Reincarnated As a Fox With System
293 Chapter 293: Grandest Annual Auction!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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293 Chapter 293: Grandest Annual Auction!

Even though it was still in the middle of the day right now while the Annual Auction would be held at dawn around 17.00-18.00 o'clock but all the streets heading to Auction House were already weaved with streams of people... err... I mean foxes in their human form and extremely bustling.

The sounds of discussion about the auction that would be held in the Auction House today could be heard everywhere.

When looking down at Myriad Foxes Academy from the sky, one would be able to see that the streets that lead to everywhere and were like spider webs in Myriad Foxes Academy were filled with mighty streams and oceans of foxes, and all of them were heading towards the Auction House.

Amidst them were high-ranking officers that sat on treasured carriages, fox girls that had rare beast pets, and young students from the Education Department that moved in groups of three to five, causing it to be an unprecedentedly grand scene.

The entrance of the Auction House that was 500 meters wide was already so tightly packed that it was impossible to go through when Instructor Mei Lan and the others arrived, and the number of people that had come to participate in the auction today was obvious.

Tang Li Xue noticed that amongst the foxes that had come to participate in the auction, they were separated into three types. Most of them paid 3,000 credits to participate, but many of them also used the ordinary silver invitation.

They all entered through the front without any attendant receiving them.

The last type was a fine gold VIP invitation that only a handful of people possessed, and the arrival of these people was welcomed by special attendants.

Moreover, they walked in through a specially opened VIP pathway. They did not need to line up at the main entrance of Auction House like the others.

This was probably the difference between ordinary people... err... foxes and VIPs.

During the process of lining up to enter the Auction House, most of the foxes in their human form were discussing animatedly, and all of them held extremely great anticipation and curiosity towards the auction that was about to begin.

"I do not know if it is true or not, but some staff from the Auction House said they would sell Five Elemental Fruits today."

"What?! Five Elemental Fruits?! Are you joking?! They really planned to sell that?! Tsk, Tsk, Tsk... I must buy that fruit today!"

"That is only Five Elemental Fruit... I heard they will even sell Bloodline Purifying Pill and Evolution Breakthrough Pill. The Auction House is really going all out this time."

" Bloodline Purifying Pill and Evolution Breakthrough Pill~!!! No way, right?!"

"T... They must be crazy for being willing to sell those out!"

"You all don't know about this? During the auction this time, a huge number of rare and precious treasures will be appearing, and only those with invitations possess the qualifications to bid, understand?"

'Only those with invitations have the qualifications to bid? Then what about those who pay 3,000 credits?' Tang Li Xue thought in puzzlement.

Tang Li Xue decided to ask that to Instructor Mei Lan.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled at Tang Li Xue and explained patiently to her: "Those who pay 3,000 credits can only witnessing as spectators, and they do not have the qualifications to participate in the auction."

"They pay 3,000 credits to only witness as spectators?! They are really stupid, right?! I prefer to use those credits to buy my lunch!" Huang Hao said with a disdainful tone.

Almost all the foxes here have a pair of sharp ears, so they could hear Huang Hao's disdainful words very clearly.

All of them glared at Huang Hao in anger as if they wanted to kill him on the spot.

Their sharp murderous intent made Huang Hao shuddered in fear. He immediately hid behind Instructor Mei Lan and lowered his head timidly.

Instructor Mei Lan slapped the back of Huang Hao's head and told him to apologize to everyone here.

Huang Hao obediently followed Instructor Mei Lan's words and reluctantly bowed his head while apologizing to everyone.

"Well, well, well... what an insolent student do you have here?! Mei Lan, you should stop pampering your students and break one or two of their limbs every time they make a mistake so they will learn to not repeat their mistake anymore."

A feminine yet flirtatious sound came from behind them.

Huang Hao almost fainted when he heard the cruel words said by that feminine yet flirtatious sound.

"Humph! Zhiruo, you should mind your own business! Just teach your own students so they will not lose to my students too badly next time!" Instructor Mei Lan replied without turning her head.

With her [Extrasensory Perception], Tang Li Xue already knew who said those words even without turning her head. It was the red-haired sexy Instructor, Zhiruo. 

Red-haired Instructor Zhiruo also came with all of her students to the Auction House.

