Reincarnated As a Fox With System
295 Chapter 295: Specially Designed Disguising Device!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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295 Chapter 295: Specially Designed Disguising Device!

Tang Li Xue puffed her cheek in annoyance. 

She felt that she got scammed by Teacher Li Wei because she would rather pay with credits than having to do two troublesome requests for anyone.

'Sigh… Unfortunately, it is already too late for me. I can only hope for Teacher Li Wei to not ask me to do something too troublesome later.' Tang Li Xue sighed in resignation.

While Tang Li Xue still drowned in her own thought, the bidding for Spring Ice Fruit already almost reached the peak.

"400,000 credits!"

"420,000 credits!"

"One million credits!" The big shot in one of the VIP rooms immediately named a very high price and shut up the other bidders.

Even Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, and the others dropped their jaws at the price.

'Eh, wait a minute… this voice sounds familiar. Where have I heard of it before?' Tang Li Xue thought while tried to recall it.

Instructor Mei Lan sneered coldly while said with a scornful tone: "As expected from the overly rich Inscriptionist Association, they have too many credits in their pocket and cannot wait to spend it."

"Ah… I remember it! This voice belongs to Teacher Li Wei's fan, that crazy girl! Uh… What is her name again?" Tang Li Xue murmured, but Instructor Mei Lan could still hear her words clearly.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled at Tang Li Xue's remark and explained: "That voice belongs to Zi Yan. She is an Inscriptionist Master and also Sissy Wei's chaser, just like what you have said." 

"Her status in Inscriptionist Association is really high because she is the little sister of the President of the Inscriptionist Association, Zi Hua. Both of them are not good foxes, so be sure to never get too close to them. Do you understand?" Instructor Mei Lan warned Tang Li Xue with a very stern tone.

"Instructor Lan, I understand that very clearly because…" Tang Li Xue laughed, and she started to tell Instructor Mei Lan about what happened before when she registered as a member of the Inscriptionist Association with Teacher Li Wei's help.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled out loud after she heard Tang Li Xue's story, and she began to mischievously tease Teacher Li Wei beside their room with her telepathy: "Sissy Wei, you are really popular, aren't you? Why do you not just receive that Zi Yan's feeling for you so my father would never matchmaking me with you again?"

Teacher Li Wei gnashed his teeth and replied with telepathy too: "Shut up! Dummy Lan, you should just handle your own matters! I really want to see which fool guy would dare to marry a savage woman like you! I hope you will not become an unmarried old virgin woman later!" 

At first, Instructor Mei Lan also really worried about Tang Li Xue after she heard the story, but she immediately calmed down when she remembered Teacher Li Wei's mysterious background and status and concluded that Zi Yan and Zi Hua would never dare to hurt Tang Li Xue as long as she was under Teacher Li Wei's protection.

After finished counting until ten and no one bid higher anymore, Zhao Mengli announced that the Spring Ice Fruit was finally sold for one million credits.

"The second item is the Gold Heart Soil. The finest soil to cultivate precious herbs and miracle fruits. It is suitable to grow all types of precious herbs or miracle fruits, especially soul strengthening-type fruits or herbs. There is no further need to describe its effectiveness. Moreover, it can speed up the growth process up to 10 times! Although it is only one trunk, it is more than enough to grow two or three roots of any herbs that you like." Zhao Mengli explained to the crowds while showing her mesmerizing smile.

"The starting bid for this Gold Heart Soil is 500,000 credits!"

An old alchemist immediately shouted out loud: "One million credits! This Gold Elemental Soil must become mine!"

"Old fox, who do you think you are?! 1,200,000 credits!" Another alchemist was bidding for it too.

It was clear that this Gold Heart Soil was really precious to any alchemist since all of them started to bid higher and higher so fiercely.

"It can speed up the growth process by 10 times?! Doesn't it mean it only needs 10 years to grow 100 years herbs?! What a godlike soil?!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed in amazement.

"It certainly is a good thing. Unfortunately, it can only be used once. After the precious herbs matured, that Gold Heart Soil will turn into ordinary soil." Instructor Mei Lan explained while shook her head in disappointment.

"2,000,000 credits!" 

Tang Li Xue's pinkish lips twitched violently when she heard this accursed voice.

Who else if it was not the male disciple from Alchemist and Pharmacy Association who she escorted out of Myriad Foxes Academy to complete her mission for Silver-Trial badge upgrade before?!

