Reincarnated As a Fox With System
292 Chapter 292: Tang Li Xue’s Resolve!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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292 Chapter 292: Tang Li Xue’s Resolve!

The sky already turned dark when Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, Li Jing, and the others finished their intense hell training lesson.

All of them dragged their extremely exhausted body back into the Residential Building except for Tang Li Xue.

Currently, Tang Li Xue sat in Instructor Mei Lan's living room with Yaya.

Yaya already finished her lesson with Instructor Mei Lan's mother earlier than Tang Li Xue and already came back to meet Tang Li Xue in Instructor Mei Lan's courtyard an hour before.

Instructor Mei Lan sat elegantly with her legs crossed in front of Tang Li Xue and Yaya. 

She sipped on the tea on her cup and said to Tang Li Xue: "I still have something important to do, so you better speak now! What do you want to ask?"

Tang Li Xue hesitated for a moment before steeled her will and asked: "Instructor Lan, do you know some treasures that can change someone's aura completely and hid some of their features like our foxtail or fox ears?"

Instructor Mei Lan raised her eyebrow and stared intensely at Tang Li Xue for a few moments.

"You are… planning to cover up something, aren't you? Whatever you want to do, I must warn you. Never... Ever... Create more trouble in Myriad Foxes Academy!" Instructor Mei Lan said with a stern tone as she squinted her eyes in suspicion.

Cold sweat poured out from Tang Li Xue's forehead, and she stuttered: "Wha… What are you talking about Instructor Lan?! Of… Of course, I will never create trouble in Myriad Foxes Academy! I just want to find some ways to cover my foxtail and fox ear when we travel in the human world later."

Instructor Mei Lan sneered at Tang Li Xue and said with a leisure tone: "To cover your foxtail and fox ear? What a lame excuse… What about that troublemaking egg you take from the Auction House before? I bet it already hatched, right? Let me guess… That egg hatched when you did your mission in the human world before, and now you are searching for some ways to cover all of its traits so no one could recognize its evil aura and appearance. Am I right?"

'Damn it! How could you know all of it?! Instructor Lan, are you sure that you are not a psychic or something?!' Tang Li Xue thought as she felt as if she had been slapped by Instructor Mei Lan, but she still gritted her teeth.

"Wha… What are you talking about…" Tang Li Xue's mind was already short-circuited, and she almost blurted out the exact same words that she said previously to Instructor Lan before, but Instructor Mei Lan immediately interrupted her.

"Oh, so you are still trying to deny it?! I bet that troublemaking egg must have created a huge commotion when it hatched. What if I ordered a few students to search for some clues at the Quanhai City to…" Instructor Mei Lan said while sneered at Tang Li Xue.

"AAAHHH~!!! Stop it! I am really sorry for lying to you, My Kind-hearted Instructor Lan! It is my fault! What you are saying is right?! So please help your student in distress just this once! I... I do not want to ask any more help from that Miser Teacher Wei!" Tang Li Xue shouted and bowed her head until it bumped hard onto the tea table in front of her.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled at Tang Li Xue and said: "You are really not good at lying. Why should you bother to tell me a meaningless lie?! Just tell me the truth from the very beginning. Call out your pet now. I want to see it."

"Instructor Lan…" Tang Li Xue said with a coquettish tone to Instructor Mei Lan.

"Do not waste any more time and call out your pet now! I am not the Sissy Wei. It is futile for you to act flirtatious like that in front of me!" Instructor Mei Lan said with a stern tone.

Tang Li Xue bit her lips lightly in hesitation.

She was really afraid if Instructor Mei Lan recognized Little Loki's species.

To be exact, Tang Li Xue was very afraid if Instructor Mei Lan decided to kill Little Loki on the spot after she identified Little Loki's species as one of the Four Evil Fiend Beasts!

"Instructor Lan… I… am sorry… I cannot follow your order now! But you can rest assured! I promise to take care of it really well and would never let it do something bad anymore! So… please! Trust me!" Tang Li Xue vowed with a serious expression while staring straight into Instructor Mei Lan's eyes.

Instructor Mei Lan was also staring at Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes to judge everything from Tang Li Xue's expression.

With Instructor Mei Lan's intelligence, how could she did not detect something was not right from Tang Li Xue's resolute words?!

