Reincarnated As a Fox With System
296 Chapter 296: Wind Conquering Pearl!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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296 Chapter 296: Wind Conquering Pearl!

The moment when Zhou Mengli activated the black ring, her furry foxtail and fox ears vanished in an instant.

Even her oppressive aura as Spirit Beast rank had disappeared.

Right now, Zhou Mengli really looked like an ordinary pretty human girl.

"As you all can see, the effect of this black ring is really wondrous. I bet none of you can see through my disguise now, right? Hehe… The starting bid for this Disguising Device is 500,000 credits! Let's start the bid!" Zhou Mengli giggled cutely and said.

"520,000 credits!"

"550,000 credits!"

"560,000 credits!"

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, and the others stared dumbfoundedly at Zhao Mengli in amazement. 

What Zhao Mengli had said was right. None of them could see through her disguise, not even Tang Li Xue's basic level [All Knowing Eyes]!

Instructor Mei Lan giggled at their reaction and slowly advised Tang Li Xue: "This disguise-type magic treasure is not bad. I suggest you just buy it. Even if your little friend cannot use it, this disguise-type magic treasure would be very useful to you later."

Tang Li Xue pondered carefully for a while. Instructor Mei Lan will only help her buy something at 1,000,000 credits, while she has about 200,000 credits in her silver card, so she could only buy something at 1,200,000 credits.

Honestly, Tang Li Xue planned to buy something with a greater effect than just a disguising device to hide the aura, foxtail, and fox ears. A device with an identical effect with her [Ethereal Form] would be the best.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled and said: "I know you have an amazing stealth-type divine ability, but from your current reaction right now, it seems you still do not know the weakness of your own stealth-type divine ability."

"Eh? The weakness of my [Ethereal Form]?" Tang Li Xue murmured while stared at Instructor Mei Lan in confusion.

"That is right. Did you hear what that auctioneer said just now? Even the human expert at Nascent Soul Stage cannot see through that disguising device. It means that black ring have some arrays to conceal even the soul of the user." Instructor Mei Lan patiently explained while sipped the spirit tea on her cup.

"Your stealth-type divine ability does not have this kind of ability to conceal your soul. So, if you are facing the human expert at Nascent Soul Stage or any beast at Spirit Beast rank, they could detect you in an instant because they could sense all the soul in a certain radius." Instructor Mei Lan concluded her explanation.

"What?! All human experts at Nascent Soul Stage or any beast at Spirit Beast rank can detect me in my [Ethereal Form]?! But… when I used my [Ethereal Form] that time to take the egg in auction house… it seems no one detect it?" Tang Li Xue asked again in puzzlement.

Instructor Mei Lan rolled her eyes and replied: "Why do you think I need to stage such a stupid drama and make a big commotion before telling you to take the egg? I just have to tell you to use your stealth-type divine ability to take the egg, right?" 

"Listen up, Little Xue! Never become too complacent of yourself! Nothing is perfect in this world. No matter how powerful the ability, it would certainly have some weaknesses. The best we can do is only covering the weakness of our ability with another ability to make it looks perfect. Do you understand?" Instructor Mei Lan sternly warned Tang Li Xue, but she also stared at the others one by one. 

Instructor Mei Lan's advice was actually aimed at all of her students, not just Tang Li Xue.

After hearing Instructor Mei Lan's words, Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and stared expectantly at Instructor Mei Lan, then nodded to her.

While the bid of the disguising device already reached 650,000 credits, Instructor Mei Lan shouted her bid too: "1,000,000 credits!"

Tang Li Xue almost fell from her couch when she heard Instructor Mei Lan increased the bid by almost 40% at once.

"Ins… Instructor Lan… why… why do not we play it safe and increase the bid bit by bit like the others?" Tang Li Xue hesitantly asked with a bad expression. 

She really felt bad to spend so many credits at once like this. Moreover, Instructor Mei Lan increased the bid so much at once.

In Tang Li Xue's opinion, they could buy it for 700,000-800,000 credits. There was no need for them to push the price until 1,000,000 credits.

Instructor Mei Lan sneered at Tang Li Xue's naiveté and said: "Do you really think you can buy this disguising device for 700,000-800,000 credits?"

Tang Li Xue frowned and asked with a curious tone: "We can't?"

Instructor Mei Lan shook her head and replied: "The price estimation of mid-grade disguise-type magic treasure should be around 900,000-1,000,000 credits. If we increase the bid little by little, then the price would definitely more than 1,000,000 credits in the end. By pushing the bid to the price limit at once, we can make the others give up in an instant."

