Reincarnated As a Fox With System
284 Chapter 284: Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi“s return!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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284 Chapter 284: Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi“s return!

The sky outside already turned dark when Instructor Mei Lan went back from Tang Li Xue's place.

Tang Li Xue entered her bedroom and sat on the top of her bed before she took out Little Loki from her system pet storage and put it in front of her.

Yaya also sat on the top of her pillow on the bed and yawned widely in sleepiness.

Tang Li Xue also took out the black jade box from inside her space pouch and opened it. There were ten ancient black talismans stored inside the black jade box.

Tang Li Xue grabbed the ten ancient black talismans, but her hands trembled a little in nervousness.

"I hope these black talismans could really cure the Little Loki's illness... Because I really do not want to ask for another helps from Teacher Wei." Tang Li Xue murmured while puckered her pink lips in dissatisfaction.

She was actually really not willing to give two requests for Teacher Li Wei. Because it would be quite troublesome if Teacher Li Wei asked for something out of Tang Li Xue's capability.

She could only hope Teacher Li Wei did not ask for something despicable too later, like giving her divine treasure to him or something like that.

Tang Li Xue sighed in frustration while gently stroking Little Loki's soft and smooth black fur.

"Little Loki, I already do everything I can to get these black talismans. I hope it can help you and make you get better soon." Tang Li Xue whispered to Little Loki.

The ten ancient black talismans were actually one set of Metal Body Refinement Talisman. The ten complicated abstruse runes inscribed into ten ancient black talismans were actually one complete array just like a clock and its gears.

Tang Li Xue's inscriptionist level was still too low, so she could not understand any of these complicated abstruse runes yet.

These ten ancient black talismans should be used at once at the same time on one target in order for it to works.

Tang Li Xue as the talismans' controller must also carefully control the output of the array, so Little Loki could absorb the Metal Body Refinement Array safely without any unwanted side effects.

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath to calm her nerves but her expression turned solemn, then she threw the ten ancient black talismans towards Little Loki at once.

The eight ancient black talismans were immediately arranged by themselves in the form of the eight-pointed star diagram, while the last two ancient black talismans were orbiting on the top of its target, the Little Loki.


The eight-pointed star diagram shone with dazzling golden light, and the dazzling golden light was shooting towards the center of two ancient black talismans above Little Loki.

The golden light became a lot dimmer when it rained upon the unconscious Little Loki because Tang Li Xue deliberately decreased the intensity. She planned to see if the unconscious Little Loki could really absorb the baptism of Metal Body Refinement array or not.

After making sure that Little Loki could really absorb it, Tang Li Xue slowly increased the output intensity bit by bit.

"Damn it! This is more tiring than I thought... If I have my perfect copy's help right now, controlling these talismans should be much easier..." Tang Li Xue complained while her sweat kept pouring out from her forehead.

"Sigh... I still need to wait eight more days until my [Twin Moons] divine ability finishes its cooldown, who knows if Little Loki can really hold on until then! I can only hope Little Loki can completely absorb the baptism of Metal Body Refinement array before I completely exhausted." Tang Li Xue murmured as she shook her head and decided to focus more on controlling all the talismans instead.

As if the unconscious Little Loki could hear Tang Li Xue's words, it started to greedily absorb the baptism of Metal Body Refinement array.

At first, Tang Li Xue did not dare to let Little Loki absorbed too much of it at once, but after she sensed Little Loki's eagerness through her mental connection, she started to increase the output intensity more and more.

Although the speed of Little Loki's absorption has greatly increased, but the absorption process would still take at least two or three hours to complete, while Tang Li Xue could probably only be able to persist for more than an hour.

Tang Li Xue tried to think of a way to make her stamina last longer, but she still could not think of any way out.


Suddenly, Tang Li Xue felt her load somewhat lightened a lot, and she widened her eyes in disbelief.

She looked around in puzzlement and managed to found out the one who helped her…

"Yaya!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed in surprise.

Yes, Yaya was the one who helped her in controlling the Metal Body Refinement Array.

