Reincarnated As a Fox With System
281 Chapter 281: Three Black Jade Boxes!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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281 Chapter 281: Three Black Jade Boxes!

"Something of equal value in return?" Tang Li Xue asked back to Teacher Li Wei while quizzically tilted her head.

Teacher Li Wei found Tang Li Xue's little movement quite cute, and he really wanted to pinch her cheek again, but he decided not to do it after he saw Tang Li Xue's reddened cheek because of his forceful pinch before.

"I will tell you about it later. Let's walk to my place first!" Teacher Li Wei replied as he brought Tang Li Xue and Yaya to his place.

After he opened the front gate and let Tang Li Xue enter, Teacher Li Wei told Tang Li Xue to sit on the stone chair in his courtyard first, while Teacher Li Wei entered his house for a few moments to take something.

Tang Li Xue patiently waited for Teacher Li Wei while playing around with Yaya in the courtyard.

After ten minutes or so, Teacher Li Wei went out of his house with a tray in his hands. There were a teapot, several empty cups, and several plates of snacks on his tray.

"I am sorry, but my house is really messy now, so I cannot let you enter." Teacher Li Wei said to Tang Li Xue while he poured the hot tea from the teapot onto Tang Li Xue's empty cup and Yaya's empty cup.

"That is not a problem. I really do not mind it. So, Teacher Wei, what about..." Tang Li Xue impatiently wanted to ask about how to strengthen Little Loki's body, but she was immediately distracted by the fragrance tea in front of her.

Even the tiny Yaya already started to sip the tea in front of her bit by bit with her tiny mouth.

Yaya already told Tang Li Xue about the extremely delicious spirit tea she drank at Instructor Mei Lan's place and her mother's place before.

Tang Li Xue felt really curious about it and wanted to try it so badly, but Instructor Mei Lan never gave her even a cup of it when Tang Li Xue did the special training in Instructor Mei Lan's place with Bing Yi.

"Is... Is this the famous spirit tea?" Tang Li Xue asked as she took the cup and sipped the tea slowly to taste it.

She immediately the warm sensation was spreading through her entire body, made her moaning slightly in comfortable.

Tang Li Xue sensed that all the fatigue lingering on her body washed away in an instant. Even her heart and mind felt strangely serene now.

"This tea... is amazing!" Tang Li Xue murmured in surprise and disbelief as she poured the tea from the teapot onto her empty cup again and sipped it slowly.

Teacher Li Wei chuckled at Tang Li Xue's reaction and slowly explained: "Close, but not quite right. This tea is called Rejuvenation Tea. If Spirit Tea can help us restore our vitality energy and help our cultivation. Then this Rejuvenation Tea can help us heal our hidden wounds and calm our tension."

"Spirit Tea is the best to drink after we train hard, but this Rejuvenation Tea is the best to drink after completing the arduous mission." Teacher Li Wei patiently told to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue gratefully nodded to Teacher Li Wei and thanked him. She knew Teacher Li Wei especially give this tea to help her heal her hidden wounds.

There were many delicious mouth-watering snacks on the table. Just one looks and anyone would know that these snacks were not the usual simple dishes.

It seems Teacher Li Wei's true identity was far greater than what Tang Li Xue has expected before.

In the Auction House before, Tang Li Xue realized that even Instructor Mei Lan's father must be polite when he talked to Teacher Li Wei, and Instructor Mei Lan's father also always wanted to match Instructor Mei Lan with Teacher Li Wei so badly.

'Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk... Handsome, rich, have an incredible status, and young... not really young, but at least he looks young, right?! Teacher Li Wei really has all the qualifications like the main male character in the novel! As his beloved student, I surely must hug his thigh tighter to get more benefit!' Tang Li Xue silently thought in her mind.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue's stomach was already completely full right now, so she could not eat anymore.

But it did not apply to Yaya.

Although, Yaya's stomach was also really full previously, but Yaya, as an elemental spirit, could digest the food and turned it into energy far faster than any other race.

Right now, Yaya already started to greedily eat the delicious snacks on the table with amazing speed like the locust swarm.

Tang Li Xue could only watch as Yaya consumed those delicious looking snacks with a blissful expression.

