Reincarnated As a Fox With System
298 Chapter 298: End of the Auction!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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298 Chapter 298: End of the Auction!

Chapter 298: End of the Auction!

"Ins… Instructor Lan… That Cherry Blossom thing is yours?!" Tang Li Xue asked while widened her topaz blue eyes in shock.

Instructor Mei Lan rolled her eyes and lazily replied: "It is called [Cherry Blossom of the Four Seasons]. Unlike Sissy Wei, painting is only my side hobby. Usually, I would never sell any of my work if I do not need more credits." 

"But I need those credits to buy some protection items for you three as insurance when you three follow me on the mission outside Myriad Foxes Academy later. You three can look forward to it." Instructor Mei Lan chuckled.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao felt really touched by Instructor Mei Lan's concern for them.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled when she saw the touched expression of Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao and said leisurely while dismissively waved her hand: "You three do not need to put that kind of faces. I already said it before, right? Any master-level profession can earn a lot of credits easily."

"In fact, this [Cherry Blossom of the Four Seasons] is the worst one amongst my works. I can easily make another one exactly like this in a few hours. Unlike someone from the room beside us! Tsk, tsk tsk… Supreme Treasure with 356 Arrays! I wonder how long he made it… Five years? No, that is too short. It should be around 7-8 years, right?!" Instructor Mei Lan said with a sarcastic tone.

"It is for four years and eight months! Hei, the stupid Dummy Lan! Unlike your useless painting, my Supreme Treasure can momentarily freeze the time and space in a certain radius! The strength of my creation is only below the Heavenly Treasure!" Teacher Li Wei felt offended and replied with a cold tone.

"Ssshhh… four years and eight months?! Oh my, my, my… How many paintings can I make in those three years? Hundreds? Maybe thousands? If I sell all of those paintings, how many Supreme Treasures can I buy with those credits? Tens? Nope… Should be enough to buy a few hundred or more, right?" Instructor Mei Lan said while stretched her fingers out as if she was counting something.

With that, Teacher Li Wei and Instructor Mei Lan started to argue fiercely with each other again.

Although they were saying that, but those were not the truth, and they were mostly only joking. 

Teacher Li Wei really spent almost five years to create that [Stopping Diagram], but it was because he used most of his time to experiment in trial and error until he finally succeeded in creating it. If he wanted to create another one right now, he only needs one or two weeks at most since he already knew perfectly how to make it.

It was the same for Instructor Mei Lan…

Although she said she could make hundreds or even thousands of paintings, but it was only a bluff.

It was impossible for a person… or rather a fox like Instructor Mei Lan to cope in her room for the entire four years and drawing the paintings all days!

She could only probably create a few paintings at most in a year, and that if she has enough free time and mood to do that.

In fact, Instructor Mei Lan was too busy with her own works, missions, and teaching or training her students every day until she did not even have enough time and mood to hold the paintbrush anymore. That was the reason why the auction's audience said the Mysterious Master Mian had retired a few years ago.

Just like what Teacher Li Wei had predicted before, his creation, the [Stopping Diagram], was sold for almost twice the price of Instructor Mei Lan's [Cherry Blossom of the Four Seasons]. It was sold at 1,450,000,000 credits.

'What the hell..... How many zero again is that?!' Tang Li Xue thought with a dumbfounded expression. Even her drool was almost dripping onto her couch.

"Instructor Lan, the one who made that painting is you?! But why they said it was the work of Master Mian?" Bing Yi asked curiously.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled and replied: "That is just my alias. I only shortened it from my name."

"Pffftt… Mian (Flat) is really a suitable name for you…" Teacher Li Wei said while muffled his laughter.

 Instructor Mei Lan's expression darkened a lot, and they started to mock each other harshly.

Zhao Mengli took a deep breath, and her expression turned solemn in an instant.

"All Esteemed Guests, our Annual Auction this year is almost reaching the end, and all of you should be already know that the last item would be the best item auctioned this year." Zhao Mengli said with a serious tone.

"I know all of you are already impatient to know what the last item is, so let's see it now!" Zhao Mengli bowed to the audience and waved her hand.