"Aw~~! How could you are acting so cold to me, Mei Lan?! Are you already forgetting how we spend a night together in the middle of the forest?" Zhiruo spoke to Instructor Mei Lan with an aggravated tone combined with her flirtatious voice was enough to make anyone's imagination run wild.

Instructor Mei Lan rolled her eyes and lazily replied: "Do you mean the night we spend to supervise the second trial of entry test to Myriad Foxes Academy before?!"

"Ai~~! Mei Lan, you are not fun at all!" Zhiruo puckered her cherry red lips and pouted, but she still asked many questions to Instructor Mei Lan. Although Instructor Mei Lan only lazily answered a few of her questions while ignored her teasing.

While Instructor Mei Lan and Instructor Zhiruo were talking to each other, one of Instructor Zhiruo's students, the petite loli orange-haired girl, approached Tang Li Xue and greeted her.

"Hiya! Beautiful silver-haired sister!" The petite orange-haired girl said cheerfully to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue reflexively took a few steps back from the petite orange-haired girl.

Tang Li Xue was still traumatized and instinctual afraid of this petite orange-haired girl who even dared to self-destructed herself in the sparring match before.

However, the black short-haired girl swiftly hugged Tang Li Xue from behind when Tang Li Xue took a few steps backward. She even whispered softly onto Tang Li Xue's sensitive fox ear: "Where are you going to run, my lovely cute silver fox?"

When Tang Li Xue felt the warm breath of the black short-haired girl on her fox ear, Tang Li Xue's face behind her fox mask was blushed a bit since their pose right now was quite intimate.

Tang Li Xue wanted to push the black short-haired girl away angrily, but someone fuse already blew up before she could do that.


The temperature around them drastically dropped in an instant, and the ground below their feet was covered by a thin layer of frost.

Bing Yi angrily fired tens of sharp [Ice Bolts] at the black short-haired girl to separate her from Tang Li Xue, but the black short-haired girl easily neutralized Bing Yi's attack with her [Glacial Barrier].

The swift Hei Yinghao activated his [Blood Burst] and already arrived beside the black short-haired girl in an instant.

Hei Yinghao impolitely kicked the black short-haired girl away from Tang Li Xue without any hesitation.

Both Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi stood at the left and right sides of Tang Li Xue while glaring vigilantly at Instructor Zhiruo's students as if they were afraid that Tang Li Xue would be taken away from them.

"That is hurt! Handsome guy, can't you treat a woman gentler?" The black short-haired girl said to Hei Yinghao with a tone filled with annoyance.

"In my eyes, only Little Xue is a woman. The rest of you including that Ice Girl over there are no more than foxes without male reproductive organs." Hei Yinghao answered mercilessly with a cold tone.

Tang Li Xue: "….."

Bing Yi: "….."

The others: "….."

Hei Yinghao's touching words were rewarded with a heavy slap on the head from Instructor Mei Lan.

While they were talking and joking with each other, all of them unknowingly arrived at the entrance of VIPs.

Both Instructor Mei Lan and Zhiruo took out the gold VIP invitation from their space pouch to walk in the auction area under the warm welcome of two female attendants.

"Woah, both Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Zhiruo have gold VIP invitation! Are all teachers from the Education Department really that rich?" All of their students exclaimed in shock and admiration.

They immediately followed Instructor Mei Lan and Zhiruo closely from behind. There were too many people here, and they were afraid to get lost or separated from their teacher.

The auction area was extremely large, vast, and magnificent, and it seemed to occupy an area twice bigger than the baseball stadium. Obviously, an expert that possessed great ability had opened up an enormous space here. The surrounding buildings were divided into two floors and they formed a circular shape that surrounded an enormous jade platform at the center.

The VIP rooms were on the second floor, and the VIP room Instructor Mei Lan, Instructor Zhiruo, and all of their students were in faced the jade platform directly. Their field of vision was extremely vast, allowing them to be able to see everything in their surroundings from within the room, yet the people on the outside were unable to see the situation within the VIP room.

The VIP room was not large, yet was decorated extremely tastefully, and when one sat within it and looked down at the surroundings, it was indeed capable of allowing one to arouse the feeling of being superior and in control of everything.


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