Reincarnated As a Fox With System
291 Chapter 291: Please Wait...
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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291 Chapter 291: Please Wait...

Bing Yi was in a huge dilemma right now.

She could use her [Frozen Blast] to freeze all the water before it touched her, but Tang Li Xue could use her [Summon Water] to turn back the frozen water back into liquid!

Moreover, Tang Li Xue's [Tidal Wave] was a unique skill with the wide Area of Effect (AoE), so Bing Yi could not dodge it at all!

Bing Yi gritted her teeth and decided to use her [Frozen Blast] once more to freeze the violent current of a tidal wave in front of her!


Bing Yi waved her slender hand, and the compressed freezing air blast out to meet face to face with the violent current of a tidal wave!

Crack... Crack... Crack...

The violent tidal wave turned completely into solid ice when it met with the compressed freezing air blast!

However, Tang Li Xue also waved her hand which was covered by the golden gauntlet, and used her [Summon Water] skill to turn back the frozen tidal wave into the water!


The huge amount of water engulfed Bing Yi in an instant!

Although, Bing Yi's [Frozen Blast] managed to kill the violent momentum of the tidal wave, but the huge amount of water was enough to drown her!

Instructor Mei Lan who watched from the big water-screen in the sparring room closed her eyes and shook her head in disappointment while murmured: "It is over. Bingbing has lost."

Even Tang Li Xue also thought so and grinning happily.

Tang Li Xue has the power to control water, so when Bing Yi submerged in a huge amount of water from the tidal wave, her fate has also been sealed.

It could be said Bing Yi's fate was on Tang Li Xue's palm right now.

"Hehehe... Hmm... Bingbing, what should I do to you now?" Tang Li Xue giggled with a mischievous smile.

Bing Yi felt suffocated, but her mind was still clear, then she started to struggle out from Tang Li Xue's control right now.

[Frost Burst]!

The extremely cold aura started to swirl violently around Bing Yi stirred the water around her body!

The violent swirl of water started to freeze and created a large pillar of ice!

The large pillar of ice became Bing Yi's foothold and brought Bing Yi out from the water, but…

"Sigh… It is only a futile effort." Tang Li Xue shook her head and used her [Summon Water] skill again to turn the large pillar of ice back into the water.

Just with only one simple move, Tang Li Xue made Bing Yi plunged again into the sea of water.


"Naughty Bingbing… I seem I must do something to make you more obedient." Tang Li Xue giggled again and murmured with a mischievous tone.

Tang Li Xue started to twirl her index finger and the sea of water began to churning.

The sea of water was actually spinning faster and faster!

"Hmm… This move is not bad! Let's call this [Water Tornado] maybe?" Tang Li Xue pondered while kept twirling her index finger.


The spinning sea of water already turned into a terrifying giant water tornado while the poor Bing Yi was trapped in the middle of it!

The poor Bing Yi kept spinning along with the water tornado.

The cultivator or beast with high cultivation could hold their breath underwater for several tens of minutes without any problem but being caught in a state of constantly getting shaking, spinning, tossing, and turning violently like this was a different story.

Bing Yi already felt dizzy and nauseous.

Her consciousness started to fade away, and she finally fell unconscious.

Tang Li Xue became a bit panicked when she saw Bing Yi fell unconscious. She regretted immediately what she had done.

Tang Li Xue quickly canceled the [Water Tornado] and took Bing Yi out of the water.

She sighed in relief after making sure that Bing Yi was all right and only passed out.

Tang Li Xue took the five small bells tied on Bing Yi's waist and managed to become the winner of this hide-and-seek game.

Bing Yi was immediately sent out from the dense jungle after Tang Li Xue took all of her bells.

 Tang Li Xue was also sent back into the sparring room a few seconds after Bing Yi.

Instructor Mei Lan stared at them one by one before her gaze fell onto the pair of golden gauntlets wore by Tang Li Xue.

"Not bad, Little Xue! Your improvement really did not disappoint me. It seems you even have the new ability now." Instructor Mei Lan said while chuckled at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue felt embarrassed when Instructor Mei Lan stared at her, so she unsummoned her martial soul, the [Golden Winged Serpent], and the pair of golden gauntlets on her arms also vanished into thin air.

"On the contrary, Bingbing… you are quite disappointing." Instructor Mei Lan said as she glanced at Bing Yi who already regained her consciousness back.