2,000,000 credits was a very high price, so no one dared to bid higher anymore, but Tang Li Xue knew this disciple's arrogant personality, and she really wanted to teach him a lesson so badly.

"Instructor Lan, please help me bid for this thing! 2,100,000 credits!" Tang Li Xue anxiously asked for Instructor Mei Lan's help.

 "Why do you need this soil for?" Instructor Mei Lan frowned and asked.

Tang Li Xue giggled mischievously and replied: "I do not need this soil. I just want to prank that person… Hurry, Instructor Lan! I will tell you about it later!"

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled in amusement and shouted: "2,100,000 credits!" 

"3,000,000 credits!" The male disciple shouted again without any hesitation.

"This kid is really crazy! Now I understand why you want to play some prank on him!" Instructor Mei Lan laughed for a moment before shouted again: "3,100,000 credits!"

The male disciple: "4,000,000 credits!"

Instructor Mei Lan: "4,100,000 credits!"

The male disciple: "10,000,000 credits!"

Instructor Mei Lan subconsciously shouted: "5,100… What?! Err… I give up…"

Instructor Mei Lan stared blankly at Tang Li Xue and asked: "Is this person's head got kicked by a donkey before or what?"

With 10 million credits, they just needed to buy more than ten of the already matured precious herbs or miracle fruits. There was no need to plant them using the Gold Heart Soil and waited tens of years for it to reach maturity.

Even Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and the others were still stunned silly by the male disciple's useless display of wealth.

After a few moments, Tang Li Xue woke up from her daze and laughed at Instructor Mei Lan's response. She explained: "He is the crazy pampered disciple from Alchemist and Pharmacy Association. I escorted him and his sister in my silver-trial mission before."

Instructor Mei Lan immediately understood everything after she heard Tang Li Xue's words and said while pitched Tang Li Xue's soft cheek: "Poor Little Xue… You must be suffering a lot when escorting them."

After counting until ten, Zhao Mengli announced the Gold Heart Soil was sold to the male disciple for ten million credits.

The third item was one of Teacher Li Wei's items again. It was a purple-colored crystal in the size of a fist.

"This purple crystal is called Yin Vein Crystal from Black Yin Continent. The energy contained inside this crystal not only can strengthen the body but also can make you immune to any mid-ranking poison or lower! If you have yin-type Vitality Energy, this Yin Vein Crystal can add Yin Poison in your Vitality Energy made each your attack far more lethal to your enemies!" Zhou Mengli patiently explained to the audience.

"The starting bid for this Yin Vein Crystal is 1,000,000 credits!"

"1,200,000 credits!"

"1,300,000 credits!"

In the end, the Yin Vein Crystal was bought by Zhi Yan too for 2,000,000 credits. It seemed she already knew that Teacher Li Wei was the one who auctioned these two items and deliberately bid for the higher price to please Teacher Li Wei.

But Teacher Li Wei did not feel happy, pleased, or excited at all. This amount of credits was nothing to him. 

Let alone these few millions of credits, even tens of millions of credits could not enter his eyes.

Tang Li Xue might have thought that Teacher Li Wei was already planning to auction off his items before he offered them to her, but the reason was that he was actually too lazy to store these items back in his warehouse again, so he decided to auction them off instead of throwing them away.

These two items were the most useless and worthless things in his collection after all. 

The only good thing was that Metal Body Refinement Talisman, but it also worthless to him right now since he already learned all the runes. He could even make an upgraded version of Metal Body Refinement Talisman right now if he really wants to.

Teacher Li Wei took the three items out for Tang Li Xue to choose because he did not know the root cause and the severity of Little Loki's decease.

The fourth item was a strange black ring.

Zhou Mengli cleared her throat and started to explain: "This black ring may look a bit strange and ugly, but do not get tricked by its appearance. It is deliberately designed like this to not look too eye-catching."

"This black ring is actually a disguising device at mid-grade Magic Treasure Rank. It has 6 Arrays inscribed on it and specially designed for the fox like us to disguise perfectly as a human. There is no need to doubt its effect because not even the human expert at Nascent Soul Stage can look through it!" Zhou Mengli explained to the crowds with an excited tone.

"I know all of you still doubt its effect, so please allow me to demonstrate the true ability of this disguising device to you all!" Zhou Mengli said as she wore the black ring and used her Vitality Energy to activate it.


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