Reincarnated As a Fox With System
290 Chapter 290: Water VS Ice!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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290 Chapter 290: Water VS Ice!

Tang Li Xue's mood grew solemn.

Amongst the three of them, Bing Yi's progress was the most apparent.

After undergoing intense training in the Elemental Compression from Instructor Mei Lan, Bing Yi's ice power has transformed and improved by leap and bound.

Even if Hei Yinghao fought all out against the current Bing Yi, he would surely face a lot of trouble to defeat her.

Of course, if we counted Yaya too, the improvement Yaya got after she learned the Elemental Compression from Instructor Mei Lan's mother was actually much richer than Bing Yi because she managed to learn a new divine ability.

Instructor Mei Lan also ordered Tang Li Xue to undergo intense training in the Elemental Compression with Bing Yi to increase her power and control over Flame of Pride while Tang Li Xue did not dare to use her Flame of Pride in the Myriad Foxes Academy.

Currently, Tang Li Xue did not have any way to fight against Bing Yi since she did not want to use her Flame of Pride in the Myriad Foxes Academy.

The cooldown of her [Twin Moons] divine ability was still four to five more days. 

Moreover, Tang Li Xue could not use the divine ability copied by her perfect copy since her perfect copy was still in dead condition until the cooldown of her [Twin Moons] finished, so her [Mirror of the Moon] could only copy one divine ability for now.

While the effect of [Eclipse of Desire] was too horrible, and Tang Li Xue did not dare to use it at Bing Yi.

Tang Li Xue had not even sure if that skull-masked man managed to break out from [Eclipse of Desire]'s effect until now.

In only a few seconds, many different thoughts had swirled in Tang Li Xue's mind, but she still had not found any way to fight against Bing Yi's horrible freezing power.

"Little Xue... My stamina is getting depleted quickly... I cannot maintain this [Frozen Tundra] for too long. Can we start now?" Bing Yi asked for Tang Li Xue's confirmation.

"Wait, wait, wait a minute! I am not ready yet! Let me think for a bit! Just a few couple more seconds!" Tang Li Xue replied still with a solemn expression.

"All... All right, just a few more seconds, okay?" Bing Yi asked again with a bit anxious tone.

The expression of Instructor Mei Lan turned weird, and even her red lips twitched violently in aggravation when she watched at the interaction between Bing Yi and Tang Li Xue from the water-screen.

She really wanted to knock hard on their head when they started to act like this.

But she could not help it since Tang Li Xue was the favorite darling of both Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao.

In fact, if Hei Yinghao was the one facing Tang Li Xue right now. He would surely give up instantly and threw all of his bells at Tang Li Xue without any hesitation regardless of the consequence, like doubling the training schedule.

However, if the fight was between Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao instead of Tang Li Xue, they would never yield to each other and fight all out to gain Tang Li Xue's attention.

The winner would surely be mocking the loser in front of Tang Li Xue for more than a month, just like when Hei Yinghao had won against Bing Yi after they evolved into [Rare] grade before.

When everyone waited for Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi to fight against each other, Tang Li Xue suddenly have thought, why not use this chance to test her new power!

Her partial merge with her martial soul, the [Golden Winged Serpent]!

That pair of menacing golden gauntlets!

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes were glittering brightly in excitement like a pair of blue stars. The more she thought it, the more she liked her idea.

Of course, Tang Li Xue would not let Bing Yi see her summoning out her martial soul, the [Golden Winged Serpent], so she activated her [Ethereal Form] and vanished from Bing Yi's sight in an instant.

Bing Yi had been already on standby since a few minutes ago, so she immediately threw an attack toward Tang Li Xue's direction.

[Frost Burst]!

Bing Yi waved her hand, and an extremely cold wind started to swirl violently around the place where Tang Li Xue stood up before.


The violent swirling cold wind created a large pillar of ice, but Tang Li Xue has already swiftly retreated from there.


The loud dragon roar echoed through the entire dense forest, frightened all the beasts living inside that dense forest.

Tang Li Xue's invisible [Golden Winged Serpent] soared onto the sky above Tang Li Xue in excitement. 

