Reincarnated As a Fox With System
297 Chapter 297: Crazy War of Bidding!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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297 Chapter 297: Crazy War of Bidding!

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and the others stunned silly, and almost drooled at the price of Bloodline Purifying Pill and Evolution Breakthrough Pill.

"Ins… Instructor Lan, if I become an Alchemist too, can I concoct those extremely expensive pills too?" Bing Yi asked Instructor Mei Lan with glittering eyes.

Bing Yi's question immediately caught Tang Li Xue's attention, and she also stared at Instructor Mei Lan with eyes full of hope.

She had already become a Beginner-rank Alchemist, but she never tried to concoct any pill.

However, Tang Li Xue was more than willing to learn how to concoct the pill if she could make the pills as expensive as those two auctioned pills!

Not only Bing Yi and Tang Li Xue, even Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others were really tempted to become Alchemists and learn how to concoct the pills.

Instructor Mei Lan Laughed at their enthusiasm and said: "Do you think making those pills is so easy? It will take tens to hundreds of years to learn, and even if you are all lucky enough to become a master level Alchemist, the success rate of concocting rare pills like those two is not that big, about 20-30 percent."

"But it does not matter, all kinds of professions can easily make you rich once you manage to reach master level, so you all can choose carefully which profession suits you the most. Honestly, you are all still too young for that. Any profession would be meaningless if you are too weak to even defend yourself. All of you just need to learn how to fight and survive properly for now." Instructor Mei Lan suggested to Bing Yi and the others.

Actually, Instructor Mei Lan omitted many details on her suggestion to keep her student's feelings.

Such as something like... Only foxes with a strong backing, having a lot of money, or an amazing background could ever think about learning the Sub-Profession.

Because no matter what Sub-Professions they would choose, it would need to burn a lot of credits to buy their needs and… proper teacher to teach them! 

From the two crazy disciples from Alchemist and Pharmacy Association until Teacher Li Wei, which one of them did not have a powerful background to support them?!

Because they would need a lot of credits to buy the ingredients, herbs, talismans, inscription pen, and so on!

Moreover, all the master-level in any profession were super busy with their own businesses. They already had a lot of credits, so just paying them with credits was far from enough to attract their interest. That was why to become their disciple anyone would also need a strong connection to recommend them.

It could be said that a case like Tang Li Xue, where she could become the disciple of Teacher Li Wei was very rare. The probability was probably even less than walked on the street and found a lottery to win one billion dollars.

Instructor Mei Lan did not want to taint her students' innocent minds yet with this problem, so she did not tell them for now.

All of her students have her as their backing anyway. If they became more matured or stronger later, Instructor Mei Lan would naturally recommend them to some teachers according to the sub-profession they have chosen later.

Ten more items got auctioned and the price of each of them got higher and higher.

The twentieth item was a Supreme Treasure called Nine Phoenix Flame Furnace with 126 Arrays inscribed on it.

The audience became crazy in an instant especially all the guests in VIP rooms.

Who knew that Instructor Zhiruo was also an Alchemist, and she had a fierce bidding war with the two crazy disciples from Alchemist and Pharmacy Association.

In the end, the two crazy disciples from Alchemist and Pharmacy Association managed to win the bid and bought the Nine Phoenix Flame Furnace for 286,500,000 credits.

Tang Li Xue and the others were already stupefied and even forget to close their mouth by how rich those two disciples were.

Instructor Mei Lan laughed at their dumbfounded expression again and said with a joking tone: "That is still nothing. The price of the last three items should be much higher than that stupid furnace. You all better prepare your heart because I will not carry you if you fainted here."

Just like what Instructor Mei Lan had said to Tang Li Xue and the others, Zhao Mengli also announced to all the audience the same thing not long after that.

"All Esteemed Guests, the Annual Auction this year is almost over, but I am sure these last three items will not disappoint all of you." Zhao Mengli said with a mysterious beautiful smile on her pretty face.

Zhao Mengli took out a scroll and unfurled it for everyone to see: "The first last item is this [Cherry Blossom of the Four Seasons] painting. This is the latest beautiful work of the Mysterious Master Mian, so I do not need to explain anymore how much it worth, right?"

When Tang Li Xue and the others stared at the painting, their surrounding scene immediately changed.

It was as if they were really sat in the middle of many Cherry Blossom trees!

They could even smell the fragrance of Cherry Blossom and the change of weather around them!

The Cherry Blossom trees fluttered slightly when the wind gently blowing. Many of Cherry Blossom Flowers fell because of it.