Bing Yi lowered her head in guilty and replied softly: "I… I am sorry, Instructor Lan."

"Do you know why you are lost to Little Xue?" Instructor Mei Lan asked with a cold expression.

Bing Yi thought for a moment before answered: "Maybe because… Little Xue is stronger than me?"

"Wrong! She is not that strong. Her control over her new ability is also very crude and messy. It is clear that she has only acquired her new ability very recently and only used it once or twice. If she used high pressured water to attack you, your situation would be far worse!" Instructor Mei Lan did not hold back and said her opinion.

Tang Li Xue became dumbfounded and thought: 'Wha… wait a minute… Why it seems like Instructor Lan is scolding me instead?!'

"Little Xue had just acquired her new ability, so it is completely acceptable. But you… sigh… You are hesitating, right? You even fail to believe the power you have tempered all this time. If you continue like this, all of your intense training will just go to waste." Instructor Mei Lan scolded Bing Yi with a tone filled with disappointment.

Bing Yi lowered her head even more in guilty and murmured softly: "I… I am sorry, Instructor Lan. I will make sure to fix it."

Instructor Mei Lan stared again at them one by one and told to all of them: "This applies to all of you too. When you are facing the others, no matter how powerful they look, no matter if their elemental is your weakness… If you lose your belief in your own strength, your chance of winning is already decreased by 50%."

"Bingbing's fight is a clear example of that. She started to hesitate midway and lost the confidence of her own power. After hesitating, she tried to think of a way to defeat her enemy with her wits."

"Big mistake! Imagine if she went all out in using her freezing power without giving Little Xue any chance to use her new skill?" Instructor Mei Lan asked, then paused for a bit while looked at their expression.

"I can use my skill to turn Bingbing's ice into water… So it means I can only use my skill after she used her skill to freeze my water. If she attacks me rapidly without leaving me any chance to use my skill, then… I will certainly lose." Tang Li Xue pondered carefully while unconsciously murmured.

Instructor Mei Lan's eyes brightened as she nodded to Tang Li Xue and said: "Smart! If Bingbing trusts her power and keep pushing you with her freezing divine ability. You will certainly lose because she has better control over her power. Moreover, she has the elemental compression ability! In short, she already held the advantage in terms of speed, control, and power. Unfortunately, she was flustered when she saw your new ability."

"You must trust your own ability, but it does not mean you can become overconfident and charge blindly at your enemies without thinking! The battle of Silly Fox is the concrete proof of this!" Instructor Mei Lan said while smacked the back of Hei Yinghao's head really hard.

"Instructor Lan… you are being partial here. You never hit Ice Girl, but why do you always hit my head every time I make a mistake?!" Hei Yinghao said with a wronged expression as he rubbed his painful back head.

Instructor Mei Lan glared at Hei Yinghao and replied with an angry tone: "Because you deserve it! You already know that there are two of them, but why do you still attack them frontally without any plan?! Moreover, you are still trying to attack them instead of retreating after you failed in your first attack?! Are you an idiot or what?! No... just how stupid you are?!"

Gan Aomiao and Li Jing laughed at Hei Yinghao, but they immediately fell silent and lowered their head when Instructor Mei Lan stared at them too.

"You two still dare to laugh at him?! You two are not that different from him, so you have no right to laugh at him! Why do you two also trying to face Bingbing head-on? You already know that Bingbing held an absolute advantage over her range! Bingbing range of attack is almost twice farther than you two, but you two still try to face her head-on instead of trying to ambush her from behind! Very stupid!" Instructor Mei Lan reprimanded them harshly too.

Everyone got scolded by Instructor Mei Lan one by one except Tang Li Xue and Huang Hao.

Instructor Mei Lan could not scold Tang Li Xue because it was the first time Tang Li Xue used her new ability, so she only gave some advice to Tang Li Xue to improve her new ability more.

As for Huang Hao, Instructor Mei Lan knew how futile it was to scold him, so she only let him do what he wants.

The user of [Shadow Clones] should be able to grasp many strategies to prevail in battle, but Huang Hao was clearly too lazy to read any book or to learn anything, so Instructor Mei Lan gave up completely on educating this guy.

After the scolding session, Instructor Mei Lan dragged them all toward her courtyard behind the education building, and all of them started their intense hell training lesson there.


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