The last item did not appear on Zhao Mengli's hand this time, but it was brought onto the stage by two more Spirit beast rank foxes.

The last item was still covered with red cloth, so they could not see it. But all audience could feel the last item was far from ordinary since three Spirit beast rank foxes were guarding it now on the stage!

Zhao Mengli gave a gentle beautiful smile to all the audience before pulling the red cloth.

The last item was actually a dilapidated scroll stored inside the transparent glass box.

"That thing is…" Even Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Li Wei stopped arguing and mocking each other and stared at the dilapidated scroll with solemn expressions.

Zhao Mengli slowly explained: "Do not look down on this old scroll because our last item might actually be the most precious one in this century. This old scroll is actually a map of the secret space."

All the audience immediately shouted out loud in surprise and started to clamor loudly in disbelief and confusion.

Only Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and the others were still stared at the old scroll in puzzlement.

"Instructor Lan, what is secret space?" Tang Li Xue asked Instructor Mei Lan first before the others.

But Instructor Mei Lan felt speechless too right now. It took a few seconds before she woke up from her daze and answered Tang Li Xue's question.

"It is hard to explain. The secret space is a hidden place like our Myriad Foxes Academy. Anyone needs a special method to be able to enter it. No one knows what is contained inside it. It could be land rich in resources or the fallen ancient sect along with its lost inheritance. In short, the secret space is really precious beyond everyone's imagination." Instructor Mei Lan patiently explained.

However, Tang Li Xue and the others still showed their confused expression.

Because they thought how an abandoned land or the fallen ancient sect could become so precious in their eyes?!

Instructor Mei Lan rolled her eyes in annoyance and immediately gave a concrete example: "For example, if this Myriad Foxes Academy somehow got abandoned or fall one day. Do you think we can take all the precious things with us? Do not be too naive! If somehow we faced the calamity of destruction, the most we can only take is about 20-30 percent of it."

"Moreover, for the blessed land or the fallen sect to capable to have the secret space like our Myriad Foxes Academy, it means that their resources and strength are almost equal or maybe even stronger than us! Imagine if 60-80 percent of Myriad Foxes Academy's total resources belong to only one fox..." Instructor Mei Lan concluded her explanation with a stern expression.

'What the hell…?! 60-80 percent of Myriad Foxes Academy's total resources!!!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes almost jumped out of their sockets.

Zhao Mengli did not even say anything about the starting bid, but all the audience already started to shout their bid by themselves!

"10,000,000,000 credits!"

"Scram! That map is mine! 15,000,000,000 credits!"

"C… crazy!" Tang Li Xue almost passed out by their monstrous amount of bid.

"30,000,000,000 credits!" 

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw when she heard Teacher Li Wei's voice.

'Holysh*t! Teacher Wei is so God damn rich! Why the hell he still wants to extort me before?!' Tang Li Xue grumbled in her heart.

"32,000,000,000 credits!" 

"35,000,000,000 credits!" 

"40,000,000,000 credits!" 

'And here I am still thinking 500,000 credits is already really a lot… I even need almost 2 weeks to get it.' Tang Li Xue thought dispiritedly.

If the other students from education knew Tang Li Xue's thought they would probably strangle her to death on the spot.

500,000 credits was really a lot, especially for a new disciple that not even entered Myriad Foxes Academy for one year!

The bid for the dilapidated scroll was actually much crazier than Tang Li Xue and the others expected.

Even the insanely rich Teacher Li Wei got pressured a lot by the other super-wealthy foxes from the other VIP rooms.

This kind of bidding was out of their league. Even someone like Instructor Mei Lan, Instructor Zhiruo, and the two disciples from Alchemist and Pharmacy Association could not participate in the auction on this level.

Teacher Li Wei finally managed to win the bid after increased the price to 145,000,000,000 credits!

The Annual Auction this year finally came to end, and all the foxes on the first floor were dispersed immediately.

Some of them were still waiting in VIP rooms for a few moments until the attendant brought the item they previously won into the VIP rooms before they paid for it.


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