Reincarnated As a Fox With System
286 Chapter 286: Partial Merge!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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286 Chapter 286: Partial Merge!

Tang Li Xue's martial soul, [Golden Winged Serpent], was coming out on its own and roaring out loud above Tang Li Xue's house.

[Golden Winged Serpent] flew in circles above Tang Li Xue's house and courtyard in rejoice, while Tang Li Xue still sat in the lotus position with her eyes closed on her bed.

Tang Li Xue also did not understand what was happening to her right now, but she could feel that it was not something bad at all. On the contrary, it must be something very beneficial to her.

'It seems after my Spirit stat reaches 1,000, my soul and consciousness managed to breakthrough some limitation. Hopefully, I can get something good… like new divine ability or upgrade…' Tang Li Xue thought while giggling in delight. 

Even her silky silver furry fox tail was wagging right and left in excitement.

Tang Li Xue kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the comfortable sensation coming from the core of her soul.

She could also feel her connection with her martial soul was getting stronger and stronger.

She could control her martial soul far easier now, and she also felt that all of her senses completely connected with her martial soul.

If before she could only see what her martial soul sees, then right now, she could also sense everything that her martial soul's sense.

If her martial soul was something she controlled remotely before like a flying sword, then right now, her martial soul had already become a part of herself... an extension of herself like her own limbs.

Tang Li Xue's martial soul, [Golden Winged Serpent], has the water elemental, so it has the power of purification, although it was not very strong like the light elemental.

When the connection between the [Golden Winged Serpent] and Tang Li Xue's soul strengthened, Tang Li Xue's soul was also purified by the water elemental power of the [Golden Winged Serpent].

Thanks to the purification effect, Tang Li Xue's [Extrasensory Perception] become a lot sharper and sensitive than before. Even the power of her soul has grown more powerful and steadier despite her Spirit stat still remained at 1,000 points.


The [Golden Winged Serpent] roared out loud once more and flashed toward Tang Li Xue's direction.

Just before its huge golden body almost crashed onto the roof above Tang Li Xue's bedroom, it turned into blinding golden light and flew past through the roof before landing on Tang Li Xue's slender body.

The warm and dazzling golden light wrapped Tang Li Xue's body for a few moments before shrunk little by little.

In the end, the dazzling golden light only covered both of Tang Li Xue's hands and solidified into something.

When Tang Li Xue opened her eyes, she stared dumbfounded at her hands.

"What the hell is this? A pair of golden gauntlets?!" Tang Li Xue shouted in surprise.

A pair of golden gauntlets wrapped Tang Li Xue's entire forearm from her palm to her elbow, and each of the golden gauntlet's finger was very sharp like dragon claws.

The pair of golden gauntlets made Tang Li Xue's pair of cute tiny palms looked a lot bigger than usual. It definitely looked much more menacing and dangerous than her usual cute tiny white palm.

"This… is not bad… It looks really cool and impressive…" Tang Li Xue murmured as she carefully inspected the pair of golden gauntlets on her hands.

The more she stared at it, the fonder she became with it.

Tang Li Xue immediately understood what happened the moment she saw the pair of golden gauntlets on her hands.

Martial Soul Compression!

Just like that Yang… something, the elder of Immortal Sword Sect compressed his lotus martial soul into the crimson-colored sword.

Tang Li Xue could also compress her martial soul, the [Golden Winged Serpent], into a pair of golden gauntlets right now!

"Its appearance is really cool, but why the color is gold?! It looks too eye-catching! Can I try to change its color? Its color should be silver, so it would match the color of my hair and fur!" Tang Li Xue frowned deeply and complained.

Of course, the color could not be changed no matter how much Tang Li Xue complained. The color of the weapon compressed from the martial soul would always correspond with the color of the martial soul's true form.

Just like how the sword compressed from the [Nine Petal Blood Lotus] have blood-red color, the pair of gauntlets compressed from the [Golden Winged Serpent] would also have shiny-golden color.

Tang Li Xue immediately sensed Little Loki and Yaya stared blankly at her after she woke up from her daze.

