Reincarnated As a Fox With System
300 Chapter 300: Spirit Fusion!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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300 Chapter 300: Spirit Fusion!

The wind-elemental spirit hidden within the [Wind Conquering Pearl] was the same type as her Blue Phoenix of Pride!

However, her Blue Phoenix of Pride already evolved from Embryo Form to Fetus/Fetal Form, while this wind-elemental spirit was still in the earliest period of its Embryo Form.

Moreover, her Blue Phoenix of Pride was one of the highest-ranked elemental spirits in Immortal World since it was one of the Seven Earthly Desire Spirits.

Furthermore, her Blue Phoenix of Pride has always been assimilated with a minuscule amount of Pure Yang Sun Flame's essence stored inside the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] every day until now.

Tang Li Xue was very sure her Blue Phoenix of Pride would grow into something more amazing sooner or later and completely surpassing the other Seven Earthly Desire Spirits.

In short, this wind-elemental spirit might be really precious to others, but it was almost worthless for Tang Li Xue.

When Tang Li Xue was still busily thinking about what she would do to this wind-elemental spirit, whether she should sell it or return it to Instructor Mei Lan, something unexpected was happening again!

That hovering ball of swirling wind was filled with countless tiny green lights like fireflies that made it look more mysterious and beautiful.

The fist-sized ball of swirling wind actually started to slowly approach Yaya!

Yaya was stunned completely and did not know what to do, so she unconsciously stretched her hand to touch the ball of swirling wind.

"Yaya!!!" Tang Li Xue shouted in a panic to stop Yaya, but it was already too late.

Yaya's tip of slender tiny finger already touched the ball of swirling wind!


The ball of swirling wind was actually sucked into Yaya's tiny body, and the dense sparkling tiny green lights surrounded her body right now!

The Yaya who was currently hovering immediately fainted and fell down. 

Fortunately, there was a soft bed underneath her, so her body fell on top of it.

Tang Li Xue swiftly dashed toward Yaya to check on her condition, but…

"Nyaaa~! Nyaaa~!" Little Loki moved quicker than Tang Li Xue and jumped down from her shoulder, then stood in front of the unconscious Yaya.

Little Loki communicated with Tang Li Xue through their mental connection and told her not to worry about Yaya.

"Eh? Little Loki stop playing around! Look… Yaya seems suffering a lot of pain now!" Tang Li Xue frowned and said with an angry tone.


The barrier wind started to cover the unconscious Yaya like a cocoon.

"NyaNyaNya~!" Little Loki waved its tiny black paw to reassure Tang Li Xue and told her not to worry.

However, Tang Li Xue still hesitated for a few whiles.

Little Loki rolled its third eye and sent a short explanation to Tang Li Xue's mind through their mental connection.

[Spirit Fusion]!

That was the name of the phenomenon that happened to Yaya and that spirit-type wind-elemental spirit right now.

The elemental spirits from Elf-type and spirit-type who possessed the same elemental could actually fuse into one!

The two of them would have a symbiotic relationship with each other, and both of them would gain so much benefit from this [Spirit Fusion].

It could improve both of their growth much faster. It could even increase all of their abilities and overall stats by several levels.

This [Spirit Fusion] was actually the only way for all Elf-type elemental spirits to conceive their child.

Right now, both Yaya and that spirit-type wind-elemental spirit were still in the process called [Tuning].

The two of them were still adapting and adjusting their bodies to fit each other.

It was almost the same process as when the deep-blue Flame of Pride assimilated into Tang Li Xue's body before. 

But both Yaya and that wind-elemental spirit were both from Elemental Spirit Race, so they would be integrated deeper than Tang Li Xue and Phoenix of Pride, and the benefit they would get will also exceed Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief after she received a bit of information from Little Loki.

"Thank you, Little Loki! You… you are so smart!" Tang Li Xue said in amazement and gently patted Little Loki's furry head.

Tang Li Xue fell silent for a while and pondered the information given by Little Loki for a while.

"Wait a minute… Con, con, con, conceive?! What?! What the hell?! This [Spirit Fusion] can make Yaya pregnant?! No, no, no, no way! I, your mommy, Tang Li Xue would never let it happen! What to do! I must cancel their fusion now!" The calmed Tang Li Xue shouted in surprise and jumped around again in panic.