"Yaya, thank you… I promise to treat you to a lot of delicious food tomorrow! You can eat as many as you want." Tang Li Xue giggled and said to Yaya.

"Ya? Yayaya~~!!!" Yaya happily babbled. She really wanted to rush toward Tang Li Xue and showered Tang Li Xue with her kisses, but she could not move right now.

Both of them fully focused on controlling the Metal Body Refinement Array.

The baptism process was finally completed after three hours.

The exhausted Yaya immediately fell asleep on the soft pillow.

Tang Li Xue was also very exhausted. She really wanted to go directly asleep on her soft bed too, but she forced herself to remain sober and checked on Little Loki's condition.

Tang Li Xue was still afraid if the Metal Body Refinement Talisman would make Little Loki's condition even worse.

Fortunately, what Tang Li Xue has feared did not happen.

On the contrary, Little Loki's high fever has started to rapidly go down.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and slumped limply on her soft comfortable bed as her consciousness faded away, and she fell asleep too in exhaustion just like Yaya.

The next morning, Tang Li Xue woke up late again. Yaya was also very exhausted yesterday, so she could not wake up early like usual.

Tang Li Xue checked Little Loki's condition again, but find that it was only asleep right now.

It seems Little Loki already all right, but Little Loki still needs some time to digest the enormous amount of energy contained in the divine treasure's fragment.

Little Loki would only regain its consciousness after it completely digested everything.

Tang Li Xue stored the sleeping Little Loki back into her system pet storage before she brought Yaya and took a bath together.

Tang Li Xue hastily dashed toward the Education Building, but she was still come too late and got punished by Instructor Mei Lan.

After the class was over, Tang Li Xue realized that she could not summon out her perfect copy yet, so… which additional lessons she should take? Instructor Mei Lan's special training, Teacher Li Wei's Inscriptionist lesson, or Teacher Bai Wuchen's spirit and combat training?

For the first time, Tang Li Xue realized the difficulty of not having her perfect copy to replace her.

She was forced to attend three additional lessons at once after the class by those heartless Teachers and Instructors!

Neither the three of them wanted to budge if Tang Li Xue did not attend even one of them. She would be surely punished harshly by that teacher.

After undergoing the lessons and training like hell in a few days, Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao finally completed their mission and came back to the Myriad Foxes Academy too.

Tang Li Xue welcomed them back happily, and the three of them have a feast in the luxurious restaurant on the first floor of the Residential Building together.

Tang Li Xue told Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao all of her grievances in these few days from her nightmare difficulty mission until hell-like training and lessons from the Instructor Mei Lan and two teachers.

Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao did not know whether to cry or laugh at Tang Li Xue's story, but they told Tang Li Xue about their mission too in return.

It seems there was no easy mission that was given to them by the mission hall.

Hei Yinghao thought his mission to hunt the criminal and kill him was the easiest one, but he was completely wrong.

The criminal Hei Yinghao need to hunt was actually a professional thief and an expert of disguise.

Hei Yinghao hunted the criminal tirelessly day and night, but the criminal was still capable of escaping from him again and again.

In fact, Hei Yinghao already caught the criminal more than five times, but the criminal still managed to slip away from Hei Yinghao like a magician and blend into the crowd by disguising himself.

If not for Hei Yinghao's sharp [Spirit Perception] combined with his super-speed and reflexes, it was probably impossible for him to slain the criminal in the end and complete his mission just like now.

Tang Li Xue stared pitifully at Hei Yinghao.

At first, Tang Li Xue also felt really envious of Hei Yinghao when she carried out her mission with the two annoying disciples from Pharmacy and Alchemist Association.

She thought it would be best if her mission was to kill these two annoying disciples instead.

However, Tang Li Xue also felt strange that Hei Yinghao got an assassination mission even though he came from Inspector Class.

Now she finally knew the reason why Hei Yinghao got that mission…

It was because the mission hall needs someone from Inspector Class to track and find a slippery target like that thief before killing him.


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