Tang Li Xue blushed in embarrassment. She reached out her hands to pat at the heads of Little Loki and Yaya but realized that she was still wearing the golden gauntlets, so she pulled her hands again.

Since she still wore the golden gauntlets on her hands, she decided to test the power of her golden gauntlets for a bit.

Tang Li Xue could feel that her hands' speed and strength increased several times after wearing this pair of golden gauntlets, but the benefit she got was not only that.

Tang Li Xue waved her hand, and the water inside the teapot flew out under her control.

"How interesting! So I can also use all of [Golden Winged Serpent]'s unique skills when I wear these golden gauntlets!" Tang Li Xue said as she smiled again in excitement.

Tang Li Xue unsummoned her martial soul, the [Golden Winged Serpent], and her pair of golden gauntlets on her hands also vanished into thin air.

Tang Li Xue told Yaya and Little Loki to go back to sleep. She accompanied them until they fell asleep comfortably on the soft bed.

After that, Tang Li Xue sat on the lotus position again, and her consciousness entered into her Dantian.

She dripped a drop of her blood onto the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl], and she entered the Sun Dragon King's memories again.

This already became Tang Li Xue's habit every night.

Although, she was still exhausted because of the harsh training from Instructor Mei Lan, the stressful Inscription Lesson from Teacher Li Wei, and the exhausting Spirit Perception Training from Teacher Bai Wuchen, but she would still set aside a few hours to dive into Sun Dragon King's memories before sleeping.

Tang Li Xue could already survive several days in Sun Dragon King's memories but still could not survive past the ten days.

She even started to think this Sun Dragon King's memories were a scam made by Sun Dragon King itself.

How could a mere dragon's cub survive in this kind of dangerous environment?!

But it was actually only Tang Li Xue's narrow-mindedness.

All the mythical beasts were powerful because they were always harsh in training and tempering themselves, so how could they pamper their cubs or their children. Almost all of them were equally ruthless to their descendant too.

Although they were not very cruel like how the four evil fiend beasts threw their cubs away and abandon them without any care, but they would still quite ruthless to temper their cubs.

Actually, not only the Sun Dragon King's parents, who threw their ready to hatch eggs in the middle of the dangerous forest but the other mythical beasts would also do that.

It was like the trial for their children, something like how the baby learns to crawl.

Of course, it was only in the past. Currently, the number of mythical beasts already dwindled a lot, so no mythical beasts' parents crazy enough to do that anymore.

They would only use this kind of memories projection to train their cubs or children.

The reason why the ancient mythical beast dared to do that because their cubs usually already have high intelligence the moment they were born, just like how Little Loki right now.

Not only do they have a sturdy body and mighty strength, but they also have powerful divine ability since birth!

Tang Li Xue did not know any of that, and she also did not have the peerless beast instinct just like any mythical beasts' cubs, so it was very hard for her to only pass the beginning part of this Sun Dragon King's memories.

Survived for 4 days… then died under the giant eagle's claw…

Survived for 5 days… then died again after got swallowed by a big venus trap…

Survived for 3 days… then died under the huge monkey's beating…

Tang Li Xue spent almost 1 month of survival training in the Sun Dragon King's memories, but only a few minutes had passed in the real world.

Tang Li Xue only decided to stop after her consciousness turned blurry because of her extreme exhaustion.

It was not her body that was very exhausted, but her mind and soul.

She crawled on her bed and fell asleep so tightly with Yaya and Little Loki until morning.

Yaya was the first to wake up early in the morning. She immediately woke up Tang Li Xue too.

Tang Li Xue lazily rose from her bed while yawning widely.

She brought Yaya and took a bath together.

Tang Li Xue really wanted to take Little Loki out with her, but she did not want anyone to see Little Loki's true form yet. She could only apologize sincerely to Little Loki and made a promise to find a way to disguise its form as soon as possible before stored it into her system pet storage.

After that, Tang Li Xue hastily went out from her room with Yaya to meet with Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others. 

All of them went out together from the Residential Building and swiftly heading onto the Education Building.


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