After the [Golden Winged Serpent] flew in a circle once, it descended from the sky toward Tang Li Xue and turned into dazzling golden light, but no one could see it except Tang Li Xue herself because both [Golden Winged Serpent] and Tang Li Xue were still in [Ethereal Form].

The dazzling golden light wrapped Tang Li Xue's arms in her [Ethereal Form] and solidified into a pair of golden gauntlets.

Bing Yi still failed to find Tang Li Xue's location, so she expanded the radius of her [Frozen Tundra] bit by bit to force Tang Li Xue out from her [Ethereal Form]!

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao were already fought or sparred together so many times in these few months, so of course, they already knew each other skills and divine abilities along with its flaw, just like Tang Li Xue's [Ethereal Form] would get canceled if she got hit by any elemental attack!

It only took less than a second for the invisible Tang Li Xue to get hit by the cold freezing aura from Bing Yi's [Frozen Tundra], and her [Ethereal Form] also got canceled.

After Tang Li Xue appeared once again in Bing Yi's vision, Bing Yi immediately bombarded Tang Li Xue with her ice skills combo, just like what she did to Li Jing and Gan Aomiao!

[Frozen Blast]!

Bing Yi waved her hand and blasted a compressed chilling aura onto Tang Li Xue's direction mercilessly!

Tang Li Xue did not panic at all.

On the contrary, she was smiling excitedly like a child who wanted to try her new toy.

Tang Li Xue also waved one of her hands which was wrapped by the golden gauntlet.

[Summon Water]!

[Water Control]!

This [Summon Water] was the simplified form of [Summon Rain].

At first, Tang Li Xue did not know what the true function of this ability, but she finally knew it now!

It was the skill to revert the water elemental in the other form like solid state (ice and snow) or gaseous state (water vapor including fog and clouds) back into a liquid state (water).

The surrounding snow and ice followed Tang Li Xue's command and turned back into the water, shielding her from Bing Yi's attack!


Bing Yi's [Frozen Blast] instantly froze the water that shielded Tang Li Xue, but it was only for a moment. When Tang Li Xue used her [Summon Water], the frozen water turned back to a liquid and flowed according to Tang Li Xue's control!

Bing Yi was completely dumbfounded by Tang Li Xue's new ability.

"This… Little Xue, you are really full of surprises! So this is your new power?!" Bing Yi asked in disbelief.

"Hehehe, impressive, right?!" Tang Li Xue smugly asked back.

Even Instructor Mei Lan, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others who watched their battle from the water-screen in the sparring room were stunned silly by Tang Li Xue's new ability.

"That should be…" Instructor Mei Lan murmured while frowned and thought for a while.

Then her eyes brightened when she remembered the power of Tang Li Xue's martial soul when she evolved into [Rare] grade before.

Instructor Mei Lan immediately realized what was going on and where Tang Li Xue's golden gauntlets came from.

"Partial merge? What an impressive kid!" Instructor Mei Lan murmured again in astonishment. She kept staring at Tang Li Xue and smiling gently as always.

"Okay, Little Xue… you are really amazing! I will go all out from now on! Please be careful!" Bing Yi giggled and increased her freezing power output without holding back.

The temperature around them drastically dropped even more, and the fierce blizzard started to blow.

Tang Li Xue chuckled softly, and she immediately used her other ability, [Summon Rain]!


Heavy rain started to pour down around Tang Li Xue!

The weather around Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi looked extremely bizarre right now!

Half of the area has a fierce blizzard, while the other half has heavy rain!

Tang Li Xue slowly raised both of her arms which were covered by the pair of golden gauntlets, and each droplet of water began to float around her.

Tang Li Xue looked like the Water Goddess herself right now!

A large amount of water assembled more and more!

'Not yet!' Tang Li Xue whispered in her mind.

[Blood Ignition] – Quadruple Amplification!

Tang Li Xue even used the divine ability she copied from Hei Yinghao to temporarily amplified her strength!

[Tidal Wave]!

Tang Li Xue used the unique skill that almost washed Mogui and his team away in one sweep to Bing Yi!


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