Reincarnated As a Fox With System
288 Chapter 288: Hunting Practice!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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288 Chapter 288: Hunting Practice!

Tang Li Xue used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] and agilely dashing forward.

Her slender figure flickered around, leaving several afterimages behind as she was sprinting with her full speed. 

With her [Ethereal Form], Tang Li Xue could pass through every solid thing unhindered, so she did not need to avoid any trees or brambles.

In this dense jungle, Tang Li Xue should be able to move everywhere easily with her [Ethereal Form] without being detected by anyone but…


Tang Li Xue frowned deeply, and she immediately halted her step.

When Tang Li Xue stopped sprinting, the loud sound of the bell that came from the small bell tied on her waist gradually stopped ringing as well.

Tang Li Xue tried to walk much slower. The small bell tied on her waist started to ringing again but not so loud like before.

"What a troublesome bell! Sigh… Instructor Lan really knows how to increase the game difficulty for us!" Tang Li Xue murmured while smiled in irony.

With this bell tied on their waist, it was almost impossible for them to sneak attack the others from behind.

Tang Li Xue pondered it for a few moments and decided to not mind the loud sound of the bell. She kept dashing forward with her full speed to find the others and rob their small bell as soon as possible.

She has her [Extrasensory Perception] any way to detect everything in her surrounding clearly. 

She decided to only decrease her speed after she got closer to her target later.

But Tang Li Xue once again underestimated Instructor Mei Lan's warning!

When Instructor Mei Lan said: 'be really careful and do not make too much noise!', she really meant what she said!


A finger-sized poisonous snake jumped out toward Tang Li Xue in an instant from behind the bushes.

Tang Li Xue already detected it with her [Extrasensory Perception] before the poisonous snake made any move before. 

Although the poisonous snake's attack could not touch her in the [Ethereal Form], but Tang Li Xue's [Extrasensory Perception] felt something strange from its poison.

Tang Li Xue did not want to take a risk by touching the poison from the poisonous snake, so she canceled her [Ethereal Form] and began to retaliate.

She leisurely waved her palm and shooting out the [Moon Splitter], which easily sliced the poisonous snake's body into three tiny parts.

Unfortunately for Tang Li Xue, the poisonous snake's incident was only the beginning.

Not only the other poisonous snakes started to assault her, but many other strange bugs also began to charging toward her.

"Ah, I am really so stupid! How could Instructor Lan's words be so simple?! I should have known it! The sound of this small bell is designed to attract the bugs and beasts in these forests! The louder it ringing, the more bugs and beasts it will attract! I am sure the more bells we have, the more bugs and beasts it will attract too!" Tang Li Xue groaned in frustration.

These bugs and beasts did not possess any threat to Tang Li Xue, but it was extremely tedious and time-wasting to deal with them.

Tang Li Xue tried to activate her [Ethereal Form] again to get away from them, but her [Ethereal Form] was immediately canceled by the bugs' attacks!

Yes, each of the bug's attack actually contained the fire elemental. 

Although it was not that strong and could not hurt Tang Li Xue, but it was enough to cancel her [Ethereal Form]!

"Even these tiny bugs have the elemental attack to cancel my [Ethereal Form]?! Sigh… Why it seems like Instructor Lan is especially targeting me in this hide and seeks game? This is not fair!" Tang Li Xue started to complain.

Actually, Instructor Mei Lan did not intentionally target Tang Li Xue at all.

In fact, any foxes participating in Fox Hunting Festival would receive something to detect the other foxes in the vicinity, so it was almost impossible to sneak attacking anyone in the Fox Hunting Festival.

It could be something like a detection talisman, jade tablet, and so on.

Instructor Mei Lan designed this hide and seek game to get them used to the battle in a chaotic situation like this, while the loud sound of their bell could scatter their concentration anytime and made them distracted by it.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in exasperation.

She expanded her [Extrasensory Perception]'s detection to her maximum radius.

She did not detect anyone near her, so she licked her pinkish lips with a mischievous smile on her face and murmured: "Flame of Pride... clean them all for me!"