Little Loki rubbed its tiny paw onto its furry head in frustration and explained again through their mental connection.

It was still far too early to think about conceiving and pregnancy, because in order to reach that state, both of them must enter their Adult/Mature Form first.

Yaya would need to evolve 3 times again to reach her Mature Form, while that spirit-type elemental spirit would need to evolve 5 more times. 

How long it would take for them to reach that?

Usually, it would probably take several tens of thousands of years for any elemental spirits to naturally reach that state. Even with proper nurturing with countless precious resources, both of them would need several hundreds of years to reach maturity.

'Anyway, do you even have countless precious resources to nurture them properly?!'

Tang Li Xue was staring silently at Little Loki, while Little Loki was also staring at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue sat beside Little Loki and gently patted Little Loki's furry head again.

"You are right. It is too early for me to think about that. I should just let them do what they want. They are still toddlers after all." Tang Li Xue murmured while nodded her head as if she finally understood Little Loki's explanation.

Since Yaya occupied her bedroom, Tang Li Xue decided to train her [Art of Concealment] in the courtyard to clear her mind.

She could not sleep anyway because she was still worried about Yaya's condition.

After a few hours, Yaya's [Tuning] process with the spirit-type wind-elemental spirit was finally completed, and the wind cocoon around Yaya also automatically dispersed.

Tang Li Xue anxiously checked Yaya's condition only to find that she fell asleep in exhaustion.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief, and she tried to examine Yaya's change more closely.

Yaya's appearance was still the same as always, but there were several sparks of green lights which always hovering around her right now.

Since Tang Li Xue could not find anything changed in Yaya's appearance, she opened Yaya's window status from her system to look if Yaya has something new.


[True Name: Yaya] \u003c\u003cStore\u003e\u003e

[Species: Tempest Fairy Princess]

[Grade: Rare (Childhood)]

[Type: Wind Elemental Spirit (Elf-Type)]

[Elemental Fusion: Wind of Kindness (Embryo Form)] 

[Level 8]                              

Divine Ability: [Wind God's Endowment], [Extreme Speed], [Wind God's Eyes], [Shockwave Impact]

[HP: 25,500/25,500]

Strength: 1200 (+100)

Agility: 1900 (+200)

Toughness: 950 (+50)

[Skill: Fast Flight (Lv4), Compressed Wind Blade (Lv2), Cyclone Storm (Lv1), Breezing Step (Lv 2), High-Pressure Air Bullet (Lv3), Hurricane Barrier (Lv1), Tempest Prison (Lv1), Multiple Wind Clones (Lv 1), Compressed Wind Sword (Lv1), Vacuum Slash (Lv1), Whirlwind Vacuum Wave (Lv1)]

[Fusion Skill: Healing Gust (Lv1), Dissonance Melody (Lv1)]


"Hmmm… Yaya's stats get some boosts… What is this [Fusion skill]? It seems interesting! Wind of Kindness?" Tang Li Xue murmured softly to not awake the sleeping Yaya, but her topaz blue eyes brightened a lot when she saw [Wind of Kindness].

"Don't tell me this [Wind of Kindness] is one of the Seven Heavenly Will Spirits?! It should be it, right?! Kindness… Doesn't it mean I already have one of the Seven Earthly Desire Spirits and one of the Seven Heavenly Will Spirits?! I really hope so!" Tang Li Xue excitedly whispered to herself.

After calmed down her excited mood, Tang Li Xue started to make many talismans with her Golden [Inscription Pen] as the preparation to carry out the mission with Instructor Mei Lan two days later.

It took her more than one day to make that many talismans. She divided the portion of her talismans to four, so she could give it to Instructor Mei Lan, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, and her perfect copy later.

Tang Li Xue also decided to test Yaya's two new [Fusion Skills] to know their effects.

The effect was not that powerful but very practical and useful.

Healing Gust could heal HP for 300 every second, relieve pain, and reduce fatigue, plus it could also increase the wind-elemental ability of allies by 25%.

Dissonance Melody could make all the foes in a certain radius have sore eyes and feel dizzy, thus decreased their accuracy by a lot. It also made the surrounding wind turned chaotic, so it would decrease the power of the opponent's wind elemental ability by 75%.

Both of them were used for support, but crazily useful in battle.

Unknowingly, the two days had already passed, and it was the time for Tang Li Xue to meet with Instructor Mei Lan.


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