At first, Instructor Mei Lan wanted to check the species of the beast hatched from that sinister egg…

If the creature was something evil or sinister, then she would probably forcefully confiscate it from Tang Li Xue and slew it somewhere else where no one sees it, since Instructor Mei Lan was afraid that the sinister creature would hurt or even kill Tang Li Xue.

But from Tang Li Xue's attitude, Instructor Mei Lan concluded that Tang Li Xue already knew how sinister that creature was and still decided to raise it!

Moreover, it seems the creature was not that simple! Not only evil or sinister… but something more than that… something calamitous even!

There were many things she wanted to ask…

There were many things she doubted…

But Instructor Mei Lan decided not to ask or say anything except for one: "Are you really sure that you can take full responsibility for raising it? What will you do if that creature did something crazy to ruin our Myriad Foxes Academy?!"

"YES, I will take full responsibility for it! If it dares to do something like that… I will be surely the first person to slay it!" Tang Li Xue replied without any hesitation.

"Good! I hope you will always remember what you are saying now." Instructor Mei Lan said as a gentle satisfied smile bloomed on her beautiful face.

 Tang Li Xue sighed in relief…

'Thankfully, Instructor Lan still underestimated Little Loki's species. I wonder what she would do if she knew Little Loki would not only have the strength to ruin the Myriad Foxes Academy but all the countless worlds and realms, including Divine World…' Tang Li Xue started to shudder violently. She did not dare to think about the consequences anymore.

Instructor Mei Lan pondered for a few moments and shook her head: "I do not have any treasure with the effect to conceal the creature's trait…" 

Tang Li Xue closed her eyes and sighed in great disappointment.

She already braved herself to ask Instructor Mei Lan about it, but her effort was ended up in vain.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled at Tang Li Xue's despaired look and continued: "But I do know the place where you can buy the treasure with that effect."

Tang Li Xue's despaired expression immediately replaced by an excited expression and she asked again: "Really? I… I can buy it?! Where?! Where can I buy it?! In the human world?!"

"Calm down… It is still in the Myriad Foxes Academy, not far from here. You can buy it from Auction House." Instructor Mei Lan replied with a leisure tone while sipped the tea in her cup again.

Tang Li Xue's cheerful expression turned dark again and she asked: "EEhhhh… Auction House? Really? But… I doubt they will sell treasure like that… And the price would be also…"

Instructor Mei Lan laughed and explained: "It is true they will never sell the treasure with that effect because the treasure like that can be used by any fox to infiltrate human society easily. But it is different now."

"Different? What is different?" Tang Li Xue asked in puzzlement.

"Annual Auction." Instructor Mei Lan replied shortly.

Tang Li Xue still put the puzzled expression. She was completely oblivious to the difference between the Annual Auction and the normal auction.

Instructor Mei Lan rolled her eyes and explained again: "Do you know what your egg was doing on the Auction House before completely ruining their image? They are starting to lose the trust of their customers. The merchant without the trust from their customers is destined to face bankruptcy sooner or later!"

"That is why they are planning to organize the grandest Annual Auction in three days from now to restore their prestige. They would certainly auction many precious treasures, priceless herbs, miracle fruits, and so on. I am really sure they will sell the item you need later." Instructor Mei Lan said the tone full of confidence.

Tang Li Xue nodded absentmindedly while thinking: 'Sigh… I hope the price would be quite cheap or I would never be able to buy it! It seems I must work extra hard to make many talismans in these three days. I hope I can get enough credits by selling all the talismans onto Teacher Wei later."

Tang Li Xue bid her farewell to Instructor Mei Lan and brought Yaya back with her to the Residential Building.

After both of them eating to their heart content in the luxurious restaurant on the first floor, they came back to their room together.

Yaya fell asleep almost in an instant when she lay down on the soft bed in the bedroom, while Tang Li Xue rolled her long sleeve and took out her golden [Inscription Pen] from her system's item inventory.

Tang Li Xue decided to not take any sleep in these three days and pulled all-nighters to inscribe as many talismans as she could.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya's schedule for the next three days was still the same, and without knowing, the three days had passed.

Instructor Mei Lan dismissed her class earlier today and brought all of her students to take a look at the Grand Annual Auction in Auction House.


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