Reincarnated As a Fox With System
283 Chapter 283: Instructor Mei Lan’s Interrogation!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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283 Chapter 283: Instructor Mei Lan’s Interrogation!

Tang Li Xue waited in front of Instructor Mei Lan's front gate for quite a long time, but it seems Instructor Mei Lan waited in front of Tang Li Xue's room for a long time ago too.

Tang Li Xue laughed at how they could miss their timing to meet with each other like this. If she knew it, she would rather just wait patiently in her room for Instructor Mei Lan to come.

"I have something to ask and something to give to you. Let's discuss this at your place." Instructor Mei Lan said with a gentle smile on her face, but her obsidian eyes kept staring at Tang Li Xue full of curiosity.

Tang Li Xue's slender body shivered violently when she sensed Instructor Mei Lan's probing stare.

Somehow, Tang Li Xue felt Instructor Mei Lan actually came to interrogate her today instead.

Tang Li Xue suddenly felt that she did not want to meet with Instructor Mei Lan anymore now.

She already had Metal Body Refinement Talisman from Teacher Li Wei to treat Little Loki's illness anyway.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for Tang Li Xue to regret it now, and she could not drive Instructor Mei Lan away too.

Tang Li Xue reluctantly invited Instructor Mei Lan to sit in her living room.

Tang Li Xue did not have any valuable tea like Spirit Tea or Rejuvenation Tea, so she only served a cup of plain water to Instructor Mei Lan. 

Instructor Mei Lan sat leisurely on the sofa in Tang Li Xue's living room while crossed her long slender legs.

Her sitting posture was elegant and perfect, just like a noble lady. She slowly took a sip of the plain water in her cup while kept staring judgingly at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue did not dare to meet Instructor Mei Lan's stare, so her topaz blue eyes stared blankly at the other place to avoid it.

Instructor Mei Lan could detect from Tang Li Xue's habit that she had definitely done something horrible or involved in something messy outside of the Myriad Foxes Academy if she started to act like this.

Instructor Mei Lan did not try to pry any information about what Tang Li Xue had done outside of the Myriad Foxes Academy for now. On the contrary, she told some good news to Tang Li Xue first.

"I heard you manage to complete the legendary escort mission from the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association. Not bad, Little Xue! You have really grown up!" Instructor Mei Lan generously praised Tang Li Xue.

"Eh? Legendary escort mission? Instructor Lan, why is that mission called legendary? Isn't it only a D-grade mission?" Tang Li Xue asked in puzzlement.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled at Tang Li Xue and patiently explained: "The reason is simple. The mission is indeed only at D-grade, but the difficulty has risen exponentially because of the personality of the people who need to be escorted. You should already know about them, right?"

Tang Li Xue nodded in understanding and replied: "Ahhh… Yes, the two pampered disciples from Pharmacy and Alchemist Association really like to make things a lot difficult."

"That is right. The mission difficulty may have even risen to C-Grade, while the mission's reward still stays the same. The silver ranked foxes did not dare to take the mission, but the gold-ranked foxes would never want to take lower difficulty mission since the reward is not worthy of their effort." Instructor Mei Lan concluded her explanation still with a gentle smile on her face.

"The foxes in the mission hall already know this mission's level of difficulty? Isn't that means some of the foxes already taken that mission before and escort them out of the Myriad Foxes Academy?" Tang Li Xue asked curiously, but she immediately caught something from Instructor Mei Lan's explanation.

"Eh? Mission's reward? Eeeeehhhh?! There is a reward for completing that mission? But… But the staff from the mission hall did not give me anything before!" Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in surprise and exclaimed with a tone filled with displeasure.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled at Tang Li Xue's expression and replied: "Yes, some foxes already took the mission before, but some of them immediately give up after they meet with the disciples from Pharmacy and Alchemist Association. A few of them even got into a squabble with the disciples, and they almost fought with each other."

"The reward for the mission is only 10,000 credits at first, but the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association increased it to 50,000 credits just recently. The mission hall was really satisfied with your achievement so they added it again to 80,000 credits." Instructor Mei Lan said as she took her white jade badge.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes were glittering brightly, and she quickly took out her silver badge too to receive her mission reward while grinning happily.

'Earning 80,000 credits while completing the Silver-Trial mission! This is what I call killing two birds with one stone! Hehehe…' Tang Li Xue thought in delight.