Tang Li Xue's slender figure started emitting intense heat as the deep-blue flame burst out from her body.

The deep-blue flame formed a spherical barrier of flame. The spherical flame barrier was spreading out wider and wider, burning all the annoying bugs and beasts near Tang Li Xue to nothingness.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief after she cleaned up every insect in her vicinity.

"It seems I really cannot make too much noise or these insects and tiny beasts will come to me like a flood…" Tang Li Xue whispered to herself. She really has learned her lesson this time.

"Eh?" Tang Li Xue's [Extrasensory Perception] managed to detect Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and Gan Aomiao approaching her fast.

Tang Li Xue immediately activated her [Ethereal Form] again, and her slender figure vanished into thin air.

She wanted to get away from here and wait for the three of them to fight each other until they were all exhausted. But she decided to not move at all from here since the bell on her waist would ring if she moved around.

The ringing sounds of three bells reverberated through the dense jungle. It was especially loud and clear under the quiet night sky.

It only took a few seconds for Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and Gan Aomiao to meet with each other, and they started to fight against each other.

Tang Li Xue did not join their battle and only watching at them from a few tens of meters away.

There was barren land under her feet until a few meters away from her because she used her Flame of Pride to burn everything on her surrounding, but it seems Hei Yinghao and the other did not think much of it. 

[Blood Burst]!

[Blood Ignition] – Quadruple Amplification!

Hei Yinghao did not hold back at all, and instantly activated two of his powerful divine abilities.

His speed and strength were increased by multiple folds that Li Jing and Gan Aomiao did not even have any time to react before he already reached them!


Hei Yinghao thought he could definitely catch the two of them off guard, and defeat them in one move, but he clearly underestimated Li Jing and Gan Aomiao too much.

They were all the students under Instructor Mei Lan's tutelage, so how could only Tang Li Xue's team have grown stronger than before?!

Of course, Li Jing's team also has grown a lot stronger than before. Although all of them were not evolved into [Rare] grade yet like Bing Yi or Hei Yinghao, but they were not that far from it!

[Samantha, Barrier of Tranquillity]!

Hei Yinghao's punch landed heavily on the golden barrier made by Li Jing's Buddhist Mantra!

The golden barrier cracked a bit but still stood tall resiliently protecting Li Jing and Gan Aomiao from Hei Yinghao's assault!

Hei Yinghao knew he would not be able to destroy the golden barrier with his few normal attacks, so he instantly decided to go all out.

[Destruction Force]!

[Lightning of Destruction]!

The black lightning accumulated on Hei Yinghao's right fist, the terrifying crackling sound coming from it made the Li Jing and Gan Aomiao in horror.

They knew in an instant if they let Hei Yinghao attack them with that black lightning, they would surely be defeated in one strike!

Fortunately, Gan Aomiao already made her preparation since a few seconds ago when Li Jing set her golden barrier to protect them!

[Mind Burst]!

This was Gan Aomiao's new skill derived from her [Mind Hacking] divine ability!

On the contrary of taking control of her enemy's mind like her [Mind Hacking] divine ability, which was almost impossible to do if she faced with someone stronger than her like Hei Yinghao, this [Mind Burst] overloaded her target's mind with countless useless information in an instant.

It would make her target lost their concentration and felt a terrible headache in their mind.

It was especially effective on Hei Yinghao, which need great focus, control, and concentration to use his [Destruction Force] and [Lightning of Destruction]!

The compressed black lightning on Hei Yinghao's right fist went berserk when Hei Yinghao lost his control over it.


The black lightning exploded and struck Hei Yinghao himself heavily until he was thrown off several meters away!

Hei Yinghao tried to stand up swiftly, but coughed out several mouthfuls of blood from his mouth instead!

Li Jing would never let Hei Yinghao recover so easily. She immediately chanted some Buddhist Sutras again to seal Hei Yinghao's movement!

Hei Yinghao felt his body get heavier and heavier.

He gritted his teeth and still forced himself to stand up.


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