little Loki.

Little Loki narrowed its third eye dangerously in irritation.

It could be said Little Loki really has a great temperament as the strongest one amongst the Four Evil Fiend Beasts.

Which Evil Fiend Beasts would spare these two foxes if they teased any of Evil Fiend Beasts this far?!

Of course, it was mainly because Little Loki identified these two as Tang Li Xue's best friends, if not, these two would be already entered its mouth like the people from Immortal Sword Sect before.

"Stop it… My Little Loki only eats Beast Cores. Do not give it any random food! What if it got stomachache later?!" Tang Li Xue said while brushed Hei Yinghao's hand aside, which still holding a dried fish.

"O…oh, I am sorry. So, it only ate Beast Cores? I do not bring any Beast Cores with me now…" Hei Yinghao replied while scratched his head in guilt.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao chatted and joked with each other while walked out from the Residential Building and heading toward the Education Department Building.

Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao tried to talk to Little Loki on their way, but it completely ignored them and only lazily laying down on Tang Li Xue's right shoulder.

While Yaya also sat obediently on the top of Tang Li Xue's head and yawned in boredom.

"Oh, yes! Bingbing, Silly Fox, take this!" Tang Li Xue threw a stack of talismans to each of them.

"This…" Hei Yinghao stared blankly at a stack of talismans in her grasp.

"We would never know what will happen in our journey later, so it would better if we prepared from now on. I give these to you two now, so we can prepare for the worst situation in the future. Do not be a miser and just use them as you like! You can ask more from me if you already used all of it. I make a lot of it in these two days." Tang Li Xue generously said to them.

"Little Xue… Uwaaahhhh~!!! My Little Xue is really the kindest and the best! I really love you to death!" Bing Yi said with a touched tone while she jumped onto Tang Li Xue and hugged Tang Li Xue's soft body tightly.

"Little Xue, I really love you to death too!" Hei Yinghao imitated Bing Yi's touched tone and jumped toward Tang Li Xue too, but he only got kicked away by Bing Yi and Tang Li Xue.

It did not take long for them to reach the Education Department Building.

Instructor Mei Lan already waited for them at the building's entrance.

"Good morning, Instructor Lan!" The three of them greeted Instructor Mei Lan together.

Instructor Mei Lan nodded at the three of them with the usual gentle smile on her beautiful face, but her gaze immediately fell onto Little Loki, who laid down lazily on Tang Li Xue's right shoulder.

Little Loki sensed Instructor Mei Lan's gaze, so it raised its furry head and stared back at Instructor Mei Lan with its third eye.

Their stare locked at each other for a few moments.

Instructor Mei Lan was always afraid that Tang Li Xue would 'invite the wolf into her own house' (bring something disastrous that will bring calamity to herself), so she was trying to carefully size up Little Loki now.

No one knew what Instructor Mei Lan would do if she knew that Tang Li Xue did not only invite the wolf but something far even more terrible and disastrous than that, one that will bring calamity not only to herself but also to every creature in any realm.

While Little Loki also evaluated Instructor Mei Lan too at the same time.

Little Loki rated Instructor Mei Lan as someone prudent, vigilant, smart, and powerful.

The type that Little Loki hated the most!

Usually, when met with someone like Instructor Mei Lan, Little Loki would either kill them on the spot if they were weaker than it or hide to not be found by them if they were stronger than it.

But right now, Little Loki could not kill her nor hide from her, which made it in a really awkward situation.

After a few moments of tense situation that could only be felt between Instructor Mei Lan and Little Loki, Instructor Mei Lan finally giggled and asked: "Your black kitten is really smart! Is that come out from 'that' egg?"

"Ah? Yes, that's right! Little Loki came out from 'that' egg." Tang Li Xue replied honestly.

"Hm… Little Xue, you should be more careful, though. The PET that too smart is not good for its master. Who knows if it stabbed you from behind someday?!" Instructor Mei Lan deliberately warned Tang Li Xue with a stern tone.

Little Loki's wary stare at Instructor Mei Lan turned extremely hostile in an instant, but there was a trace of panic and flustered as it looked at Tang Li Xue for a few moments.

"Ahahaha… Instructor Lan is really too wary. Little Loki is certainly very smart, but it still too little right now. I am sure I can nurture it to become a great companion like Yaya later!" Tang Li Xue brushed off Instructor Mei Lan's advice.

Little Loki felt really relieved when it heard Tang Li Xue's words, but it still stared at Instructor Mei Lan with great hostility.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled when she saw the change in Little Loki's expression.

Her advice and offending words before were all intentional to test Little Loki's attitude to Tang Li Xue.

Instructor Mei Lan also felt relief now, because she could read everything from Little Loki's expression just now that it really cares for Tang Li Xue and did not have any intention of betraying her... at least for now.

If Little Loki acted as if it did not care or even attacked her without any shred of worry about Tang Li Xue's personal opinion, then she would really need to make Tang Li Xue give up on nurturing this little sinister kitten at all cost.

After all Little Loki was not Yaya, who always acted without thinking!

Smart creatures like Little Loki always acted properly based on their mind after analyzing the situation carefully. Only when they felt panicked and afraid of losing something important that they would act out of their way.

One look with a trace of panic and flustered was enough for Instructor Mei Lan to tell how much Little Loki cared about Tang Li Xue.

Thankfully, the silent clash between the two smart creatures, Instructor Mei Lan and Little Loki, ended up peacefully this time.

No one knew about their silent clash, not even Tang Li Xue herself.

Instructor Mei Lan led Tang Li Xue, Hei Yinghao, and Bing Yi into the classroom.

There were no Li Jing, Huang Hao, and Gan Aomiao in the class today.

When Bing Yi asked Instructor Mei Lan about why Li Jing's group was not attending today's class, Instructor Mei Lan answered that those three would be attending mixed classes from now on until they came back from the mission.

"All right! Stop asking about others! We will begin today's lesson now!" Instructor Mei Lan shouted to them.


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