"Wait a minute… Why do I feel like you are still hiding something important from me?" Instructor Mei Lan murmured as if she was pondering something.

Tang Li Xue's expression immediately turned dark.

'I am really too naïve! I should have known that Instructor Mei Lan would never be kind enough to deliver my mission's reward onto my front door. So this is her true intention!' Tang Li Xue started to feel a headache.

"Ins… Instructor Mei Lan… We… We can talk about that later. Please give me my mission reward first... Actually, there is nothing important happened in my mission…" Tang Li Xue murmured, but she still did not dare to look directly at Instructor Mei Lan.

Instructor Mei Lan's eyes glinted with sharpness when she heard Tang Li Xue's words.

Instructor Mei Lan already knew Tang Li Xue long enough to recognize all of her habits.

If there was really nothing that happened in her mission, Tang Li Xue would say 'there is nothing interesting happened' instead of 'there is nothing important happened'.

Since she said so, it means some important events should have been happening while she was doing her mission in Quanhai City.

With Instructor Mei Lan's high intelligence, she could surely know everything if she investigated it for a bit.

But Instructor Mei Lan did not want to do it. She wanted Tang Li Xue to tell everything to her according to her own will.

Instructor Mei Lan wanted to plant this habit in Tang Li Xue bit by bit, so Tang Li Xue would talk everything to her honestly without holding anything back.

"Hummm… so nothing important happened… But that sticky blood substance seems quite important to me. That is all right. I will not disturb your rest anymore. I will go back now." Instructor Mei Lan stood out from her seat and walked toward the exit door.

"Instructor Lan, please wait… my reward is…" Tang Li Xue stopped Instructor Mei Lan and asked anxiously.

"What reward? I never said that your mission reward is with me, right? Ask for it yourself at the mission hall!" Instructor Mei Lan replied with an oblivious tone.

Tang Li Xue's lips twitched violently when she saw Instructor Mei Lan started to act shamelessly like this.

If Tang Li Xue went to the mission hall right now, they would certainly say that they already gave it to her guardian since Instructor Mei Lan was the one who gave her the recommendation letter before.

But if Tang Li Xue asked Instructor Mei Lan again later after she went to the mission hall, Instructor Mei Lan would surely pretend not to know about it like now.

Without any other choice, Tang Li Xue could only sigh in resignation, and she started to tell Instructor Mei Lan everything that happened in her escorting mission at Quanhai City.

Of course, she did not tell Instructor Mei Lan anything about Little Loki and how Little Loki's egg hatched before.

Tang Li Xue also told Instructor Mei Lan that the people from the Immortal Sword Sect were the ones who took the fragment of divine treasure from the blood pool in the end.

With Instructor Mei Lan's sharp mind, she also realized that Tang Li Xue omitted some important parts of the story, but she did not mind it at all.

Instructor Mei Lan's true aim was not to find out or interfere with Tang Li Xue's affairs, but to teach Tang Li Xue about her wrongdoings.

After listened to Tang Li Xue's story to end, Instructor Mei Lan started to lecture Tang Li Xue.

"Why do you keep yielding to those two idiots? You should teach them one or two harsh lessons so they will listen to you. In the mission, it is really important to establish your authority. You should show them who is in charge!"

"Are you stupid? Why do you let them do whatever they want at the front gate? You do not even need to create such a big commotion. You only need to steal the documents from the others. Don't tell me you can't even steal from the weak humans?"

"You even let them act like that in the pharmacy store?! Are you crazy? You really should thank your luck! If someone powerful backing that store, your life would have already forfeited by now!"



Instructor Mei Lan scolded Tang Li Xue and told her about her mistakes. She hoped that Tang Li Xue could fix it and not repeat her mistake in the future.

Tang Li Xue could feel her ears heated up by Instructor Mei Lan's harsh scold, but she learned a lot from it too.

After a few hours, Instructor Mei Lan finally gave Tang Li Xue her deserved mission reward before bid farewell to Tang Li Xue and went home.

Instructor Mei Lan also warned Tang Li Xue sternly to attend the class and the special training tomorrow before she was going home.

Tang Li Xue could only groan and beg Instructor Mei Lan to give her some time to rest, but Instructor Mei Lan completely ignored her pleading.


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