Tang Li Xue caught one of the Cherry Blossom's petals, and she could really feel it in her touch.

"This is impossible… Is this an illusion or not?! But… I still wear the ring necklace on my neck! I should be able to sense it if I really fall into any illusion?!" Tang Li Xue murmured in disbelief.


[Huang Family Heirloom Ring]

[Description: The treasure of Huang Family's Head that was passed down from generation to generation]

[Effect 1: Illusion Immunity (The wearer can sense it when they fall under the illusion effect and they can break out from it anytime they want)]

[Effect 2: Luck +30]

[Effect 3: ???]


"This is what all the Master Level Painters can do. If they want it, they can trap you all in their painting for eternity." Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently as usual and explained.

"Humph! That is no more than a cheap trick! Painter is no more than a useless profession! Besides, that picture can only trap the weak-minded creatures!" Teacher Li Wei harshly criticized it. 

"Sissy Wei… do you really want to die so badly?!" Instructor Mei Lan said with a threatening tone.

When Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Li Wei argued fiercely again each other, all the guests already turned crazy.

"What the… That painting is the masterpiece of the Mysterious Master Mian?! Priceless treasure… It is really the priceless treasure!"

"Impossible! Isn't the Mysterious Master Mian already retired many years ago?! Is that really a real one?!"

"Shut up, all of you! Hurry! Let's just start the bid already!"

Zhao Mengli smiled in satisfaction after she saw all the guests' reaction and said: "All Esteemed Guests should already know the [Cherry Blossom of the Four Seasons]'s pricelessness, so I will not set the starting bid. I will let All Esteemed Guests determine it. Let's start the bid now!"

"100,000,000 credits!"

"Scram! You want to buy Master Mian's masterpiece for a mere 100 million credits?! Dream on! 300,000,000 credits!"

"350,000,000 credits!"

"380,000,000 credits!"

"400,000,000 credits!"

"Th… They are all crazy!" Tang Li Xue murmured in disbelief as she almost slipped down from her couch.

This [Cherry Blossom of the Four Seasons] painting was sold for 877,000,000 credits in the end.

Zhao Mengli giggled while said: "All right, I know everyone already got impatient to see the second last item! Let's just get started!"

This time Zhao Mengli took out a silver disc.

Zhao Mengli took a deep breath and said all in one breath: "This is the space-time Supreme Treasure called Stopping Diagram with 356 Arrays. The latest masterpiece creation of legendary Master Inscriptionist, Master Li Wei."

All the guests fell silent for a few moments before shouting out loud all at once!


"Is… Is that the latest creation of Master Li Wei?! I must buy it at all cost!"

"Oh God, 356 Arrays! As we expected from the future Grandmaster Li Wei!" 

Zhao Mengli smiled mischievously and injected her Vitality Energy to [Stopping Diagram].

The silver disc, [Stopping Diagram], started to spinning and let out the bright silvery glow.


In that instant, all the guests stopped moving and fell silent like statues.

"This is the true power of this [Stopping Diagram]! It can create a domain where the time and space stay still as long as the [Stopping Diagram] spinning. Of course, it spends a lot of Vitality Energy to activate it, but as you can see... the effect is truly worth it!" Zhao Mengli explained while giggled softly.

"Just like before, I will not set the starting bid. I would just let all Esteemed Guests determine its worth! Let's start the bidding!" Zhao Mengli said as she turned off the [Stopping Diagram]'s effect.

"500,000,000 credits~!"

"Wants to buy space-time Supreme Treasure created by Master Li Wei for only 500 million credits?! Begone! 650,000,000 credits!"

"700,000,000 credits!"

Tang Li Xue almost fainted on the spot and had a mental breakdown when she heard Teacher Li Wei's name and the hundreds of millions of credits.

They were both inscriptionists, but why were their abilities so different?!

"I will be really happy and smile in my sleep if my creation can make a hundredth of Teacher Li Wei's creation…" Tang Li Xue really wanted to cry so much in misery, but there were no tears come out.

"Hoo? Even my creation is not the main last item of this Annual Auction? Interesting! It seems we can look forward more on the last item later. By the way, the price of my creation is higher than your useless painting! Dummy Lan, you better start to respect me more from now on!" Teacher Li Wei blatantly said to Instructor Mei Lan.

Tang Li Xue: "Wut?!"

Bing Yi: "What?!"

Hei Yinghao: "Eeeeehhhh?!"

The others: "Impossible?! "


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