Reincarnated As a Fox With System
287 Chapter 287: Foxes Hunting Festival!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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287 Chapter 287: Foxes Hunting Festival!

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, Li Jing, Hei Yinghao, and the others arrived in the class on time, so they would not get punished by Instructor Mei Lan.

A few seconds after they all arrived, Instructor Mei Lan also entered into the classroom while smiled gently as usual to them and said: "All of you are really lucky today."

Tang Li Xue and the others shuddered violently by Instructor Mei Lan's simple words. 

It was clear that Instructor Mei Lan already planned to torture… I mean punish them harshly if they were late today.

"All right, everyone. Before we start our lesson for today, I will announce something important first." Instructor Mei Lan said to everyone with a solemn expression from in front of the class.

"Li Jing, Gan Aomiao, Huang Hao, and Hei Yinghao! All of you must also attend my special training along with Little Xue and Bingbing after class starting today!" Instructor Mei Lan announced to them.

"Eh? Why Instructor Lan? I still have to attend my training session with Teacher Bai after class." Hei Yinghao replied in disagreement.

"Instructor Lan, what is the purpose of this special training? Honestly, I do not even have any credits to eat my lunch today, so I want to take some missions from the Mission Hall to obtain some credits from completing it." Huang Hao also added while groaning.

Li Jing and Gan Aomiao were smarter than those two male foxes. They knew that Instructor Mei Lan would never force them to attend something they did not want unless something urgent would about to come up soon.

Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi already started to attend Instructor Lan's torturous special training from a few weeks ago until now, so it did not make any difference for them. In fact, they were more than happy to have several friends to share their suffering.

"Quiet!" Instructor Mei Lan only needs one word to silenced them all and made them did not dare to protest anymore.

Instructor Mei Lan stared at them one by one with a serious expression before saying: "The Foxes Hunting Festival will begin three months from now. But all of you are still too weak and far from ready to compete with the other foxes just yet. Therefore I will whip you all into shape starting from today!"

"Foxes Hunting Festival?!" Tang Li Xue and the others murmured in confusion.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled at their confused expression, and her solemn face turned back into her usual relaxed expression again.

"Foxes Hunting Festival is the competition which is held once every ten years in the branch of Myriad Foxes Academy at every continent." Instructor Mei Lan told them.

"Woah?! All the branches of Myriad Foxes Academy from every continent will attend this competition?! What a huge competition!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed in surprise and awe.

"All the young foxes from every branch of Myriad Foxes Academy would be sent into a very large special space by several Spirit Beast level Foxes in their branch of Myriad Foxes Academy. In that space, there were countless precious resources from miracle fruits to incredible precious herbs, but you must compete with the other foxes to obtain them." Instructor Mei Lan patiently explained to them.

"There are no rules in that space. You can rob and even kill the other foxes inside that space. The foxes you have killed would not die. They would simply be kicked out from that space and sent back to the branch of Myriad Foxes Academy where they came from." Instructor Mei Lan continued her explanation with a gentle smile on her face.

All of them immediately cheered out happily when they heard it except Li Jing and Tang Li Xue.

It was true they could grab any precious resources they want inside that closed space, but… they must compete with the other hundreds of thousands of foxes from all Myriad Foxes Academy's branches!

Forget about competing with the elite foxes from the other continents... Tang Li Xue did not even have any confidence in competing with all the elite foxes from the backwater place like this Lightwind Continent's branch.

'Wait a minute… why the hell I must compete and fight with the other elite [Rare] grade foxes?! I should just simply steal the precious resources from them using my [Ethereal Form] then escape! Hehehe… Uwahahaha… I am so smart!' Tang Li Xue started to giggle happily on her own.

Looked at the daydreaming Tang Li Xue, Instructor Mei Lan already knew what she was thinking about right now, Instructor Mei Lan only smirked at Tang Li Xue's ignorance.

But Instructor Mei Lan did not say anything to Tang Li Xue. 

The reason why this competition held was not only to hone all the young foxes' skills but also to teach the ignorant and pampered young foxes about the cruelness of the world. It would also teach the arrogant and complacent elite foxes that there were many foxes better than themselves out there. 

"All right, everyone! We will begin our lesson for today!" Instructor Mei Lan said to all of them and started to teach them about some common knowledge in the human world.

For Tang Li Xue, this common knowledge was something that she already knew, but the other foxes like Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao still did not know about it.

Fortunately, Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao did not interact much with any human in their silver-rank trial mission. Without any human world's common knowledge, they probably would not even know if they were sold by some ruffians onto the slave market.

Instructor Mei Lan also taught them about the currency in the human world such as bronze coins, silver coins, and gold coins, along with how to count them. 

After the class was over, Instructor Mei Lan led them all onto the second floor and entered the sparring room.

"Instructor Lan, are we going to play hide and seek again just like before?" Tang Li Xue asked curiously.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled at Tang Li Xue and replied: "Nope! This time I am not going to join in the game. You all will be the only ones who play the hide and seek!"

Instructor Mei Lan gave everyone a tiny bell and told them to tie it onto their waist.

"From now on, everyone other than yourself is your enemies! Your job right now is to take this tiny bell from everyone! The game will end after one of you manages to get the six bells. The winner will get 500 credits, while all the losers will lose 100 credits. Any question?" Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently while explained.

Li Jing raised her hands and asked: "Instructor Lan, we can use all means to get the bells, right? Like setting some traps or cooperate with the other players?"

Instructor Mei Lan raised her eyebrow a bit at Li Jing's question, but she still nodded her head and said: "You can do anything to win. Deceiving, cheating, trapping, and swindling are permitted since everything like those are also allowed in the Foxes Hunting Festival."

"Little one, you can go to my mother's place now to attend your training and lesson. Your master can surely manage this on her own." Instructor Mei Lan said to Yaya, who hid behind Tang Li Xue to secretly participate in this game, but she still got caught by Instructor Mei Lan and got sent out of the sparring room.

Yaya puffed her cheek cutely and pouted. Tang Li Xue comforted her for a bit with their mental connection before Yaya reluctantly went to the place of Instructor Mei Lan's mother while kept sulking alone.

Instructor Mei Lan knew that Li Jing would definitely use some scheme to win since Li Jing asked something like that from her, but Instructor Mei Lan did not really care about it and shouted: "Okay, let's the game start now! Sparring Room Number 2148, Training Mode: Dense Jungle. Nighttime. Level 10. Start!"

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief when she heard Instructor Mei Lan's words.

'At least, we are not in the trap house again like before. Too many dangerous traps there, and it even almost got me before!' Tang Li Xue complained.

"Ah… I will warn all of you again. This dense jungle is actually almost as dangerous as the trap house so… be really careful and do not make too much noise." Instructor Mei Lan laughed with her sweet voice, but the content of her words made Tang Li Xue and the others groaned in frustration.

Their surrounding scene was faded away as usual and everything turned dark in an instant.

When Tang Li Xue opened her topaz blue eyes again, her [Night Vision]'s ability automatically activated, and she could clearly see her surroundings, although it was very dark here. 

Tang Li Xue carefully looked around her and realized she was currently in the middle of the dense forest. 

There were many giant trees and dense tall grasses that covered her vision. She could barely see anything with her eyes, but fortunately, her [Extrasensory Perception] already became a lot sharper than before and the area of her detection also got a lot wider.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form], and her slender figure instantly turned transparent. 


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