"But what if the other bid more than 1,000,000 credits?" Tang Li Xue asked again.

"Then we will give up…" Instructor Mei Lan leisurely replied.

Tang Li Xue: "….."

Just like what Instructor Mei Lan had estimated, no one dared to increase the bid anymore, and Tang Li Xue managed to get the black ring for 1,000,000 credits.

Tang Li Xue still did not know if the black ring could work in hiding Little Loki's trait, but she could only play that it would work.

The auction continued as usual, but Tang Li Xue did not have any more credits to buy anything, so she only watched in excitement like the others.

The fifth item was another magic treasure called Inferno Bangle. It could increase the fire attack of any creature who wore it by 50%. Someone from another VIP room bought it for 1,380,000 credits.

The sixth item was a peak-grade magic treasure with 9 arrays called Wind Conquering Pearl. It could increase the power of any wind-elemental ability by 25% while decreasing the power of the opponent's wind elemental ability by 75%. 

The first enhancing effect seemed to lack compared to Inferno Bangle, but the second effect was too godly. It could basically cripple any wind-elemental user! Even the starting bid for this Wind Conquering Pearl was 1,000,000 credits.

Tang Li Xue did not feel interested in this Wind Conquering Pearl, but someone has a different opinion than her.

"Yaya~!!! Ya ya yayaya ya!" The silent and obedient Yaya immediately flew toward Tang Li Xue and babbling in excitement while pointing at the Wind Conquering Pearl on the stage.

"What?! You… you want that pearl?" Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in disbelief.

Yaya nodded her tiny head repeatedly while kept staring hopefully at Tang Li Xue with her glittering pair of emerald green eyes.

Yaya was always obedient, and she never asked anything from Tang Li Xue. Only this time... she begged Tang Li Xue to buy her something. Tang Li Xue wanted to buy it for her very much, but the problem was... she has no credits! 

She only has 200,000 credits, while the starting price of this pearl is already one million credits!

"Yaya… I… I am really sorry… but it is too expensive… I do not have enough money to buy it…" Tang Li Xue apologized to Yaya while blushing in embarrassment.

Yaya felt dejected in an instant, but she also understood Tang Li Xue's predicament, so she decided to not throw a meaningless tantrum or ask for it anymore.

"Little one, you really want this?" Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently and asked Yaya.

Yaya immediately felt revitalized again and nodded her tiny head rapidly with an expression filled with excitement.

"Do not feel too happy first, I still do not know if we can win this bid or not!" Instructor Mei Lan giggled, and stroke Yaya's head gently.

The bidding of Wind Conquering Pearl already reached 1,280,000 credits, but Instructor Mei Lan increased the price to 1,500,000 credits in an instant.

Unfortunately, someone from another VIP room increased the bid to 1,550,000 credits this time and started the bidding war with Instructor Mei Lan.

"1,600,000 credits!"

"1,700,000 credits!"

"1,750,000 credits!"

"1,800,000 credits!"

Instructor Mei Lan managed to win the bid only after she increased the price to 2,000,000 credits.

Honestly, two million credits was a bit too expensive for even for peak-grade magic treasure. 

Usually, the price of any peak-grade magic treasure was only at 1,500,000 credits. Even if this Wind Conquering Pearl has such a godly effect for suppressing any wind-elemental ability user, the price should be only around 1,700,000-1,800,000 credits. 

In fact, Instructor Mei Lan already wanted to give up after the price reach 1,800,000 credits, but under Yaya's insistence, she decided to raise the bid to 2,000,000 credits.

Yaya got very happy and jumped to Instructor Mei Lan, then showered her with many kisses.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled happily at Yaya and kissed Yaya's forehead once.

Tang Li Xue felt really uncomfortable since she became more indebted to Instructor Mei Lan now, so she rebuked Yaya a bit: "Yaya, is that pearl really good? You even force Instructor Lan to buy it at a lot higher price for you!"

Yaya playfully stuck out her tongue to Tang Li Xue while whispered to Tang Li Xue through their mental connection: "You will see how useful it will be later!"

Tang Li Xue laughed at Yaya's playful reaction, and she mischievously poked Yaya's head with her index finger.

After Wind Conquering Pearl, the item auctioned at the stage got more and more precious. The bidding price had also increasing higher and higher! 

The seventh item, secret weapon-type Spirit Treasure with eighteen arrays called Demon Slaying Needle sold for 4,250,000 credits.

The eighth item, Bloodline Purifying Pill… sold for 8,580,000 credits.

The ninth item, Evolution Breakthrough Pill… sold for 12,500,000 credits.


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