"All right, let's talk about our matter now! There are many ways to strengthen the body immediately, but most of them would bring some harmful effects in the future. I am sure you will not want this to happen, right?" Teacher Li Wei asked to probe Tang Li Xue's problem.

"Of course not! I want something with immediate results but without any harmful effects. Teacher Wei, please! Can you find a way?" Tang Li Xue asked coquettishly.

Teacher Li Wei chuckled at how Tang Li Xue behaved. He really wanted to laugh at her now, but he muffled his laughter and replied: "I have several ways without any harmful effects. I will explain it slowly one by one now, so listen carefully! You can choose one of them later depending on your friend's need and situation."

Teacher Li Wei took out three black jade boxes from his space pouch and laid them on the table in front of Tang Li Xue.

Teacher Li Wei opened the first black jade box on the left.

There was an apple-like fruit with azure color inside the black jade box. The fruit kept emitting an irresistible freezing aura.

Even the nearby Tang Li Xue and Yaya started to shiver because of its cold aura.

"This precious fruit is called Spring Ice Fruit from Eversnow Continent. This fruit can strengthen the body immediately after your friend ate it. There is no harmful effect, but your friend must withstand its extremely cold aura when the fruit is strengthening your friend's body." Teacher Li Wei introduced the fruit's effect and its side effect.

Tang Li Xue pondered carefully for a few moments while staring intently at the Spring Ice Fruit in the black jade box.

Teacher Li Wei let Tang Li Xue think for a few seconds before he opened the black jade box in the middle of the table.

This time, there was a purple-colored crystal in the size of Tang Li Xue's fist. The purple-colored crystal was shining dim with purple light and exuded the eerie aura that made Tang Li Xue and Yaya really uncomfortable.

"This purple crystal is called Yin Vein Crystal from Black Yin Continent. The energy contained inside this crystal can strengthen the body too. There is no harmful effect, and your friend does not need to withstand any pain or cold aura." Teacher Li Wei explained all the pros first.

"Unfortunately, the energy mixed with Yin Poison, so your friend must refine the energy inside it carefully before absorb it. If your friend accidentally absorbs the Yin Poison, your friend's life would be in a far more dangerous situation." Teacher Li Wei continued to tell the cons.

Tang Li Xue immediately shook her head and rejected this Yin Vein Crystal.

Little Loki was still unconscious, so how could it refine the energy inside this Yin Vein Crystal carefully and separate it with the Yin Poison?

Moreover, Tang Li Xue really did not really sure if little Loki immune to this Yin Poison or not.

She would never put her bet on Little Loki's life if the chance was not 100%.

Teacher Li Wei nodded at Tang Li Xue and opened the third black jade box on the stone table.

There was a stack of black talismans that sat inside the third jade box. The number was not that much, maybe only ten black talismans.

There were mysterious shiny golden-colored runes inscribed on all of the black talismans. Even Tang Li Xue could not recognize the purpose or the type of these golden-colored runes.

"These black talismans are called Metal Body Refinement Talisman. Among these three, these black talismans give the most optimal result in strengthening the body. It can even make the body impervious to any normal weapons. The Fox Race in Ancient City fought a bloody battle with the human race to get these ancient talismans." Teacher Li Wei told Tang Li Xue about the history behind these black talismans.

Tang Li Xue stared at the ten black talismans in awe and admiration.

Teacher Li Wei chuckled and added: "Actually, I only borrow these Metal Body Refinement Talismans from my close friends to learn about the runes inscribed on them. You are lucky that I already learned the runes yesterday or I will never give these talismans to you."

Tang Li Xue stared at the Metal Body Refinement Talismans and at the Spring Ice Fruit. She still hesitated in choosing between these two.

"These ten black talismans are one set, so it cannot be used one by one separately. You must use it all at once on one target. The user also needs someone else to activate it. So you cannot use it alone." Teacher Li Wei patiently explained how to use black talismans, but he immediately noticed Tang Li Xue's confused looks, so he gave an easy to understand example to her.

"If your friend is the strengthening target of these black talismans, then you need to control these talismans carefully until all the runes inscribed in all of these talismans are completely absorbed by your friend's body." Teacher Li Wei fell silent after he explained everything. He wanted to give Tang Li Xue some time to decided her choice carefully.


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